The Silent Epidemic that is Spreading Across America

Did you grow up in the Northeast? How about the Midwest? If you answered yes, listen up: according to research compiled by the Boston Globe, approximately 96% of all Lyme disease cases in the USA were contracted in 14 states within those regions. Never heard of Lyme? It’s a silent terrorizer. All you’ve ever needed was the bite of one infected tick, and – if undetected – your life likely changed forever. You just didn’t know it. It could have happened when you were seven years old at summer camp, on a walk through the woods, in the grass in your own backyard. A bug bite. Business as usual for being in nature, right? Unfortunately, no. And now too many of us are paying the price.

Imagine suffering from random symptoms like stomach pain, paralysis, joint stiffness, and so many other symptoms that it has become entirely too difficult to lay them all out. This disease seems to have a mind of its own, and it seems to affect everybody differently. Good thing it all has one thing in common: DNA. 

Dr. Crozier is a nationally recognized physician and pioneer in genetics-based medicine. A survivor of Lyme disease himself, he has dedicated his practice to using integrative medicine to use genetic testing to develop a unique treatment plan for every one of his patients with this debilitating disease. Dr. Crozier then uses genetic information to recommend a combination of IV therapies, supplements, nutrition, and other natural therapies. Dr. Crozier has successfully treated a wide array of conditions and diseases, including chronic fatigue, tick-borne disease, parasitic infection, and mold (and other) toxicity. He has even been enormously successful in reducing the symptoms of autism and ADD/ADHD in children. His underlying philosophy is to “optimize the body.”

For more information about Lyme disease or about Dr. Crozier, visit 

One Woman Making a Difference with The Fight to Find Answers for Alzheimer’s

You know that feeling when you’re trying to think of the name of a person? It’s on the tip of your tongue. You’re so frustrated because you were literally just talking about them. Defeated, you move on. It’s not until hours later that you finally remember it, “Samantha! Ah – how could I forget?”

That feeling can be incredibly obnoxious. For most of us, those moments are few and far between (though a normal occurrence in the healthiest of people). But imagine if that kind of thing happened to you all the time. Imagine if – in addition to names – you started forgetting words. Concepts. Things and people you’ve known your entire life. This is Alzheimer’s. Over 5 million people in the US alone are suffering from it, and though it is associated with older age, Alzheimer’s is most certainly not a part of normal aging. It is a disease. And it can be stopped.

One woman is trying to do that. Her name is Peggy Sarlin, a singer-songwriter, as well as a freelance journalist with a special interest in health. Last year, publisher Lee Euler asked Peggy to investigate potential remedies for Alzheimer’s after watching his mother suffer from this cruel disease. Peggy effectively went on to create a series called Awakening from Alzheimer’s about this debilitating disease. It premiered on September 21st, 2016 (World Alzheimer’s Day) and was viewed by over a million people! The series outlined information Peggy collected as she traveled around the country, interviewing 14 doctors at the forefront of the Alzheimer’s revolution. She was able to offer something to sufferers of the disease, their caretakers, and those who may have the disease and don’t know it yet: hope. Change for loved ones caring for those with Alzheimer’s. A space to imagine a future without it. 

One of the viewers from last year, Brad B, wrote that after just a few days of trying a recommended remedy on his 85-year-old mother who has “severe Alzheimer’s,” “she could get up and talk…remember what I talked about…Kick off her shoes and carry on a conversation…The best thing is that she can answer the phone when I call her for the last two days…fast!”

Because of the huge demand for this information, Awakening from Alzheimer’s will be shown again online for an encore presentation, starting on September 21, 2017, World Alzheimer’s Day. All the video interviews will be made available to viewers for free.

Peggy says, “We’re living in the age of the first survivors of Alzheimer’s, and those who have returned from it describe the feeling as an ‘awakening.’ My book and video series, Awakening from Alzheimer’s, bring the details of how to create this awakening.”

Please help us spread the word. For more information, visit 

Ain’t No Workout Like an AusFit Workout!


© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Anthony. Last name Richardson. He spent 11 years in the Australian Military. The subtext of that sentence? He’s super ripped. In 2013, he created a fitness product called AUSFIT Torsion Bars based on a very specific piece of equipment Anthony used to use during his time in the military (aka getting ripped).

A torsion bar is basically a heavy steel bar that is fitted to the chassis of military vehicles. It is used as a weighted piece of equipment during training drills and military fitness exercises (sounds like boot camp on steroids, can we get an amen?). When Anthony got out of the military, he sought out a similar apparatus to use in his civilian boot camp sessions as a personal trainer. When he couldn’t find one, he did what any good entrepreneur would do:

He made his own.

