The Wellness Your Way Festival is Back – An Affordable Music & Wellness Festival For All

Grammy Nominated Singer Jewel’s Festival comes to Denver & Cincinnati…

So, you wanted to go to the Goop wellness festival but couldn’t quite stomach the $500+ price tag for a ticket? We totally get it. The good news is that wellness festivals can actually be accessible to everyone – at any price point. Let’s leave the gooping to the goopers, and instead let’s focus on the crown Jewel (wink wink) of festivals: Wellness Your Way Festival!

Grammy Nominated Singer/songwriter, Jewel (yes, that Jewel) partnered with Kroger and Inclusion Companies to launch the first ever, affordable music and wellness festival last October in Cincinnati. As you can imagine, it was a huge success. But not just because of their star studded line up, including Jewel herself. It was because this festival did something no other festivals appear to be doing: it was made affordable to everyone, no matter their income level. And when it comes to music and wellness, shouldn’t we all have the chance to learn about what makes us healthy and listen to good music? We think so. 

Wellness Your Way Festival is here to stay – they will be back in Cincinnati this October! But they didn’t want to stop at just one city, so they have added another stop: Denver, Colorado in August!

That’s right, Denver fans and citizens, you can attend a celebrity studded, affordable wellness festival in those Colorado rockies for a small fee: $35 for a 3 day VIP pass, $25 for a regular 3 days pass (same deal without the bells and whistles of the VIP stuff), or $10 for a day pass to either day (Friday, Saturday of Sunday).

Got any children under 12? Great. They are FREE!!

You can expect workouts from celebrity trainers like Tony Horton (creator of P90X), The Tone It Up Girls, Denise Austin, cooking demos from famous chefs like The Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, main stage events, and a speaker series with influential people – including Jewel, of course! 

There is literally no reason not to go to this festival – you have only your health to gain! Oh, and a whole lot of fun too.

So spread the word: if you live in Denver, get tickets! If you have friends there, tell them about it. And if you just feel like posting about this fantabulous and kind hearted event on your social media channels, please do that too. 

For more information, visit:

Stop Starving Yourself! Sustain Your Summer Health and Bod Mindfully with Body Complete Rx

Photo courtesy of: Body Complete Rx

The summer solstice is just around the corner. What that usually means is talk about getting that bikini bod for summer. But health goes so much deeper than that, and we all know it. It’s less about getting a bikini bod in time for the summer, and more about total body health, don’t you think? When you feel good in your body – year round – everything else follows suit: glowing skin, increase confidence, better sleep, the works.

That’s why we are so in love with our client, Body Complete Rx. They have created effective plant based health and beauty supplements for everyone looking to maximize not just their “bikini bods,” but also, their overall health.

“Being healthy isn’t just a goal. It’s a lifestyle you choose to live daily,” the company says.

From vegan protein to multi and B12 vitamins, to HCG drops, Body Complete Rx is a system of eating, training and supplementing designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walk around with confidence this summer, knowing your skin is glowing from the inside out, your muscles are toned to their optimal function, and your organs are thanking their lucky stars that you’ve given them the fuel they need to perform.

We know, it sounds great. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what other people are saying:

“I have always been the one that was struggling to lose the weight. After using the product I have been able to lose the weight successfully and keep it off.” – Alexandria R.

“I have been taking the products for about 9 days and I’m already down 10 POUNDS! I love it! I follow the diet regimen that was provided with the products and I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to order my next kit!” – Katherine

“I have completed my first month and I am down 25 pounds! This product is amazing! Although I was not able to work out as much, I definitely just stuck to the meal plan and the weight just simply fell off. I’ll definitely be reordering this product again. I couldn’t be happier. I’m on my way to a healthier me!” – Crystal L.

So, how does it work and how do you get started? To check them out, and to download their FREE copy of Body Complete Guide, visit

The Newest in Food Delivery Services Catering to All Food Tribes: Territory Foods

Photos Courtesy of: Territory Foods

Here at Dunn Pellier Media, we take great care to make sure we represent only the best of the best of health and wellness companies. That is why we are so proud (not to mention, satiated!) to announce our newest partnership with Territory Foods.

