A Story of Duel Transformation:

One’s Man’s Courageous Transgender Journey & 12 Week Muscle
Building Transformation
Meet Parker Price. Born Kate Price 28 years ago, Parker dreamed of being a man since the age of 8. Parker is now the muscular, toned, man that he always knew he identified with. But Parker didn’t want to just become a man. He wanted to become a muscular one at that! One whose physique would be in the top 10% of men. 

But he felt ‘skinny fat’ and struggled to achieve the body shape he wanted training on his own. Successive gym memberships and PTs elsewhere failed to deliver the results he craved, leaving him completely demotivated.

Once he found Ultimate Performance, everything changed. Over 12 weeks, he lost 20 lbs, cut down to a super-lean body 7% body fat and built a truly astonishing physique. His incredible fitness transformation is living proof that you can motivate to do anything you want to gain confidence and more:

“I knew a little bit, but not enough to get me there.  I was just feeling really demotivated and really uninspired.  And then I found Ultimate Performance.” 

For Parker, the Ultimate Performance program helped him achieve the vision of masculinity he had wanted to embody from the moment he began transitioning four years ago – a man who is strong, lean and full of confidence.
Having a great physique like his inspiration Laithe Ashley was the final but elusive piece of the puzzle for Parker to create that masculine identity and feel like he belonged among his male peers.
“I hope my transformation can inspire others the way that someone like Laithe has inspired me. For me, the biggest thing is going back to that whole energy thing and feeling better about yourself. It’s not about how you look. There were times when I compared myself to [my trainer] and I felt demotivated on my journey, “ says Parker.

“I hope that seeing me makes you think like ‘I can do this too’. But I never want you to feel like you have to compare where you’re at today to where I’m at. It’s not just what you see in front of you. There’s a lot of hard work and hard times and sad times, and tough times, and mad times that I went through to get here.”

Watch Parkers incredible story here on Daily Mail TV

Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life

You can’t go very far these days without hearing the word KETO in conversation somewhere. Maybe your doctor has recommended it. Maybe your friend has sworn by it. Maybe you hear it on a podcast somewhere.

If there is a single diet that is taking North America by storm right now, it’s the KETO diet. And with good reason. Studies continue to show the benefits of a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet (aka the foundation of the KETO diet). Drew Manning, KETO and fitness expert, has explained it all beautifully in his new book, “Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming your Body and Your Mind for Life.” 

Drew inadvertently made a name for himself a few years ago when he purposely gained and lost 75 pounds in 6 months. How did he lose the weight? KETO. That’s how. And work outs. Lots of work outs.

He documented his self experiment in his first book (which, we should add, became a New York Times Bestselling book) called Fit2Fat2Fit. Since then, he has helped thousands of people lose weight, get fit, and stay fit. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MSNBC, Yahoo!, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors and CNN, along with his own show on A&E and Lifetime.

Drew is back with his new book Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind For Life. This is the first book of its kind, offering a truly comprehensive, integrative, and results-driven ketogenic diet program to create lasting change in your life. The book contains a highly accessible program that is filled with practical tools, emotional support, and real-life wisdom readers need to get lasting results.  In this fitness and health landscape that has become enamored with the KETO diet, this book has a holistic approach to KETO and can enhance how you might be already using the diet.

So what are you waiting for? Spring out of bed in the morning. Increase your energy to epic proportions. Sharpen your mind, be on top of your game, and always be ready for action. Consider going KETO, and if you do, use Drew’s book as a resource for what will probably be the most important transformation of your life. The books hits shelves February 12th. Pre-order your copy today.

For more information on Drew Manning, visit 

Wellness Your Way Festival

A Media Success Story!

Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg

We’ve been telling you about singer/songwriter, Jewel’s partnership with Kroger to bring an affordable wellness festival to life for months now. Well, that festival, we are happy to say, was a huge success! Wellness Your Way featured the likes of not only Jewel (Grammy Nominated singer-songwriter), but also Gavin DeGraw (Singer), Nick Lachey (Singer), Run River North (Band), Tony Horton (P90X), Debbie Matenopoulos (“Home and Family”), Brendan Brazier (Vega), Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy), Joy Bauer (NBC Today), Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint), Kevin Curry (Fit Men Cook), Leyon Azubuike (Gloveworx), Skylar Diggins-Smith (WNBA), Terrell Owens (NFL), Don-A-Matrix (Celebrity Trainer),  Natasha Bedingfield (singer), and more!

This star-studded event didn’t drive up the cost of the $15 dollar a day pass, proving that wellness festivals truly can reach all of those who need it most.  Over 22,000 people attended the festival.

This three-day celebration launched on October 4th at the Duke Energy Convention Center. Focused on providing accessible wellness for all, the festival supplied attendees with the platform to begin, continue, or boost their health journey. The festival combined 4 stages essential to health and wellness, Know Yourself, Nutrition/Hygiene, Fitness, and inspiration. In addition, appearances by top celebrity talent filled each day of the WYWF with discussion panels, meet and greets, cooking demos, group workouts, nightly concerts and access to the festival expo.

The mission of Wellness Your Way Festival is to inspire a healthy lifestyle in your own way. Rooted in providing an affordable platform to innovation, education and unprecedented entertainment, the WYWF was designed to inspire transformation of the mind, body, and spirit – while celebrating the great American city of Cincinnati!
And boy did they ever fulfill their mission. Bravo, Kroger, and Jewel! Three cheers for you, and for the health of Americans nationwide!

To learn more about Kroger and their mission to Feed the Human Spirit, visit here.

To learn more about Jewel and her philanthropic efforts with her Never Broken foundation, visit

To learn more about the Wellness Your Way festival, visit

Want Mental Clarity AND Fat Loss?

Go Keto, says Drew Manning, and yes: Eat more Fat!

As health trends tend to do, once they start spreading, they spread like wildfire. The Keto health trend is one such example, and if you’re looking for an amazing bio hack to jumpstart your health and gain mental clarity, you might want to dive deeper into what it means to be Keto.

Celebrity fitness trainer, Drew Manning, created the 60 Day Keto Jumpstart specifically for this reason.

As he said in an article in Organic Authority by Emily Monaco, by going Keto, “People are experiencing this mental clarity that they’ve never experienced before.”

As part of Manning’s program, he encourages intermittent fasting (where you don’t eat for a span of up to 16 hours but at least 12 hours), eating fatty foods (yes, you read that right, but don’t head to the greasy fried foods just yet), and following a program that feels easy and frankly, not like dieting at all.

In Manning’s words, “the Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet. Through the restriction of carbohydrates, it re-programs your metabolism to burn your fat stores for fuel rather than using the glycogen stored in your muscles. The low-carb intake helps to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels from spiking. This allows your fat cells to begin releasing fatty acids, which your liver will then break down to produce what are called “ketones.” Ketosis is the physiological state that is achieved when your body breaks down ketones for energy rather than the glucose from carbohydrates.”

Sound interesting? We thought so too.

For more information, visit

The Affordable Health Festival Everyone is Talking About

Wellness Your Way Festival – October 4-7

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of reporting about a wellness festival hosted by singer/songwriter, Jewel, and Kroger (yes, the grocery company) called Wellness Your Way. It takes place October 4-7 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and of the many amazing things about this festival, perhaps the best of all is the price:

A day pass will be a mere $15. That is a far cry from the $500+ one might spend at your typical wellness festival.

Why so cheap?

Because Jewel may be a superstar now, but that wasn’t always her fate. She was homeless by the age of 18 and suffered from debilitating panic attacks. She found writing and meditation before she even knew how to define them in those words, and it transformed her life. She asserts that she was able to quell panic attacks, get healthy, and live the life she has now by changing one thought at a time.