After the fourth iteration of the AUSFIT Torsion Bar, Anthony finally got what he wanted: a sleek design, robust durability and versatility. Boom. These bars are now used in boot camps, personal training sessions, cycling and Pilates, and even rehabilitation centers across Australia, as well as for the Australian and New Zealand military (Woah, that was a mouth full). One of the most amazing things about these bars is how portable they are: you can literally use them to train anywhere, anytime.

AUSFIT Torsion bars even offer a monthly ‘Train Anywhere’ membership program which educates and motivates their customers by providing fresh workout ideas by some of the best trainers in the industry. Thus, making Torsion Bars suitable for any outdoor or at home fitness routine.

A Torsion Bar workout is a high intensity, full body strength workout encompassing tradition compound movements as well as slow isolating exercises using off-set grips on the Torsion Bar to increase the load on the muscle without increasing the weight of the Bar. A Torsion Bar session will have you moving through exercises you would have usually performed with a dumbbell, Kettle bell, Barbell and Medicine Ball all in one workout with 1 piece of equipment – The Torsion Bar.
You probably want one NOW! We feel you! Thankfully AUSFIT Torsion Bars are launching in the US in August and September, so mark your calendars for the newest is smart fitness!  AusFit will be doing FREE workouts around the country!  Yes FREE!  Stay tuned to see what cities they will be in!
For more information, visit

Here’s Your Chance to Try a DIG Cycle Class in Calabasas for FREE!

For our local Los Angeles friends and fit family, Dunn Pellier Media would love to invite you to come out to DIG Cycle next week for a free class! Every night next week DIG will have one free class at 6 pm. You must reserve your seat quickly by emailing the link below! AND…if you want to come out to the opening night this Thursday 6-8 pm DIG is offering 50% off classes! What a great summer sale.

DIG Cycle Class
Dig Cycle’s unique cycling classes are a cardio battle between you and the bike. Mesmerizing theater illumination creates an awe-mazing party vibe, and you’ll forget how hard you are working while pushing yourself to new highs. Flip off the mental switch and enter your happy place at DIG.

DIG Cycle Strength Class
Inspired by training rituals of professional athletes, unlock your physical and mental strength with body-changing, high-intensity workouts that are contagiously fun. Featuring core sculpting TRX suspension training, DIG’s small classes offer the personal attention of one-on-one training.

DIG Cycle
5727 Las Virgenes Rd.
Calabasas CA 91302

You must RSVP by July 23rd to: DPM OFFICE

MELT Performance: Launching September 15th

A simple self-care technique for weekend warriors and serious athletes.

If you’re an athlete – weekend warrior, avid or even pro – you have undoubtedly encountered a setback in your ability to engage in your chosen athletic endeavors. A torn Achilles. ACL tear or just general knee pain. Achy joints. Back pain. Neck pain. And that word: chronic. The list of injuries and aches is endless, and it seems to get worse and worse as we get older and older. What’s more is that these ailments present differently for everyone based on the unique ways in which they hold their form, hold their tension, and use their bodies throughout the day (i.e. sitting at a desk, driving a lot, running after a small human, standing up all day, etc.).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to heal yourself from all of this chronic pain without having to turn to expensive physical therapy, chiropractic care, and doctor’s visits?

Well, turns out, there is. A few years ago, Sue Hitzmann shook up the self-care industry with THE MELT Method, a self-treatment technique that helps people get out of and stay out of chronic pain. It’s not another exercise program. It’s an exercise enhancer. The MELT Method targets the connective tissue (aka fascia, aka the cellophane-like stuff that virtually holds all of your organs, muscles and fibers together) to reactivate, rejuvenate, and re-hydrate it back into shape AT ANY AGE! This is a simple, easy, self-treatment technique that uses a specialized roller along with hand and foot balls. And bonus: the effects are immediate: you will feel better right away!

The MELT Method has recently expanded and developed MELT Performance, a program specifically designed for athletes – weekend warriors and pros alike – who want to carry out and even improve their athletic performance without being held back by injuries, aches, and pains! MELT Performance builds upon the MELT Method with two new goals: Reintegration and Repatterning. These techniques will allow you to improve control, stability, agility, power, and speed – with no downside. It eliminates unnecessary muscle compensation, saves your joints, and unleashes your body’s peak performance.

There is so much more to say, but not enough page space in which to say it. So do yourself a favor: if you’re a human – athlete or otherwise – who wants to live a long, healthy, pain-free life, check out the MELT Method at and give your spry, 80-year-old self a fighting chance!