If you haven’t jumped on the meal delivery service yet, you might want to consider getting on board since Territory Foods caters to all types of foodies. This meal delivery company caters to all foodies, and boasts no refined sugars, no gluten or dairy, and foods that are responsibly sourced and prepared by local artisan chefs.  Right now they cater to the areas of Los Angeles, OC, San Diego, Dallas, SF and DC.

Paleo? Keto? Whole30? Vegan? Vegetarian? Flexitarian…insert-your-diet-here, no problem – Territory Foods has something for everyone. Their specialty is to personalizeyour dietary approach. Meals are made-to-order fresh each week and start around $10 (yes, $10!!). Free delivery to a nearby pickup spot (or home delivery where available). No shopping, no schlepping, no cooking, no cleaning. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Select from a rotating menu of 25 items each week.
2. No commitment necessary – pause or cancel your order at any time.
3. Choose your desired portion size.
4. Not happy? Let them know and they will make it right.

Eating for a cause:

It’s one thing to eat really great food that you know is healthy (especially when you didn’t have to prepare it yourself). It’s another thing to know that your dollars are going to work on more than just your healthy heart and waistline. 

Every time you place a Territory order, through their partnership with Feeding America® more than a pound of food is recovered and shared with someone struggling to put food on the table. I mean – come on, folks! Can it get any better than this? Food with a cause – and a footprint you can feel good about as you lick your plate and fingers clean.

For more information, and to place your first order, visit

Goop’s Gotta Brand New Bag: Catch our Very Own Dr. Will Cole hosting the new goopFellas podcast!

Image taken from: Fast Company Article (see link below)

goopfellas—the first show to spin-off from The goop Podcast—debuts May 22. It’s hosted by functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, and chef Seamus Mullen: two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations.

You may have read about Dr. Will Cole a few months ago when we first introduced him. Dr. Cole is a force in the field of functional medicine, having helped thousands upon thousands of people feel better when traditional medicine failed them. He and his work have been featured in Elle, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Mind Body Green, Vogue, Reader’s Digest, abc News, and of course, Goop! He used a holistic approach through functional medicine to help his patients – near and far – get well and stay that way!

Chef Seamus Mullen, is an award-winning New York chef, restaurateur and cookbook author known for his inventive yet approachable Spanish cuisine. He is also a leading authority on health and wellness. Seamus opened his first solo restaurant Tertulia in Manhattan in 2011, which was awarded two stars from The New York Times and was a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best New Restaurant. In 2013, he opened El Colmado, a Spanish tapas and wine bar at Gotham West Market, a food hall in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. You may have seen him on any given show: Food Networks The Next Iron Chef, Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, and even The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show, The CBS Morning show and more! His work has been featured on CNN, and in major publications like Bon Appetit, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Eating Well, Men’s Journal, The Huffington Post, and also of course, Goop.

Listen as these two power houses help bring you out of dis-ease and into the light through smart food and lifestyle choices. Truly a podcast not to be missed!

Can’t wait until May 22nd? Listen to a sneak peek of the podcast here.

For more on Chef Mullen, visit 

For more on Dr. Cole, visit

Read the amazing article in Fast Company that features Dr. Will Cole: Can dudes be Gooped? Gwyneth goes after the guys

Jumpstart Your PR Journey

Access a Proven Formula from Dunn Pellier Media. Courses Launching in May 2019 Through Wealthfit. Don’t Miss Out!

Imagine you have a new business or brand to offer to the world. You need the public to know more about it, but don’t know a single journalist or outlet that can help you get your product featured by the media and seen by consumers. So how does one go about gaining exposure? The answer is through PR. Public Relations (PR) is one of the most effective ways for any brand to gain exposure for their product or service. 

With PR, brands gain visibility, maintain credibility and most importantly, earn business. Every brand has a voice and PR makes sure that voice is heard. At DPM, we have helped hundreds of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle brands and experts reach their media goals and desired audience to obtain the success they have today. 