The media is buzzing about this event. People Magazine, OK Magazine, US Magazine, and even Forbes are all raving about and anticipating this event, which features people like celebrity fitness trainer and creator of P90X, Tony Horton, celebrity chef Michael Symon, The Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, and a host of other amazing people, including, of course, a performance each night by Jewel herself.

We hope that this is the beginning of many affordable wellness festivals around the US and beyond. Because when it comes to wellness, it shouldn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account. As long as we have breath in our lungs, access to information about living healthy should always be readily available.

For more information about the festival, visit

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10 Tips for a Consistently Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is Your Built-in Life Support System

With Dr. Ron Ehrlich…

This is a function of quantity and quality and you are meant to wake up feeling refreshed. For 90% of the population that means 7-9 hours sleep each night and breathing well while you are asleep.

If you don’t prioritize sleep and take it seriously, it’s unlikely you’ll take the necessary steps to change your habits. Sleep is your built-in life-support system.

As humans, we naturally love routines, partly because our bodies and minds respond well to them. Going to bed and waking at the same time helps to establish a better routine for a consistently good night’s sleep.

Food and Drink
Don’t eat for two hours before going to bed and avoid eating heavy or spicy foods. Caffeine is a stimulant and counter-productive to a restful sleep. Avoid or limit alcohol. While it may help you to fall asleep more easily, it doesn’t allow for a restful and regenerative sleep.

Light and Electromagnetic Radiation
Exposure to light affects the hormone melatonin, which prepares your body for sleep. That includes blue light from electronic devices. Your bedroom should be dark and you shouldn’t have a digital clock sitting by your bed with a green light. TVs or electronic equipment, especially your mobile phone, which should be at least within two meters of the bed.

This poses a challenge in our urban environment with noisy neighbors, street noise, or even housemates. The most common and annoying sleep-disturbing noise is a snoring partner, often dismissed or trivialized. It’s serious and can have a profound impact on your health, too.

Sleeping Position
Stomach sleeping is a problem for head, neck, jaw, and lower back muscles as well as affecting your airway. Sleeping on your back may result in your lower jaw and tongue restricting or blocking the airway. Side sleeping is the best.

Feeling too hot or too cold affects the quality of your sleep so choose bedding that’s appropriate.

Environmental Toxins
Mold can be a serious issue with one of the first symptoms being fatigue that is not improved by rest. Dust mites are the most common cause of childhood asthma and allergies worldwide and affects adults too. The regular use of a high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuum cleaner and placing the bedding in the sunshine are great ways to control this common problem.

Be Positive
Finish the day by describing or journaling three positive events, no matter how small or insignificant. Don’t try to solve the problems of the world just before going to sleep, and don’t check email or Facebook — these are far too stimulating.

Sex has a positive effect on sleep. It lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, and increases the ‘hugging’ hormone, oxytocin. Sex is a wonderful release of energy and even counts as exercise! It increases estrogen levels, which can enhance a woman’s REM cycle for a deeper, better night’s sleep. Men’s ability to sleep better after sex is legendary.

Dr. Ron Ehrlich, author of “A Life Less Stressed; The 5 pillars of Health & Wellness“, delivers keynotes and wellness workshops. He has a weekly podcast Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich.
Dr. Ron Ehrlich, BDS (Syd Uni), FACNEM, is one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates with over 35 years of clinical experience. He is the author of “A Life Less Stressed; The 5 pillars of Health & Wellness “and wellness host of the weekly podcast Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich and gives keynotes and runs workshops on understanding stress and wellness.

He has been featured in: The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and more.Dr. Ron is in clinical practice and continues to see patients at his group practice, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre in Sydney CBD. In 1996, Ron gained his fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FACNEM) and is a board member of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and is also chairman of their Advocacy Committee. He is a board member & co-founder of Nourishing Australia, a non-profit dedicated to informing people about the critical importance of healthy soils, nutrient-dense foods, and sustainable farming.