You’re welcome.

Fitness Motivator. Mompreneur. Meet Danielle Natoni.

Do you ever spot a woman in the gym who is sporting the most ridiculous six pack you’ve ever seen? She wears it proudly below her super cool sports bra (thanks, Lululemon), not because she wants you to be jealous, but instead because it tells her story in one fell swoop: this woman is determined, she is dedicated, and gosh darn it, she is not to be messed with. You’ll have what she’s having, right?

When you find out she’s also the mother of two children, in a mere instant, she redefines what motherhood looks like. But only if you choose it.

That woman isn’t a figment of our imaginations. That woman is Danielle Natoni. For ten years, she was an elementary school teacher. And while her kids loved her (she rapped about math and science to help her students truly understand the concepts. Brilliant!), her paycheck was making her go prematurely gray. Drowning in debt, she was introduced to Beachbody (the company that made Tony Horton of P90X a household name), and her life was changed forever.

Fast forward to 2017, and you won’t find Danielle in the classroom anymore. You also won’t find her drowning in debt. She is soon to launch her own branded program called the “Fit & Funky Method” which combines not only workouts but includes the frame of mind to be proactive with your family and your finances.  So not only are you working on your brain and body but also your bank account too!

If you don’t know Danielle, she is certified as a Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer for INSANITY LIVE, CIZE LIVE, and Country Heat LIVE, and gives motivational talks all over the US. With her “Funky Method,” Danielle has helped people increase their incomes, get crazy fit, and get crazy happy. 

Fit and Funky is true freedom to the dreams that you never thought possible. 
For more information about Danielle, visit

Join Our Team!

Dunn Pellier Media is currently searching for a Publicist. The ideal candidate works well in a fast-paced environment, has impeccable communications and interpersonal skills, demonstrates strong writing and editing capabilities, and is passionate about all things health, wellness, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty. The Account Executive will report directly to the Senior Account Executive and handle the day-to-day with client accounts.

  • Minimum of 2-3 years PR and communications experience (preferably in an agency setting within the health, wellness & lifestyle space)
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications or journalism
  • Strong interest in wellness, demonstrating a passion for learning about how things work and how it’ll impact our lives
  • Ability to perform well under pressure, meet tight deadlines, and work in a team setting
  • Existing relationships with television producers, editors, bloggers, reporters
  • Track record of securing press coverage on behalf of clients
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Writing – news/article writing (including Associated Press style format); copy (including newsletters, presentations, proposals, etc.); press material (releases, one-sheets)
  • Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Cision/Vocus

Apply on LinkedIn and tell us more about yourself and why you want to join our team!

Train Like a Celebrity with luxeFIT and JJ Dancer Labor Day Weekend!

Say Sayonara to your Boring Old Gym Workouts and Drop it like it’s Hot with Celebrity Trainer JJ Dancer and luxeFIT in St. Martin this Labor Day!

Big News! There’s a brand new retreat in town, luxeFIT (our fabulous client ahem!) and they are bringing JJ Dancer’s Bangin Body Bootcamp to their St. Martin retreat this Labor Day!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that our dear friend and fitness guru, JJ Dancer, is luxeFIT’s head trainer for their upcoming St. Martin retreat. Yes, you heard right…JJ DANCER is partnering with luxeFIT retreat to kick some booty and share her celebrity training secrets. If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that JJ Dancer is no small name trainer and that her moves will leave you feeling like a cardio queen!

Say hello to a bangin’ booty and a hot fall bod!

Aside from her impressive rapport of performing with Beyonce, Kanye West, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Outkast AND the Red Hot Chili Peppers – she also created original choreography for Jessica Alba’s dance sequences in “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.” (We’re talking two to five-hour rehearsals per day!) Did we mention that JJ’s regulars are Nicole Scherzinger, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Olivia Munn? Yes! These women show up for JJ’s “Twerk Before Work” class and their bodies are proof of her product.

JJ’s hour and a half dance cardio class can have you burn up to 1,200 calories, and is extremely fun for all fitness levels.

If your jaw is dropping and your mind is expanding..then keep reading!

A vacation with a purpose and fitness activity is the perfect mix for you.  Week-long luxury fitness retreats to exotic destinations, arranging workout sessions and activities, nutritious cuisine prepared by a private chef and opportunities for socializing and fun – all in a luxurious private beachfront estate setting. Retreats are all-inclusive — all but airfare is included. LuxeFIT guests will enjoy five nights in either a 5-Star villa or luxury condo, freshly prepared meals with an emphasis on local cuisine, fitness and yoga sessions, and the opportunity to work out with JJ Dancer!