Examples include:

  • The creator of the commercial home exercise regimen P90X, Tony Horton
  • Fit2Fat2Fit keto expert, Drew Manning
  • Celebrity doctor and author of Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter
  • Nutrex Hawaii
  • Vega

With our proven formula, brands can earn FREE media and get the exposure they need for success. We equate success with bookings and placements. Our success comes with UVMs (unique views per month) and tv viewership numbers. The value we offer clients is brand recognition, credibility, and earned raised awareness. Therefore, we are actively pursuing earned media rather than paid media, unless otherwise requested. The objective is to gain high exposure with little to no additional cost to the client other than our monthly retainer fee.

It takes 5 times for a person to see/read about you to then go and buy your product:

  • Awareness – heard about your brand
  • Knowledge – I know a bit about your brand
  • Interest – I want to know more about the brand
  • Preference – I am considering you over the competition
  • Action – I am spending my money

Although we can never guarantee placement with the media or a journalist, our clients have always been pleased with their media results. It essentially depends on how the market receives the brand. Is the brand something trending with the media right now?  It is important to understand, however, that PR is an ongoing process that builds over time for your story, product or expertise. The client provides the seed and the PR team nurtures its growth. 

Stay tuned in May 2019, for two brand new PR programs launching with Wealthfit,featuring our CEO Nicole Dunn, to help you get a jumpstart on your PR journey.  

To find out more about our PR Campaigns for experts and brands please email Nicole Dunn directly.

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” – Richard Branson

Mastering Men’s Health at 40 & Beyond: From Fitness Celebrity & Cover Model, Rusty Joiner

You may not know him by name, but if you’ve ever perused the covers of fitness magazines at the checkout counter, you’ve probably ogled over the perfection of fitness celebrity, Rusty Joiner. He has graced the covers of Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health over a dozen times, and with good reason.

But like most models, Rusty is more than just a pretty face and a solid set of abs. There is passion behind those muscles. A desire to help men live better, fitter, longer. Rusty has spent the majority of his adult life consumed with the fitness industry. After 20+ years of fitness discipline, knowledge and success, Rusty decided to create a program that would help men optimize their health at any age. As a Continuing Education Provider (CEP) for NASM, AFFA, and NFPT, Rusty’s program — Mastering Men’s Health at 40 & Beyond (MMH) —has become the training guide for many fitness professionals.

Infatuated with the why and how humans decide to get into shape, Rusty decided to become a Behavioral Change Specialist. As a specialist, Rusty pinpoints motivational triggers to help his clients overcome their fitness barriers.

Rusty recently released his first book, Cover Model Abs: Master Your Nutrition, which is designed to help men in their 40’s (and beyond) reach the best shape of their life. Cover Model Abs lays out the framework to help any individual master their personal nutrition and fitness goals. With tips from Rusty, any man can create lasting results—no matter his age!

Feeling inspired? Find out more at

Everclear’s Lead Singer Speaks Candidly About MS:

Dr. Terry Wahls’ Protocol is Key…
Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

To be the lead singer of a popular band is hard enough as it is. Tours, more days spent on the road than at home, late nights and long hours. But for Alex Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear, life got a little tougher when he was diagnosed with MS.

Billboard catches up with him in their March 2019 issue, and shares what it felt like to get the diagnosis:

“Well, it was a shock, but at the same time, it started to make sense. Because a lot of the things that I had noticed starting to happen to me, a lot of the symptoms, it was just like, “Oh, I thought it was just age or getting older or the results of a misspent youth.” I really didn’t know. And then when I started doing the research — my wife and I have done hundreds of hours of research about it — it really made sense. So yeah, I was surprised. I was flabbergasted because the word scared me. You know, multiple sclerosis is scary if you don’t know what it is. Most people don’t know what it is. I’ve had people tell me, “Oh, too bad you can’t be on the Jerry Lewis telethon.” I go, “Dude, that’s muscular dystrophy. It’s not the same thing.” [Laughs] You know, it just sounds bad. It initially scared me, but by the time I got home my wife had looked up all this stuff about it and was pretty confident and calmed me down and just inspired me to be the badass that she is.”