Introducing Natalie Raphael: Our newest DPM Team Member!

Dunn Pellier Media is pleased to announce our newest team member, Natalie Raphael. She has an innate gift for discovering brands that are disruptors and changemakers. Her background is a long line of music PR – did we mention she launched her own music PR firm? This girl has it all, spirit, beauty, and the drive to create change through PR. We’re blessed to have acquired a sensational being who not only is a recent grad of USC, but also is our shining bright star. You can find her namastaying with her yoga students, geeking out over the most recent astrological insights, sharing her passion for wellness, or spreading her positive energy like wildfire.

We’re growing and we couldn’t be more excited to add another conscious soul to our team.

Change the way you train, with Chris DiVecchio

(And how he helped a client lose 70 pounds and win $1 million dollar bet!)

Personal trainer, Chris Divecchio has been quietly transforming the bodies of his clients at his LA-based gym, Premier Mind and Body, for over 20 years. He bases his method on something he calls The 5×2 Method, which is based on how we can use our five senses to create a positive shift in our regular routines. This simple concept can contribute to a more positive, stress-free and overall better quality of life.

It may sound too simple, but when you visit his website and see the transformations of his clients with your own eyes, you’ll have to admit: there is something to this. A big something.

That’s probably why when in-debt poker player, Walter Fisher, needed to get from 35% to 10% body fat in just 6 months, he turned to Divecchio.

At 6’1’’, 245 pounds, and $100K in debt, one of Fisher’s friends bet him $100K that he could not reduce his body fat to less than 10% in 6 months. Before the month was out, the bet was up to $1 million.

Broke and depressed, Fisher accepted the bet and got to work. The story ends happily, with Fisher weighing in at 175 pounds at less than 10% body fat in just 6 months. He paid off his debt and came away with over half a million dollars.

And it was all thanks to Chris Divecchio.

When you hire Chris to train you, you don’t just get a trainer, you get an accountability coach, 24/7. He tailors each program to suit the needs of his clients, which is the secret sauce behind his success rate.

“I use a three-fold approach that targets nutrition, training and vitamin supplementation to get results and promote preventative health and overall fitness. I recognize that every client is unique, which is why I specialize in custom programs specifically designed to fit each client’s goals. The key to the success of my program is accountability coaching. I’m committed to properly educating each client on nutrition and training to show just how easy it is to eliminate the excuses and get results.”

He goes on to say, “I have been a part of so many extraordinary transformations that I believe deeply in people’s ability to change. As a result, I often find myself fighting harder for my clients than they fight for themselves until they start to see the results at which point they then take over.”

We want to welcome Chris to our team, and look forward to sharing more stories of how he is transforming lives through fitness.

For more information, visit

Vitamin D & Your Thyroid

What You Need to Know

(and a prescription for sunbathing! Well, sort of!)

Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the greatest risk factors for developing an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Grave’s disease? Thankfully, summer is here, and nature’s most powerful source of Vitamin D will be in full supply: The Sun!

Armed with this and a plethora of other knowledge, our client, Dr. Becky Campbell, reversed her own thyroid condition many years ago, and she has been able to help thousands of her patients to do the same.

In her new book, “The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan: Disarming the 7 Hidden Triggers That are Keeping You Sick,” Dr. Becky outlines a 30-day plan to help those suffering reset their thyroids, and ultimately, reverse their suffering, just like she did for herself.

One of the recommendations in the book is to get more Vitamin D! There is a close connection between Vitamin D levels and thyroid function, as this vitamin is used to allow your thyroid hormone to function within the cell (who knew?). And what is one of the most effective sources of Vitamin D? Sunlight, of course! So with summer upon us, with its longer days and longer and stronger hours of sunlight to be had, it’s the perfect time to get that Vitamin D!

