New Book: Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design

Not Getting Results From Your Weight Training?

Maybe It’s Time To Go Back To Basics With Nick Mitchell’s New Book

“Not another book on weight training!” “Who even reads books anymore?” “I’ve already been weight training for years, I know what works and what doesn’t.”

Truth is Nick Mitchell, CEO of Ultimate Performance (UP) Fitness personal training company doesn’t even want to read, let alone write, another book on weight training. In fact, he believes since the 80’s, nothing’s really changed. So why is he doing it?

A Book With A Purpose

“Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design.”

Mitchell noticed that pretty much all the fitness books out there are written as “how-to” manuals. There’s a 12-week plan that provides everything from what you should be eating to how many bench presses you should be doing, but most of these books lack one thing: the why. Understanding why you’re doing a particular exercise not only gives you insight into what’s going on in your body but also gives you room to personalize the program based on your individual needs. For those that want to really commit to real, sustainable results, a “how-to” book just isn’t enough.

Diving Deep is what the UP Encyclopedia Series Is All About

In this book, a massive amount of research, experience, and results accumulated from creating the world’s leading Personal Training business is available at your fingertips, literally. In this volume one, it’s all about going back to basics in order to provide the most pristine foundation for resistance training. This way, you’ll achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Why This Book Is Necessary Now More Than Ever

Mitchell says that “almost every gym in the world that I have ever visited, be it a commercial gym, a bodybuilding gym, or a personal training studio, have very few people including so-called professional personal trainers that have even the first clue about the key fundamentals of weight training.”

So, Mitchell knew he had to create something to fill this void. This book serves as a primer for anyone who lifts weights, no matter what their experience level may be. This book includes all the knowledge that’s responsible for transforming a ridiculous amount of so-called “regular people” into ripped superhumans. From covering the difference between “good” pain and “bad” pain, to explaining when and why the best time to train is, as well as detailing tons of expert exercises for your chest, back, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, arms and shoulder, and abs, this book is truly your one-stop shop for plunging into resistance training safely and smartly.

I’d love to discuss creating a pitch for Nick Mitchell’s book, “Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design.” If you’d like a copy of “Principles of Muscle Building Program Design” by Nick Mitchell, or if you would like more information about the book, please reach out to me.

About The Founder

Nick Mitchell, CEO of Ultimate Performance (UP), has spread UP across the globe with 11 locations in 8 different countries, with the newest location coming to Los Angeles, CA. Nick has even relocated his family to ensure the Los Angeles location genuinely represents UP’s global reputation as the world’s leading personal trainer gym.

“We’re not here to be your friend, if we become friends then that’s merely a bonus. We’re here to get you the result that your investment of time and money deserves.” – Nick Mitchell, CEO Ultimate Performance.

UP is the only genuinely international personal training company in the world. Tried and tested, UP is a stand-out compared to the typical compliant personal training industry. UP preserves their strict commitment to each client by following their dual mottos to the letter – “maximum results in minimum time” and “results not promises”

Mitchell wants to ensure the culture of UP – accountability, effective training, consistency, real results and value – is propelled around the world. Ultimate Performance is all about an honest message – no fads or crazes- simple stuff that works. No magic or secret. His new book Principals of Muscle Building – Program Design came out December 30, 2017 – and as of February 9th its SOLD OUT on Amazon.

How technology and convenience are turning our teenagers into mindless binge eaters (and what to do about it)

Picture it. You’re in the theater watching really good movie. An Oscar contender, to be sure. Your bucket of popcorn is in your lap, and you barely pay attention to it as you bring the pieces to your mouth. Why? Because the movie is so good, that’s why! Before you know it, you look down and find an empty bucket, and find yourself wondering: where did all my popcorn go?

This phenomenon used to be a once in a while kind of thing. But it seems that lately – especially among the teenage population with a strong addiction to smartphones – this has become a more commonplace phenomenon.