One of the more comforting things about getting diagnosed with what sounds like a scary, albeit fatal disease is that these days, the research has risen to soften the effects. Even getting diagnosed with HIV isn’t really considered to be a fatal disease anymore. It can be managed with medication, diet and exercise.

The same is true for MS. In fact, Alexakis himself did think that his diagnosis was a death sentence when he got it three years ago. But after much research, he has realized that isn’t true. He shares this with Billboard:

“None of it’s fatal. A large part of dealing with this has been just the mental: accepting it and being able to stay upbeat and positive, and for that I really have to give a lot of kudos to my family.”

Here at Dunn Pellier Media, we pride ourselves on taking on clients at our health and wellness PR firm who are making a difference in the world. One such client is MD and MS patient, Dr. Terry Wahls. And we are proud to report that she has been able to make a difference in Art Alexakis’ life. He mentions her in his interview with Billboard:

“There’s a book written by Dr. Terry Wahls that came out, and she’s got several different regimens for different types of MS, and she suffers from progressive MS. She was at a point where she couldn’t even get into a wheelchair she was in so much pain, but she was a nutritionist and she figured out that inflammatory diets, especially with a lot of sugar, gluten and dairy, is really not good for your nervous system — for anybody’s nervous system, especially someone who has an autoimmune disease.”

As with any other disease – or life in general – diet and exercise are key. We are thrilled to hear that Dr. Wahls’ book has made a difference not only in Art Alexakis’ life, but also in the life of so many others afflicted with MS.

To read the full article with Art Alexakis, visit

To read more about. Dr. Terry Wahls, visit

Mark Wahlberg Backs Australian Based Fitness Franchise, F45: It’s Functional Training for Everyone. Find One Near You Today.

Photo Credit: F45 Training

As far as gyms go, you’d be hard pressed to open up a studio that hasn’t already been done before. And yet, gyms keep opening up around the globe. Why? Because millions of us want to stay fit and millions of us will do whatever we can in order to do it.

But hands down, some gyms just do it better than others. And when Mark Walhberg walked into his first F45 Gym, he was hooked. 

“I’m a fitness fanatic and I fell in love with F45 after I walked into a gym and saw people from all walks of life, all levels of fitness, working out together,” said Wahlberg, who first tried the studio last November, according to an article in Bloomberg.

The article goes onto say:

“The company has more than 1,500 studios in 40 countries and partnerships with two dozen universities including Stanford and Texas. [According to its founder, Rob Deutsch], it may open as many as 10,000 franchises alone in North America, and also sees opportunity in Europe, Asia and Sou h America. [Deutsch] nearing a deal to offer the workout on a cruise line and is developing a software-based product for hotels.

“We’re selling roughly 50 franchises a month and we’re confident it’ll ramp up to 70 to 80 a month by the end of 2019 to well over 2,000,” he said.

A quick click on the opening video on their homepage tells you everything you need to know about F45: 45 minute workouts sourced from a database of over 4000 movements so that you never do the same workout twice. It’s timed, it’s safe (they demo each move for you before the workout begins), it’s fun, and it’s for everyone.

With franchises opening up around the globe, you’re sure to find an F45 gym near you. Try it out today, and see what all the fuss is about. If it’s good enough for Mark Wahlberg, it just might be good enough for you too!

Hiring Dunn Pellier Media PR team helped our client F45 Training get the word out about this exciting Public Relations announcement.

For more information, visit

*Photo credit: 45 Training*

Feeling Burnt Out? Discover the Connection Between Sleep & Career Burnout

When it comes to career burnout, there are undoubtedly a number of factors that play a role. According to an article featuring our PR client in Forbes Magazine, these factors include but are not limited to work-life balace, a poor job function fit, a mismatch in values, lack of employee appreciation, certain personality and character types and not progressing in one’s career.

But what about sleep? Can it play a role in career burnout? In a word, yes. Why? 

Sleep Cycle has found that 40% of Americans say stress is the biggest disruptor to circadian rhythms, and 60% feel their circadian rhythm is affected by their work-life balance. Our circadian rhythms control our sleep-wake schedule, and so if our rhythms are out of sync, our sleep will take a hit,” says Rachel Montanez, author of the aforementioned article in Forbes Magazine.