Here are some tips to help you get optimal Vitamin D levels this summer:

  1. Supplement with magnesium (this helps Vitamin D absorption)
  2. Try adding cod liver oil, sardines, wild caught salmon, mackerel, wild caught tuna, raw milk, caviar, egg yolks, and mushrooms to your diet (they are all loaded with Vitamin D)
  3. Take a Vitamin D supplement that also has Vitamin K2 in it (this helps with calcification in the soft tissue, which taking Vitamin D on its own can cause)

THE 30-DAY THYROID RESET will help you reclaim your life and your health. Dr. Campbell speaks from the heart and has truly poured her heart, soul, and experience into these pages to bring you a piece of medical literature that is not only effective, but that is also approachable, sustainable and tasty! It hits shelves nationwide on June 12th, so pre-order now!

No Longer Your Average Fitness Studio…

5 Changing Studio Design Trends

If you’ve been going to fitness studios (gyms, cycling studios, yoga spaces, etc.) for a while now, then you’ve probably noticed something: Todo, we’re not in Kansas anymore! Not only has equipment been updated, but so have the facilities. The spaces are vast, the experience outside of the workout is luxurious, and you may be thinking, “Hey – this place is nicer than my house! I think I’ll shower here every day!”

Well, you would be right to, because according to fitness design expert with 20 years in the biz, Barbara Chancey, times, they are a-changin’. Chancey is the founder and CEO of  Indoor Cycle Design (ICD). She has designed over 250 fitness studios on 6 continents, so the odds are pretty high that your favorite fitness spot was designed by her. Chancey’s mantra for creation is to “push boundaries of imagination to create extraordinary fitness spaces.” While Barbara has been knee-deep in the biz for over twenty years, within the past three she’s seen some major shifts.

Top design trends of 2018:

1 – Fitness Studios Are Taking Up More Space
Barbara personally has noticed a huge shift in the amount of physical space fitness studios currently demand, not only because more classes are being offered, but also because fitness studios aren’t just operating as solely a place to get your sweat on. With increases in add-ons such as smoothie bars and indoor cafes, these spaces are creating and cultivating communities. Plus, there are facts to back this up. According to Indoor Cycling Design, in 2014, studios averaged 2600 sq. ft. but soared to 4,000 sq. ft. in 2017.

2 – Elevated Bathrooms and Lockers
Have you ever taken a spin class at a pristine studio that has showers with rain-style water heads, organic high-quality hygiene products, alongside fluffy warm towels? Bathrooms and locker rooms have become indicators of how upscale, and clean a studio is – an extension of its identity.  Studios that are committed to providing their students with the highest quality experience from the moment they walk in the door to the minute they dash out is what sets them apart from the rest.

3 – Lifestyle Destinations
Generous social spaces at Pilates studios, HIIT gyms, and many others encourage students to linger around socialize which helps develop a sense of community after the class has ended. Barbara says that “many offer complimentary infused waters or kombucha on tap to create a home away from home experience.” From birthday parties to anniversary announcements and bachelorette get-downs, fitness studios are becoming the new place to celebrate.

4 – Studio Branded Athleisure
If you’ve recently noticed an increase in athleisure at your local fitness studio, you’re not alone. According to Indoor Cycling Design, there’s been a dramatic increase in retail sales with upscale athleisure clothing and branded fitness swag. People want to wear studio-branded gear, giving them a sense that they are a part of a bigger community.

5 – Digital Detoxes Are Highly Encouraged
While most of us are #addicted to our digital devices whether we’d like to admit it or not, working out is a time that we should all strive to set aside to be one-hundred percent device-free. Many studios are taking action into their own hands by intentionally designing studios so that students can store and charge phones outside of class. Barbara notes that open storage cubbies have been replaced with keyless lockers equipped with USB charging stations to provide a much needed digital detox.

If you own and run a fitness studio and you’re not already following this trend, it might be time to get on board. And we know just the right person to help get you started.

For more information on Barbara Chancey, visit

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