Actually, no. Let’s not call it a phenomenon. Let’s call it what it really is: A crisis. According to Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, convenience, and technology are creating a generation of mindless teen binge eaters. And with America’s waistline growing, and their lifespans decreasing, this trend has got to stop.

“Being constantly consumed by our technology it’s easy to slip into mindless eating habits. When we are distracted by our phones, TV’s, or computers we miss the physiological cues of feeling full,” says Dr. Albers.  So, how do we help our teens become more mindful eaters?

In her new book, “Eating Mindfully for Teens,” Dr. Albers has some tips to help this zombie-like state of consumption:

  • Set limits (number of episodes, the time you will spend in a day) and stick with them.  Shows can trigger eating because they have hidden food product placements in them. You see people eating in a lot of shows, which research shows, triggers you to eat.  Limiting the amount of exposure can help you to avoid getting the munching while watching. If there are commercials, fast-forward past them so you don’t see the pizza and chip ads!
  • Don’t let Binge Marathon Munching impact your sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable time.  Even missing an hour of sleep impacts your appetite hormones and makes you hunger in the morning.  We make the worst food decisions when tired.
  • Watch with a buddy, they will help to keep you honest about your watching time.  Also, we tend to eat less when we have an audience.
  • Don’t eat and watch TV at the same time.  Period.  Make it a goal to turn off the TV if you have a snack or move to a table.
  • If you do eat while watching, portion it out—don’t eat right out of the bag or box.
  • Move while you watch.  Hitting the treadmill while binge-watching can prevent mindless marathon munching.

For more information, visit Susan on her website.

About Dr. Susan Albers:

Susan Albers, Psy.D is a New York Times best-selling author and a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.  Dr. Albers graduated from the University of Denver and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University in California. Dr. Albers is the author of seven mindful eating books including EatQ, 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, 50 MORE Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, Eating Mindfully, Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful and Mindful Eating 101.  She has been a guest on the Dr. Oz TV Show, TODAY show, and NPR.  Her books, programs, and tips have been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, Family Circle, Shape, Prevention Magazine, Self, Health, Shape, People, New York Times, Fitness Magazine, Vanity Fair, Natural Health, the Wall Street Journal.

 The Accidental Paleo: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle!

Consider featuring pastry chef turned healthy chef Lauren Lobley and her new cookbook, “The Accidental Paleo” in your outlet.  Lauren’s got a great concept that you don’t want to miss.  What if you want to go Paleo but you don’t eat meat?  What if you want to go Paleo but you are a vegetarian?  Lauren’s got you covered!

Vegetarian. Vegan. Paleo. Can you be all three?

Lauren Lobley, former pastry chef turned healthy chef, thinks yes. 

Don’t miss her debut cookbook, The Accidental Paleo: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle! 

So, you want to change your diet for insert-reason-here. You’re vegetarian friend got great results from cutting out meat, and your vegan friend’s skin has never looked better. But your paleo friend is now lean and looking like a super athlete, and you’re left thinking: I want all of that! How is one to choose? What if you like the concept of eating like our ancestors but don’t really have a taste for meat most of the time? What if you don’t want to go completely vegetarian, but you like the idea of eating fewer animal products?

THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO (FEBRUARY 2, 2017, Primal Blueprint Publishing) is spearheading a new movement in the world of food. The foodie landscape in one where dietary groups have a cult-like following and affinity for their particular eating principles. But like life, diet isn’t always that cut and dry. We go through phases where sometimes, we crave meat and lots of it. Sometimes, we can’t stomach it. Sometimes, we just want to eat plants and lots of them.

How is one to choose? What if you like the concept of eating like our ancestors but don’t really have a taste for meat most of the time? What if you don’t want to go completely vegetarian, but you like the idea of eating fewer animal products?  Read how Lauren “accidentally,” wrote a cookbook to satisfy all those inbetweeners…


Making her debut on the cookbook scene, Lauren Lobley, former pastry chef and head baker to Food Network star, Duff Goldman, gave up her pastries for healthy food almost ten years ago. For the first 25 years of her life, she was a carnivore. But things changed, and at times she has been a vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo, pescatarian, paleo, and/or some combination of all of them. After years of testing, she has found her sweet spot:  Vegetarian Paleo.



