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Keep Your Home Safe from EMF’S

Meet Somavedic!

Photo Credit: Somavedic

Have you ever wondered what happens to those waves that transmit data from your phone to someone far away? what about the cellular effects of mobile and other wireless radiation? Ever wonder how to counteract those effects that we cannot see?

The creators at Somavedic have made it their mission to actually solve the problem. Are you worried about EMFs or cellular damage being caused by our ever-expanding technological advances?  You are not alone. Somavedic’s products can counteract the damage done by these invisible frequencies.

These products have been shown to:

  1. Have positive effects on cardiovascular health
  2. Have positive effects on the nervous system
  3. Help improve length and quality of sleep
  4. Improve heart rate variability, circulation, and internal balance

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Somavedic’s most popular entry-level model is the VEDIC.  It can mitigate the effects of 3G, 4G, 5G, free radicals, and geopathic zones. Simply set up the device anywhere in your home and enjoy the protection it emits.

The company has recently improved this basic model. It now has an updated core with a new composition of minerals. Inside the Somavedic it’s all silver-plated.  Now it’s 50% stronger than their previous model. It’s suitable for larger properties, households, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, hotels, and more.

If you’d like to protect your family and would like to know more about how Somavedic works, visit for the low down on all the science behind this technology.

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Five Tips to Maintain Your Sanity During the Holidays!

(Photo credit: Pexels/Karolina)

Don’t let Thanksgiving Derail Your Health

Thanksgiving is practically here. And this year, we’re all planning on sitting around the table with our loved ones again. We can help you kick off the holidays and guide you to a healthier Thanksgiving! Meet some of our very own Dunn Pellier Media clients.

Get ready for game day: Eat a healthy breakfast.

Get ready to fast – intermittent fast to better health. Start “break-fast” with a tall glass of water, followed by some kind of herbal tea or hot water with lemon. If you can, follow that with green juice.

To have a healthy breakfast we recommend some kind of greens and eggs. We suggest some scrambled eggs and arugula with some extra virgin olive oil. What this does is hydrate and alkalize your body and begin to neutralize the acidic foods you’re about to ingest.

For amazing breakfast recipe ideas, check out Dr. Mindy Pelz. She’s also got some amazing holiday recipes as well, and be sure to check out her holiday gift guide complete with deep discounts so you can save on her healthy picks!

Stay hydrated. 

While you sleep you build up toxins.  We suggest that you begin your day with water and herbal teas to help flush out those toxins.  To stay hydrated throughout the day, keep water nearby. You might think you are hungry, but actually are dehydrated and need water. Drink plenty of water after breakfast and right up until you begin feasting on any holiday fare.

Amp up your digestion with Power Life. 

There is no way around it: if you’re going to indulge in all the treats this holiday has to offer, set yourself up for success.  You can arm your digestive system with some pre and probiotics from our client, Tony Horton, creator of Power Life. His favorite product, Foundation Four is a formula that combines the nutritional powerhouses of green vegetables, magnesium, and pre and probiotics into one convenient powder.

It contains 2 daily servings of organic vegetables.  One of them is acacia fiber that helps with gas and bloating.  Did you know that eating too much Thanksgiving food can cause gas and bloat?  You won’t eat as much by amping up your digestion beforehand by adding in Foundation Four.

Order the best most sustainable vegetables for your holiday meal. 

If you want some of the best-sourced vegetables in all of the USA that is ranked the highest in nutrients, meet Farmer Lee Jones.  All of the vegetables grown on his farm are free of pesticides and sustainably grown. Order your Farmer Jones Farm Thanksgiving box today with vegetables to serve 4-6 people.

Have a pre and post-workout game plan. 

The holidays would not be complete without a game plan to work off those extra holiday calories. Think about exercise first.

If you don’t already have a go-to workout or if you’re looking to try something new, try Les Mills, or Bulldog Yoga. These virtual fitness apps contain workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. 