She goes onto outline three ways in which lack of sleep affects us:

1. It disrupts our mindset.
2. It disrupts our work environment.
3. It can negatively effect our career or job choice.

Our very own client at our health and wellness PR firm, Dr. Caroline Leaf, is a neuroscientist and author of Think, Learn, Succeed: Understanding and Using Your Mind to Thrive at School, the Workplace, and Life. Dr. Leaf was called upon as an expert in the article. She broke down how sleep can disrupt our mindset and why that is important:

“Sleep is a regenerative housekeeping function allowing the mind and brain to sort out and clean up the thought-building process that occurred while the individual was consciously awake. It increases our ability to self-regulate our own thinking, feeling and choosing, which we do all day long. If we don’t get enough sleep, we will tend to approach work, relationships and life with a more negative and pessimistic attitude.”

So the next time you are thinking about burning the midnight oil, it might be best to think again. If getting a few extra hours of sleep can in turn make you more productive during your waking hours on account of having a positive impact on your mindset, perhaps that might be the better choce?

Food for thought. Happy sleeping!

To read the original article, visit

For more on Dr. Caroline Leaf, visit Dr.

The Advice This Doctor Gives To All Her Patients With MS

This Featured Story Ran on MindBodyGreen about our Health and Wellness Public Relations Client, Dr. Terry Wahls

By Gretchen Lidicker mbg Health Editor

Image by Axelle x Bauer-Griffin / Getty February 26, 2019

We learned that Selma Blair suffers from MS in October of 2018, when she shared her diagnosis on Instagram. This past weekend, she showed up to the Oscars with a cane, and just earlier today, she opened up about her diagnosis for the first time in an interview with Good Morning AmericaAnd with that, multiple sclerosis (MS) has been pushed into the spotlight.

If you’re not familiar with this condition, MS occurs when the immune system attacks the protective sheath, or myelin, that covers nerve fibers. According to the Mayo Clinic, this can interfere with the communication between the brain and the central nervous system. There is currently no cure for this illness; it causes a wide variation in signs and symptoms, including numbness, weakness, pain, and double vision.

Although there’s no cure for MS, there are specific lifestyle changes a person can make to mitigate symptoms. We asked mbg Collectivemember and MS treatment pioneer Terry Wahls, M.D., what advice she gives her patients who are suffering from this condition. If you don’t know her story, Dr. Wahls also suffers from MS, and years ago, it progressed to the point where she was in a tilt-recline wheelchair. Then, after reading all the latest brain science, she developed a nutrition and lifestyle protocol that helped her heal. Here are the dietary and lifestyle changes she suggests you make if you’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis:

1. Drop the sugar.

Drop added sugars, including soda and artificial sweeteners, which increase the risk of dysbiosis—a gut microbial imbalance that can contribute to disease.

2. Eat more vegetables.

Multiple studies have shown a reduced risk of MS and risk of relapse for each additional cup of nonstarchy vegetables eaten each day.Article continues below

3. Add a daily exercise routine.

Multiple studies have shown benefits of adding yoga, tai chi, strength training, and/or balance training to reducing the risk of brain volume loss or relapse and reducing fatigue severity, improving quality of life. 

4. Remove gluten and casein from the diet for 100 days to see what effect that has on symptoms.

Unrecognized gluten sensitivity is associated with increased neuropsychiatric symptoms and enhancing (inflammatory lesions on MRI) lesions in the brain, which can be reversed by 100 days of elimination of gluten and dairy. If you notice benefits, continue with this way of eating.

5. Get your family on board with this new way of living.

Implement these changes as a family for greater success. Everyone needs support, and eating more veggies and fewer grains and sugar will keep other members of your family healthy as well!Article continues below

6. Consider enrolling in a clinical trial.

Dr. Wahl’s team is currently conducting a clinical trial called Dietary Approaches to Treating MS-Related Fatigue for those with RRMS + fatigue and living within 500 miles of Iowa City, Iowa.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Terry Wahls and her amazing work. To find out more about the Public Relations work by DPM for your brand or expertise click here.

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