  • Eating for health and longevity: there were almost 8 million vegetarians in the US in 2008, with another almost 23 million Americans following a vegetarian “inclined” diet.” And according to an article in Shape Magazine last year, if anyone was going to try a new diet, it was going to be the Paleo one.
  • But for those who are skating the line between paleo and vegetarian – and even vegan – there is good news:  You can have it all. And here’s a bonus: most experts agree that the single best thing you can do to ensure you live a longer, healthier life is to eat a more plant-based diet. We already spend about $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs to treat diseases that are mostly preventable through diet. Something has to give.

“You have a responsibility to try and be as healthy as possible. I decided to pick the diet (a plant-based diet) that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival. You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country.” – President Bill Clinton

In THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO, Lauren has compiled her favorite vegetarian paleo recipes into one user-friendly, something-for-everyone cookbook. Lauren takes a carnivore’s approach to plant-based eating. By being mindful of textures, layers of flavor, colors, and nutrition in every concoction, the recipes in this book are designed to satisfy every palate, whether they prefer their meals with or without meat.

The desserts are refined sugar free (and in most cases, naturally sweetened, like the almond butter banana cheesecake), the appetizers trick the palate with their clever use of nuts and plant-based milk to feign a creamy texture (like the warm spinach and artichoke dip – to die for), and the main meals carefully build upon an array of vegetables and sauces to leave everyone full and satiated (like the butternut squash lasagna).

THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO is culinary fun for the whole family, and a sure fire way to ensure the health and longevity of you and your loved ones. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds, get ready to fall in love with plant-based eating like you never imagined you would. And rejoice in the fabulous fact that when it comes to being vegetarian or paleo, you don’t to choose. You can have it both ways.

Featured Recipes:
Breakfast: Paleo Banana Walnut Blueberry Pancakes
Appetizers and Snacks: Grapefruit Strawberry Mango Guacamole
Dinner: Walnut Shiitake Mushroom Tacos
Spreads: Beet Sunflower Seed Pesto
Dessert: Salted Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Almond Bark

To request a PDF or a hard copy to feature or to have Lauren on your show, please call our office!

For more information about Lauren Lobley, visit

Lauren Lobley Bio:

Lauren Lobley is a Canadian born and raised former pastry chef turned healthy chef. Together with her husband, Ted, and 22-month-old daughter, Madison Grace, they run and operate a yoga studio in Malibu, California, where Lauren provides the freshly baked vegan gluten-free granola, and Ted teaches the best class on this side of Malibu.

After culinary school, she joined the ranks and worked her way up as head baker to celebrity chef and Food Network star, Duff Goldman, churning out thousands of cakes a week at his West Hollywood location. Realizing how terrible she felt by consuming so much gluten, dairy, and sugar, Lauren began recipe testing with one goal in mind: to make healthy food taste good. She blogged about her experience on her website, Delectable You, and began featuring her recipes both on that site and on her increasingly popular YouTube channel.

Ketogenic Diet Self-Experimenter Goes Places No Man Has Gone – Lifetime TV Premiere

Second Season of Fit to Fat to Fit premiere’s on Lifetime, January 8th
Drew Manning, host of Lifetime TV’s “Fit2Fat2Fit” on  Lifetime debuts January 8th!  If you don’t know Drew’s story; in 2011 he was in shape but then gained over 75 lbs. to see how he could help his clients lose weight and then lost it all to motivate those struggling clients…

There has been a lot mentioned about the ketogenic diet, this low carb and high-fat diet has professionals like Lebron James giving it a try. So what’s up with all the buzz? To break it down simply, it’s a diet that minimizes carbohydrate intake to the point where our bodies break down our own fat stores to make energy. It’s basically a way to trick your body into burning more fat. People have benefited from a myriad of benefits from this diet including an improvement in:

  • Energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Muscular performance

  • Digestion

If you would like to interview Drew Manning, our ketogenic diet expert, motivational speaker, and self-experimentation expert contact our offices!