There you have it, a simple game plan to help keep you healthy and on track during the holidays.  From our Thanksgiving table to yours, we wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

A Healthier Halloween

Recipes & Ideas From DPM Clients!

Are you concerned about the amount of sugar your child may be consuming this Halloween? The most important part of this holiday – the costumes!  Don’t forget about getting the front of your house decorated!

Stop buying those sugary treats to hand out to hopeful trick-or-treaters!  We have a few healthy suggestions for those neighborhood friends.

Look at this yummy Dark Chocolate Halloween Pudding from SideChef (pictured above), complete with ghosts and pumpkins!

How about these delicious Beet Marshmallows from The Chef’s Garden Cookbook, The Chef’s Garden?

If Halloween baking isn’t your thing, then you can try these 6 helpful tips from My Net Diary on how to avoid getting sucked into the Halloween candy calorie pit.

Dr. Mindy Pelz shares some fun recipes and ideas for healthier swaps this Halloween!

5 healthier alternatives to Halloween candy:

Organic LMNT Gummies

You can make LMNT flavored gummies using different silicon trays that are in the shapes of spiders and worms!

Instructions: Mix a packet of LMNT with 1/2 cup of water and 1.5 tablespoons of Gelatin. Mix together, bring to a boil, pour into trays, and let sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours!

Fruit Leather

You can find organic, natural, fruit leather that comes in a variety of flavors at your local health store or on Thrive Market!

Honey Sticks

The local farmer’s market almost always has the honey stand and they normally have honey sticks!  If you can find them local to your area, that would be best!

Chocolate Covered Dates

This is one of our all-time favorite snacks!  I like to take pitted dates, place them into a silicone ice cube tray, and cover them with melted Lily’s milk chocolate.  One tip when making – sprinkle sea salt on top, and then place the dates in the freezer for an hour.

Lily’s Peanut Butter Cups

Lily’s makes a delicious peanut butter cup that is organic and low sugar.  We like to order in bulk through Thrive Market for our office, and this is a great alternative to the Reese’s Peanut Buttercup.

Dr. Mindy has a ton of other recipes on her website that you can dig through to find some creative things to give to your kids this Halloween!

5 Tips For Menopause Relief

What if We Didn’t Dread Menopause?

It’s a word women in their 40-50’s hate to hear: menopause. The dreaded M-word. Women in their 20-40’s don’t have to think about menopause,  it’s too far in the future. What if we educated our women today so they are prepared for tomorrow?  The average age that women start to think about menopause is 45-50.  Then we find ourselves in menopause: confused, lost, frustrated, sad, angry. All the while tearing our clothes off as we navigate our way through yet another hot flash.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if menopause could actually be something to look forward to? More and more women are embracing menopause as a beautiful and new chapter in life.

I bet you didn’t know that 51% of the population will go through menopause!  It’s about time we made it more enjoyable and less stressful for women around the world.

Did you know that October 18th is World Menopause Day?  Our resident nutritional and functional menopause expert, Dr. Mindy Pelz shares great tips around all things menopause. Dr. Mindy wrote a book called The Menopause Reset. Her latest book addresses the main symptoms associated with menopause and how to get past them.

Here are her 5 tips for menopausal women, that you can try today:

  1. Stop eating all day.
  2. Vary your eating style and foods.
  3. Build a bulletproof microbiome
  4. Stop the “rushing woman’s syndrome.”
  5. Mind your melatonin.

To take a deeper dive into these tips/hacks, you can check out her post here.

For more information on menopause, detoxing and more from Dr. Mindy, visit

It’s World Mental Health Day – October 10th

Increase Your Fruits and Veggies For Positive Mental Health!

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. As mental health challenges become more prevalent, it’s important for us to recognize and place importance on our mental health.  A lot of work has been done in the past decade to de-stigmatize mental health issues, but we still have a long way to go.

A 2020 study shows that increased intake of fruits and veggies can actually increase feelings of optimism and reduce psychological distress.

