Branding is a big word these days, and with social media at the top of everyone’s list, no company – or person, for that matter – should do, say or post anything without first considering this one very important question:

What is your unique angle?

Because make no mistake about it – individual or company – you have a brand. Don’t you want to make sure it’s delivering a powerful punch?

Whether you’re selling products or expertise, you need to learn how to be press-ready, build credibility, reach more people and give great quotes. Plus, you’ll need to learn how to use social media to build your brand and following.

And in our humble opinion (and 15+ years in the biz), we believe that the #1 Rule in your quest to make your brand stick out is to be unique. How do you do that?

Consider the following (and write down your answers):
  • How do you stand out? There are thousands of experts and brands. How will your expertise or brand stand out from other studios and get attention in an over-saturated fitness, health and wellness marketplace?
  • What sets your brand apart from other health and wellness brands?
  • Is it compelling so that every person reading or seeing it can see themselves in your story?
  • Determine what makes your brand original and unlike any of your competitors out there.
  • It’s important not to just be the generic company. Keep your material and your products cutting-edge to keep people coming back.
  • Find something different and run with it!
  • Every pitch you send out and every piece of publicity you earn should be true and authentic to your brand. Make sure you are sending the type of messaging you want to be reflected in your reputation as an expert or business owner.
  • Find an area within your brand and your staff’s expertise and specialize in it! Honing in on one area gives your audience a firm establishment of who you are as a brand.
  • You want your brand to be the very first thing people think of when they think about _____.

Review your answers and drill down until you have something that resonates in every fiber of your being. Not feeling so unique? Feeling insecure about how you will stand out? So how do you become a unique specialist?

Find an undiscovered Niche that you can be an expert at and then do this:
  • Give secrets
  • Tell people how to do it better so they can live happier and healthier.
  • Be controversial. Your goal is to get people talking. Just keep it positive!
  • Have new information about an old topic. If there’s a popular trend in your industry, find out how to add a twist! Set a Google alert on your topic of expertise so that you are up to date on anything happening in the world of ______.
  • Be fun and different.

Now go out and spread your message in that unique way that only you can do!