If you are wondering what we mean exactly by defining Drew as a “self -experimentation” expert. We are referring to the fact that while he was studying to be a personal trainer, this guy gained 75 pounds on purpose, all for the insight of knowing what it’s like to live life overweight to better help his future clients. In just six months, with the help of the ketogenic diet, he was able to lose the weight he had gained through his experiment, truly going from fit to fat, then back to fit. Drew documented his journey back to fitness through his social media, Fit2Fat2Fit, where he gained thousands of followers admiring his courage, risk, and integrity. Plus, he also wrote a New York Times Bestseller about his journey titledFit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose.

Before and After Photos

Drew has his own podcast where he speaks of natural health, fitness nutrition, and biohacking called The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. Drew Manning has been featured on Good Morning America, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MSNBC, Yahoo!, The Dr. Oz Show, and CNN. The first season of his show Fit to Fat to Fit premiered on A&E where personal trainers mimic his self-experimentation and take on the Fit to Fat to Fit challenge themselves. The second season runs on Lifetime starting January 8th!

Awesome topics that Drew can speak to:

  • His Fit2Fat2Fit journey

  • The right way to do a keto diet,

  • Intermittent fasting,

  • Benefits of the keto diet,

  • Myths about keto.

  • How the keto diet can positively affect sex drive.

  • Keto recipes.

Lifetime Presents Marathon of Groundbreaking Docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, 1/8 (Broadway World)

The groundbreaking docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, moves to Lifetime with a six-hour marathon, on Monday, January 8, 2018, beginning at 6 pm PT. The series follows personal fitness trainers on the verge of undertaking the most extreme weight-loss experiment ever: by forcing themselves to gain a huge amount of weight, they aim to better understand the struggles of their obese friends and family as they lose the weight together.


About the show on Lifetime:
Led by professional fitness trainer Drew Manning, who in 2012 sought to bridge the gap between him and his overweight brother-in-law by purposely gaining 75 pounds to better understand the stigma and difficulties of weight loss, four new trainers embark on Drew’s same challenge. Spouses, friends, and sisters in California and Arizona partner up – one of them a personal trainer and one of them who wants to shed pounds – agree to a revolutionary journey of transformation.

Charting each pair’s journey, FIT TO FAT TO FIT follows the trainers as they gain weight under medical supervision, then rejoin their partner to begin their four-month transformation. At the end of the marathon, it will be revealed whether or not each pair reached their weight loss goals. This highly emotional and inspiring journey explores the highs and lows of a rigorous, painful process many Americans battle every day.

Fit to Fat to Fit is produced for Lifetime by Renegade 83 and Gaspin Media. Executive producers for Renegade 83 are Steve Rankin, Jay Renfroe, and David Garfinkle. Executive producer for Gaspin Media is Jeff Gaspin. Brad Abramson and Shelly Tatro are executive producers for A&E.

The Inside Scoop on the Best Health & Wellness Gifts To Give This Season…

For Everyone on Your List…

If you are looking for a cool gift to feature – we can have anything below shipped to you for your editorial or segment needs during the holiday season!

Nutrex Hawaii – Everyone needs to Go Green This Holiday Season!

Hawaiian Spirulina: $20.99

Astaxanthin: $22.99

Spirulina is one of the hottest go-to greens of the season! Nutrex Hawaii was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1990 by Dr. Gerald Cysewski, a world-renowned expert in microalgae and carotenoids.  Our mission is to utilize the benefits of microalgae to improve health and extend lives in the worldwide community. Carved out of land that was once a barren lava flow, Nutrex Hawaii is located on the pristine Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our farm draws on the natural resources that surround us – abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water, and 100% fresh water drawn from Hawaiian aquifers to cultivate:

  • Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica® – a superior strain of spirulina, with the highest known nutritional content of any spirulina.
  • BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin® – 100% pure, natural Hawaiian Astaxanthin®, the world’s strongest natural antioxidant with benefits for joint health, skin health, eye and brain health and for athletes and active people.