Farmer Lee Jones is an Ohio family farmer at The Chef’s Garden who supplies sustainably grown veggies that are 200-500x more nutritious because of the way the veggies are grown. 

Some of the greatest chefs across the US rely heavily on Farmer Lee Jones veggies.  His farm also ships directly to you at home. His subscription-based veggie boxes also make great gifts or donate a box to someone in need today!

The Chef’s Garden not only supplies unique, quality veggies, but they also share storage tips and recipes so families can get the most out of their subscription boxes.

It couldn’t be easier, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with The Chef’s Garden.

For more information, visit

If you’ve been feeling down and you need help please reach out to a professional.  Follow Farmer Lee Jones for more nutritious insight on all things vegetables!

Sending you and yours much love through veggies!

In good health,
The team at Dunn Pellier Media

Happy National Coffee Day – September 29th!

Five Recipes to Celebrate That Cup of Joe!

If ever there was a day to get caffeinated, today is that day, September 29th, is National Coffee Day!   No matter how you drink your coffee, we have a recipe for you!

In honor of serving a brew to your liking, SideChef wants to help you get creative with five amazing coffee recipes. Founded in 2014, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform. The award-winning app provides over 18,000 interactive recipes with dynamic recipe guidance.

The history of coffee dates back to 850 AD.  The earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking as the modern beverage appears in modern-day Yemen from the middle of the 15th century in Sufi shrines.  Cut to today, and over 60% of American’s choose to drink coffee over tap water!

We suggest starting National Coffee Day off with some of these great recipes. Create a Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie and snack on Super Easy Coffee Muffins. Or sit down for supper with Coffee Crusted Ribeye Steak. Try indulging and make up some Hazelnut Caramel Coffee Macarons for dessert. And cap it all off with a Coffee Amazake cocktail and you are set.

Is there such a thing as too much coffee? We think not.

Enjoy your extra caffeinated day and check out SideChef for more amazing recipes you can use any day of the week.

Get Fit Together With Your Family

National Family Health & Fitness Day is September 26th!

Les Mills prog

We know that creating and keeping up a regular fitness routine is tough. We’d like to introduce you to a workout that will get the whole family moving.

Why not consider making this September 26th the day that you implement your new family workout?  After all, it’s National Family Health & Fitness Day!   It’s always a challenge to find the right workout to do together.  

The great thing about doing a family fitness workout together is that you are building a relationship with your family, as you workout!  And, working out together can be incredibly rewarding. 

Many parents often wonder what type of workout will the whole family enjoy together?  We have a program designed to get your family moving today.

BORN TO MOVE is a digital fitness program from LES MILLS FITNESS created for kids ages 2 – 16. This program is designed for children to experience the vitality and joy that comes from moving to music and in turn, nurtures a life-long love of physical activity.

Each of the five different BORN TO MOVE™ programs is optimized for a specific age group (4 -5yrs, 6-7yrs,  8-12yrs, 13 – 16yrs, etc.) and their core developmental stage, to suit both early years and school years.

LES MILLS makes National Family Health & Fitness Day exciting and something that you can do together. Be safe, have fun, and prosper together!

For more information visit LES MILLS today!

EMF Radiation Got You Worried?

See How Somavedic Can Harmonize Your Home

Throughout the pandemic, we have all spent a lot of time at home.  Something that is now top of mind for many people, is how to harmonize your home?  It’s hard to deny that most people are feeling the effects of technology.

Think about this.  If a signal from your phone needs to bounce from your phone to a satellite to another phone, where do those waves travel? And how do you mitigate the effects of digital pollution/electrosmog safely?

Modern Technology:

With the dawn of modern technology comes unwanted side effects; EMF radiation, oxidative stress, free radicals, and more. More and more people are living with headaches, depression, and anxiety.  

There is no single answer or fix to any of these things. There never is. Since health is often a journey unique to each person, it’s not a one size fits all solution. The core idea is all about actively harmonizing your space at home and at work. We know that a Somavedic device might just be a helpful place to start.

