Client: Tony Horton

Tony is a great example of how grassroots efforts can be a foundation for mass media success.

Media, Meet Tony!

We were looking for a way to successfully cross Tony over from the fitness infomercial world to the mainstream media. Nobody knew who he was, or why he was special, so our first goal was to introduce him.

Grassroots to Mass

Beginning with a grassroots approach, we volunteered Tony as the Race Marshal for the National Press Club’s 5K Race in DC as a way for the mainstream media and consumers to get to know him personally. Influential journalists and outlets got to experience Tony first hand with a workout and press conference. Tony spoke exclusively about how some US Military troops and soldiers have used P90X© as a new addition to their training regiment.

The outlets and journalists we contacted in DC loved Tony and his message, and as a result coverage came from: CNN, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Washington Post, Local News outlets, and more. We then parlayed this news coverage in to building his brand for a solid 6-12 months; SELF, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, People, ESPN, LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Politico, A&E and more.

Longterm PR

With our PR expertise American’s lost over 500,000 pounds by getting healthy and fit. With programs from Tony Horton’s “P90X, P90, 10 Minute Trainer” Beachbody was able to sell over $400 million in product.

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