MELT Performance – MELT Holiday Pain and Stress Away!

Melt Performance Bundle: $69.99

The MELT Method® (MELT®) and MELT Performance is a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. MELT was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different balls, MELT is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in joints.

Evenflow – Peace of Mind Never Felt Better

Try it for Free Today! (Subscription ranges $9.99 – $199.00)

Evenflow combines mindfulness and the psychology world. With a team of over 15 Mindfulness Meditation experts specializing in various topics such as sleep, career stress, anxiety, health, and more. The team has crafted a very accessible curriculum so you can immediately begin establishing a sense of calm and balance, fostering and supporting you into a state of well-being through daily life. Founder, Mark Meyuhas is local Venice restaurateur with one of the most popular health-conscious restaurants, Tasting Kitchen.

Boho Beautiful – Find Your Inner Yogi and Peace This Season!


Boho Beautiful is a travel yoga lifestyle brand that is creating positive content for your body, mind and the earth. Check out their most popular Yoga Program for Health – as our media friend you get a store coupon so you can access the Boho Beautiful in 10 Days Digital Download along with their e-book. It’s a 10-day Challenge that seeks to nourish your body, mind, and spirit – with the perfect combo of daily yoga, meditation and fitness videos. It’s a small commitment of 1-hour classes per day to set you on a path to create a better version of yourself. (Boho Beautiful in 10 Days – 40 videos, meal plan, recipes, guided meditations, yoga and fitness classes – $89.99)

Swing Coach – Give Dad a Professional Golf Coach this Season!


Co-created by one of Golf Digest’s Top 25 Coaches, Dean Reinmuth, Swing Coach is one of the newest and most innovative practice clubs. Within 15 to 30 minutes of using Swing Coach, you can experience the feeling for a repeatable golf swing that the best players already know in 3 Easy Steps. You get instant feedback with Swing Coach and finally know what it feels like to train the proper acceleration and timing to achieve greater consistency, fix your over the top, outside-in swing path to create a more solid contact for improved accuracy, and acquire a proper release thru impact for greater clubhead speed and more distance. Results have shown that Swing Coach is successful in improving swing consistency by over 20% based on testing performed by Dean Reinmuth. After using Swing Coach, 95% of golfers are able to quickly feel the proper swing and make release corrections needed to hit better shots.

Bed of Nails – Test for 30 Days to Melt Away Stress, Migraines and more!

Mat: $69.95

Pillow: $39.95

Acupressure Strap: $29.95

Aromatherapy Candles: $39.95

Aromatherapy Spray: $14.95

Bed of Nails is a revolutionized and modernized variation of the ancient Asian practice of meditation and healing through acupressure. The mat’s rounded nails are designed to help the body release endorphins, which provides a sense of joy, energy, and pain relief, while also releasing oxytocin, which induces a sense of calm. Bed of Nails believes in promoting healthy lifestyles through allowing the body to self-heal. Their goal is to allow their users to feel a sense of happiness and relaxation after using Bed of Nails as an escape from the stresses of their daily lives. The owner of Bed of Nails, Carina Tannenberg, used her experience with cancer to understand how relaxing, meditation, and stimulation of body energy contributes to self-healing. She hopes that through her experiences, she is able to share her knowledge to create products that can help others on their journey to self-healing.

Happy Holidays from the DPM Team!

The Power of Food and Fitness for Kids with Tourette Syndrome

Tune into the Doctor’s TV Show to Hear Danielle Natoni’s Story! (Friday, November 3, 2017)

If anyone knows how food and fitness can dramatically improve the quality of life for a child who suffers from Tourette syndrome, it’s our client Danielle Natoni, a school teacher turned fitness influencer. From the start, Danielle could tell Bianca was a unique kid. She marched to the beat of her own drum. However, as her daughter grew up, Danielle started to notice symptoms of Tourette’s appear in Bianca.