“Thanks to high-tech’s lightning-fast innovation efforts, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and wearables are making our lives easier and more comfortable than ever before. If you don’t know it, there is a price for technology, and the long-term harm all these wireless devices might have on our bodies. This is why we’ve developed Somavedic – to mitigate these negative effects.”

Somavedic Mission:
Our mission is to bring Somavedic into as many households, offices, and health & wellness clinics as possible. In a nutshell, we want to create a healthier home & work environment for everybody. We want to create spaces where people can feel better, have more energy, more focus, and where their relationships thrive.

Let’s break it down from a sleep perspective.  EMFs are basically interfering with our brainwaves and our bodies can’t rest well.  The field that Somavedic is creating is mitigating this – so sleep is dramatically improved. The proof is in the testimonials at Somavedic, as sleep is the most common positive feedback the company gets!

Somavedic is a device that can reliably mitigate unwanted influences of:

  • EMF radiation (4G/5G, WiFi, phones)
  • Geopathic stress, water crosses
  • Curry and Hartmann lines
  • Oxidative stress / Free radicals

It can also harmonize your water, which means that it can structure water and change it into mountain spring quality just by putting the device next to a glass or jug of water!  It’s the most natural state for water in our bodies to provide the best hydration water – can be found inflowing rivers.  You can’t find it in tap water or bottled water.

It’s truly a product you need to experience to believe. If you’ve been worried about the effects of our modern world on your body – and experiencing the negative consequences of them – definitely check out Somavedic.

For more information, visit Somavedic today!

Get Ready for National Guacamole Day!

Celebrate with These Out-of-the-Box Guac Recipes from SideChef ?

Shrimp Guacamole

You don’t need an excuse to eat guacamole all day!  Guacamole is not just a side dish anymore.  Did you know that National Guacamole Day is coming up on Thursday, September 16th?

The Haas Avocado was born in 1935, by a farmer in America, and it’s now the most popular avocado variety out in the marketplace.  The avocado is well known for its health benefits related to its high vitamin content and lots of cholesterol-lowering healthy fats. 

There are hundreds of ways to prepare guacamole! Some people like to spice up their guacamole and add things like onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, cilantro, and more.  

You can easily get into the celebratory spirit of National Guacamole Day by visiting our client SideChef’s website where they have several unique recipes including; Crab Guac (what???), Roasted Sesame Guac (yum), Skinny Guac (ok!), and Loaded Guacamole with Chili Shrimp and Roasted Plantains (excuse me? Yes, please). Check them out!

About SideChef:

Founded in 2014, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform. The award-winning app provides over 18,000 interactive recipes with dynamic recipe guidance. Featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, built-in timers, and one-click shoppable recipes for a seamless home cooking experience.

For more information and recipes, visit SideChef today to get ready for National Guacamole Day!

Carb Genius! A One-Stop Destination for a Healthy Keto Lifestyle


MyNetDiary announces the debut of their App, Carb Genius! This app is a comprehensive tool for keto and low-carb diets.  Registered Dietitians love and support this app that comes with hundreds of easy recipes!


The app focuses on low carb and keto diets.  MyNetDiary is one of the original calorie-tracking apps on the market.  They have over 12 million global users. People are turning to tech and the internet for specific wellness needs around diets.  It’s really a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to live a healthy low-carb lifestyle. Carb Genius uses the latest science statistics and google analytics in the low-carb world to target healthy living.  Registered Dietitians love this app and provide support and motivation for users.  There are hundreds of easy and tasty low-carb and Keto recipes for users. During the back-to-school season, this app is perfect for moms who have busy schedules.  All of the premium recipes are fast and easy!  The majority of recipes taking only 20 minutes of preparation and cooking time!

A premium subscription is $59.99 for a year or $8.99 monthly. To purchase, visit:
Dunn Pellier Media, Inc.

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