Nicole Dunn
Owner & President

Who she is… Nicole Dunn is DPM’s CEO and President. Since starting Dunn Pellier Media in 2008, Nicole Dunn has set out to not only uncover a niche in the Health and Wellness PR sector, but to tie her extensive connections and experience in TV production to passion her healthy living. Before starting her own PR firm, Nicole was a former Mid-Senior Level Television Producer. She has spent over 13 years producing television. Nicole combines her creative consulting instincts with her past TV producing experience to develop and guide projects for clients of DPM with successful results. Nicole is a member of NATAS, ATAS, Public Relations Society of America. She was born and raised in Boston but LA has been home for over 20 years.

DPM is… the place where health and fitness enthusiasts find their voice.

Grateful for… her supportive husband, darling Poncho (pseudo child puppy), and her rockstar DPM team.

Kathy Giaconia
VP of Media & Production

Who she is… Kathy Giaconia is DPM’s VP of Media and Production. Prior to DPM, Kathy has spent 25 years in television. She served as the Senior Supervising Producer on the Dr. Phil Show for 11 years. In addition to being a Senior Supervising Producer at the Dr. Phil Show, Kathy has been an executive producer/supervising producer on numerous television shows, networks, and studios including: Fox’s Decision House, Lifetime Television, Tribune Entertainment, Discovery Studios, CBS, and Paramount Pictures just to name a few. She is originally from New Jersey but calls LA home.

DPM is… where creativity is born and results are produced.

Grateful for… two beautiful twins that show the wonder and excitement in life.

Tanya Khani
PR Manager

Who she is… Tanya is DPM’s PR Manager. Prior to joining DPM, Tanya served as an Account Executive for a multi-brand showroom in NYC, where she maintained continuity with their client list and established future relationships. She has interned at SFiNX Productions as their Social Media and Event guru. She is a natural connector, a true brand architect, and a lover of all things health and wellness. Tanya is an LA native, and has lived in SD and NY. She is a 2012 graduate from University of California San Diego where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and minored in Business Management.

DPM is… the place is to discover authentic connections, and true self expression.

Grateful for… continuous growth, power to create, and divine relationships.

Laide Akao
Account Executive

Who she is: Laide Akao is DPM’s Account Executive. Prior to joining the enthusiastic and driven team at DPM, Laide was the creative assistant for director McG at Wonderland Sound and Vision. She has interned at NBC, E! Network, Esquire Network (previously Style Network), and CELEBUZZ. She is passionate for all things health and fitness, pop culture, and social media. Laide was born in Nigeria but has been raised in LA since she was a toddler. She is a 2013 graduate from Azusa Pacific University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and minored in Broadcast Journalism.

DPM is… where truth is found and beauty is unveiled.

Grateful for… peace, love, and abundance.

Dunn Pellier Media, Inc was nominated in December 2015 by PR News for an honorable mention, 2014 PR People Awards at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Our sizzle “Seattle Social,” was picked as one of the 15 Finalists at the 2013 NYTVF in the Lifetime Unscripted Pipeline.



Nicole is a fan of celebs. Quiz her on any entertainment magazines and she'll recite everything back to you.



Kathy is an entertainment guru. Just ask her two twins anything and they can give you the 411 on any celeb, reality star, and tv show.



Tanya is a spiritual junkie, obsessed with wellness tips, and loves the coined term goddess.



Laide is a fan of avocado hummus, beat bumping playlists, and breaking a move on the dance floor.

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