Tourette syndrome is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. When Bianca was about 7, Danielle started noticing rapid eye movements, things like blinking, which then turned into shoulder shrugs and other symptoms. Little did Danielle know that her fitness and health journey would end up helping her daughter too.

A friend of Danielle’s who happens to have Tourette syndrome, (she met through fitness) helped Danielle come to the conclusion that her daughter had Tourettes. When Danielle would mention that Bianca was experiencing more tics than usual she asked Danielle, “did she have a lot of gluten today?” Danielle started to notice a direct response to her daughter eating foods with gluten, chemicals, sugars, and how often she had an episode.

Changes in Bianca’s nutrition and fitness regime ended up being the secret to managing her Tourette’s symptoms.

Currently, Tourettes is impacting a large number of children and parent’s don’t know how to help manage Tourette symptoms with their kids. A study for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1 of every 360 children between the age of 6-17 in the United States has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

Here’s How Danielle used food and fitness to take her daughter from funky to fabulous:

  • No gluten: Gluten increased tics in Bianca. Living a gluten-free diet helped decrease her Tourette’s symptoms.  Danielle offers an array of vegetables instead.

  • Fitness: Danielle noticed that during Bianca’s volleyball matches and games that she would not tic. The more her body moved, the less she seemed to tic. This physical activity also made her body so tired that she was able to sleep more. Danielle incorporated her fitness expertise as an influencer as motivation for her daughter.

  • Limited sugars, even those that are natural: Danielle found out that a ketogenic approach to treatments stopped people from having seizures, which is a neurological issue like Tourette syndrome. Therefore, Danielle decided to experiment with limiting her sugar intake and noticed a drastic decrease in Bianca’s tics. Danielle eliminating sodas and juices from Bianca’s diet to even limiting the amount of fruit Bianca eats.

  • Chewing gum. Danielle added a quick fix into Bianca’s routine with chewing gum. Danielle gets the healthiest version at the store and has found that giving gum after school helps to calm her down after a long day and somehow calmed the tics.

  • Limit screen time: Danielle noticed a direct correlation to how long she was staring at the iPad or iPhone to how often she ticked.

Food and fitness are extremely important aspects of managing Tourette’s, as well as other disorders/syndromes such as ADHD, Autism and so on. Limiting screen time, getting adequate sleep, removing gluten, sugars, focusing on a whole food-based diet and movement helps kids dealing with all different types of issues. However, these are not talked about enough.

These days, we could all use a little more self-care: a massage, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, an acupuncturist or whatever else. But not all of us can spare the $150-$200 it will cost to have a session (or twenty, which is what we could all use). We’ve all got some kind of pain we’re dealing with, from migraines to back and neck pain and everything in between. And no matter the expert we seek out, why should it have to cost so much for us to find relief?

Bed of Nails has become a lifestyle for many to bridge better health by using the products to alleviate pain such as migraines, back pain, and release endorphins and more. They even have a new back acupressure strap that acts like a quick trip to the acupuncturist, without the hole in your wallet!

Bed of Nails user-friendly tools brings the self-healing benefits of more expensive treatments (such as acupuncture and massage) into the homes and workplaces of people everywhere. The healing effects of Bed of Nails include relief from stress, insomnia, and pain, as well as increased energy and overall well-being.

Bed of Nails came out in 2007 on the Swedish market and due to its healing benefits quickly spread by word of mouth and has been recognized in the Swedish healthcare sector. After just 2 years on the Swedish market, it was voted “2009 – Christmas Gift of the Year” by the Swedish Retail Institute (in 2010 it was the “tablet computer”/iPad).

Britney Spears loves BON

It is already well known that acupressure stimulates energy in the body and is great for treating chronic pain because it increases your body’s production of Serotonin which is a natural painkiller. In addition, it promotes circulation and boosts relaxation.

Bed of Nails also releases Endorphins*, the body’s very own “happiness drug” which provides a sense of joy, energy and pain relief, and Oxytocin**, which makes you calm and relaxed (yes, it is possible to feel energetic and be relaxed at the same time!). Laying on a Bed of nails also activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which takes you into an instant deep relaxation.

*Endorphins are released in response to pain and stress and help to alleviate anxiety and depression. Similar to morphine, it acts as an analgesic and sedative, diminishing our perception of pain.

**Oxytocin – This “Bliss Hormone” can help heal your body. A mediator of anti-stress, well-being, social interaction, growth and healing. Oxytocin can act as a psychological buffer. It reduces background anxiety and naturally enhances a sense of; optimism, trust, mastery, and self-esteem. Oxytocin also influences the digestive system as much as it influences the brain. It has been proven to cool gastrointestinal inflammation and autoimmune disorders. Oxytocin also reduces levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body and lowers blood pressure.

For more information on Bed of Nails, visit

5 Tips To Finding Inner Peace During This Holiday Season

Halloween is so yesterday! It’s time to pack up those witches and ghouls and break out the Thanksgiving decorations! Wait, what’s that? Too soon? Feeling too much pressure?

We totally get it. It seems that in this day and age, just as soon as one holiday ends, another one is upon us (read: being shoved down our throats, threatening to suck the joy out of what is otherwise a very fun holiday). No matter how you feel about the holidays, they are indeed approaching. And along with the holidays come the endless gift lists, mall lineups, and holiday traffic jams in the parking lot (that was my spot, you cotton headed nincompoop!!) 

Stay sane and tap into your inner Buddha this holiday season, with these 5 tips from Boho Beautiful:

1. Wake up an hour earlier than everyone else.

Use this hour not to be the first to benefit from some online sale, but rather, to unplug from your devices and to spend some quality time with yourself. Have some tea, read a good book, do some sun salutations, go for a nature walk. Get yourself into a peaceful state so that when the rest of the world wakes up and “life” begins, you step into the bustle completely zenned out.

2. Do this 3-part breath exercise (called “dirgha pranayama”).

This is a great breathing exercise to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. This breathing exercise can be done anywhere whether you are sitting in a  traffic jam, at a line at the mall, or just feeling the Holiday anxiety level rise. Here are the steps to master the “3-part breath”:

  • Sit or lie down comfortably. Place your hand on your belly and begin to take 3 deep breaths into the belly, feeling it rise and fall.
  • Next, move into the rib cage. Taking 3 deep breaths and feel your rib cage expand as you inhale and contact as exhale. Paying attending to that movement continue for 3 breaths.
  • Moving upwards to the chest. Place your hand on your chest or your heart. Taking 3 deep breaths, feeling the gentle pressure of your hand and your chest expand on the inhale and release on the exhale. Do that 3 more times.
  • At last, combine the 3 breaths into one 3-part breath. Starting with the belly, take a deep breath in feel the belly rise, continue to breathe and move the inhale into your ribs and then your chest. Hold….and then exhale in reversed order chest, then your ribs, then your belly.
inhale: belly, ribs, chest
exhale: chest, ribs, belly
Continue for at least 5 or more times and feel the tension and stress release with each exhale.

3. Turn your shower into a meditative experience.

Is the shower the only time you get to yourself? No problem. Turn it into a cleansing, meditative experience. Use the flow of warm water on your face as a symbol of cleansing and purification. Visualize the water washing away all your worries, fears, and stress into the drain. Watch the water wash your body and watch it continue onwards away from you as you send off any negative thoughts and feelings along with it. Play some soft relaxing music, soap your body with natural cleansing soaps and put the intention out there as you clean your body, that once water stops and all the negative “dirty” water comes off you, you leave it in the drain. You step out of that shower, feeling refreshed, peaceful, happy, and relaxed, ready to take on the day with a positive and happy mindset.

4. Create a home sanctuary.

Your home is your personal space where you should feel completely comfortable and at peace. Try to create a small sanctuary amidst all the rest of our everyday clutter (i.e. to-do lists, the person who cut your off in traffic, etc.) Your sanctuary can be a garden in your backyard that you can take a timeout in, or your bedroom that you can decorate with candles, incense, beautiful quotes and statutes that can remind you of peace and relaxation. Take a moment to sit in your “sanctuary” for at least 5 minutes. You can practice your 3-part breath, or just simply take deep breaths and relax the body and mind. Don’t check your social media or worry about if anyone needs you at that very moment. Five minutes is all you need to reset your mind, clear your head, take a deep breath to finish the day.

5. Do this 10-minute yoga practice to help with digestion after an indulgent holiday meal.


Downward Dog

Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle Pose

Extended Puppy Pose

Bridge Pose

Half Gas Relief Pose

Namaste and happy holidays!

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A Must-See Encore Screening: Awakening From Alzheimer’s – September 21, 2017

Earlier this month, we let you know about an amazing trio of women who were changing the way Alzheimer’s affects the world. How? By ending it. Or at least, trying to. Not a bad goal, wouldn’t you say?

Doctors Mary Newport and Pamela Smith, along with a filmmaker, Peggy Sarlin, have compiled the best research in the field and put it all together in a MUST SEE movie called Awakening From Alzheimer’s. This movie is for anyone who is suffering from the disease, knows anyone who is, or who may have the gene. Imagine – if you know you’re going to get Alzheimer’s, wouldn’t you do whatever you could to stop it? And wouldn’t you do anything you could to reverse it in someone who already has it?

We thought so.

Do not miss out on this free encore presentation of Awakening From Alzheimer’s September 21 through October 2. Discover how to reduce your risk, restore your health, and reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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If you love yoga, pilates and animals, join the Positive Movement Tour!

What do an ex Canadian Olympic gymnast (and medalist, we should add) and an ex Canadian musician (Avril Lavigne’s bassist, no big deal) and music exec have in common?

A love of each other (you probably already guessed that), yes. But also, a love of travel, a love of the world, a love of yoga, and a serious love of animals.

Together in 2014, they began to create yoga and pilates video content featuring the backgrounds of some of the epic places they were visiting. Why?

“We wanted to create video content that would contribute more positivity, love, health, and wellness into this world,” says the starry-eyed couple.

“Today we are so lucky and blessed to have Boho Beautiful inspire and impact the people who watch and participate in our videos. As a growing community for health and mindfulness, Boho Beautiful strives to bring and contribute more positivity to the world. We both continue to pour our hearts and souls into this project we created together which we built upon these ideas that we both truly believe in becoming your personal best, bringing more kindness into this world, peace, and equality for all beings, and the continued preservation of our planet so all can live happy, healthy, and free.”

Their message is spreading, and fast (568K subscribers on their YouTube channel fast). And in a world that seems to be more divided than ever these days, thank goodness for that. Juliana and Mark’s passion for animals has inspired them to combine that passion with yoga to bring you what they call the Positive Movement Tour! Their plan?

“This tour is for the community by the community. It aims to raise awareness and financial support through donation only Yoga Events for a selected local animal welfare organization in each city. Every dollar that comes in will go directly to the non-profit organization, and every person who attends will be helping support good people doing good things for the animals.”

From September 9th through to November 21st, they plan to stop in 39 cities across the USA and to do yoga at various animal shelters and sanctuaries in each of these cities.

And November 7th – they plan to be in Houston, TX at the Rescued Pets Movement. I think we can all agree that in Houston, our pets will need love now more than ever! So if you live there or know anyone who does, spread the word!

If you don’t live in Houston but are interested in attending one of these events, find your city on the tour here, and go out to support this amazing movement of two amazing people.

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