What are you waiting for?? Come get your dose of empowerment, bliss, and adventure all in five days in St. Martin.

See you on the beaches.

More information:


Follow our journey: @_luxefit_ & @iamjjdancer

Benefits of Antioxidants – Nutrex Hawaii

In the world of antioxidants – our team says that Nutrex Hawaii does it the BEST. Nutrex Hawaii is the only microalgae farm located in a “BioSecure Zone” that prohibits the use of harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms. This means their spirulina and astaxanthin products are grown without using any harmful pesticides or herbicides.  We’ve witnessed this first hand and it is absolutely mind blowing!  From their use of deep sea water to their use of solar panels, and their passionate microalgae farmers – Nutrex’s products are all safe and pure and actually work. I’m a huge fan myself as my skin has transformed and we haven’t been sick over a year – now that is a miracle!

We all know how to be “conscious consumers.” We know what to look for when it comes to labels – non-GMO, Pesticide and Herbicide Free, Solvent Free, Organic, etc. But how many of us are asking the question of where our supplements are being sourced from? 

Their mission is to utilize the benefits of microalgae to improve health and extend lives in the world wide community. Carved out of land that was once a barren lava flow, Nutrex Hawaii is located on the pristine Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their farm draws on the natural resources that surround them – abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water, and 100% fresh water drawn from Hawaiian aquifers to cultivate:

Photos: Photos of the 90-acre farm are below, along with product harvesting shots.


Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica®  

Spirulina is considered one of the original superfoods, dating back to being an important food source for the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. It’s a blue-green microalgae that gets its name, Arthrospira platensis, from its spiral shape and grows in natural alkaline lakes in countries like Chad in Africa. It’s one of the most nutritious, concentrated whole food supplements known to humankind and is used to boost energy and the immune system, just to name a few of the benefits.

Spirulina grown in Hawaii is cultivated in man-made raceway ponds that mimic the environment that spirulina would naturally grow in. The long, warm sunny days produce highly nutrient dense algae, full of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, zeaxanthin, and other phytonutrients such as phycocyanin, GLA, and SOD.

How to use it: Spirulina can be added to foods such sauces or dressings, but really blends well into shakes or smoothies, like this Spirulina Summer Smoothie.


BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin®

Cultivated in Hawaii from microalgae as well as found naturally in fish like salmon, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that has a diverse range of benefits stemming from joint and tendon support, eye and brain health, recovery from exercise, to even acting like an internal sunscreenAstaxanthin is a red carotenoid that colors seafood red and pink and is over 500 times more powerful than vitamin E and 10-20 times stronger than other carotenoids such as zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene and beta-carotene. Astaxanthin is used by many athletes as part of their training regimen and is used by many locals to help with sun protection from the sunny Hawaiian days.

How to use it: The most concentrated form of astaxanthin is in supplement form such as BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin®, but it can also be consumed by eating salmon, such as wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon.

Spin for the Planet: Meet DIG Cycle, a Leed Certified Green Cycling Studio

We know, we know. Indoor cycling has been around for a while. And Soul Cycle may have made it cool again, but there is a new game in town coming fast up their heels. Our newest client, DIG Cycle, is more than just a gym, it’s a destination. Sure that sounds well and good (it really does, doesn’t it?), but can they put their money where their mouth is? Can they really be doing anything that Soul Cycle and other spinning studios aren’t? Well, actually, yes. They can. And they are. And you’ll want to check out what they’re doing.

DIG Cycle is the brainchild of renowned volleyball coach and professional athlete Nabil Mardini. With back-to-back-to-back collegiate championships, he knows what it takes to break free of mediocrity and take your workout to the highest level of excellence. As a result, the studio features seasoned cycling instructors who lead their students through rides on top of the line, state of the art bikes. But it’s not just cycling – there are strength training classes too, and those classes are based on the training rituals of professional athletes like Nabil. So now you can get the benefits of a pro workout without ever setting foot on an Olympic team.

Aside from all of this, DIG Cycle is a crusader for the environment (which, in case you haven’t heard, is in a bit of a pickle right now) with their Leed certified green building. They describe their cycling studio as, “a sanctuary of light, sound, and energy that will redefine your body from the inside out. Luxurious locker rooms are stocked with vegan-friendly products along with blow dryers and other essentials.”

Sounds like a place you’d want to spend a fair amount of time, doesn’t it? That’s why the studio was designed with generous social spaces where students are invited to come early and stay late. DIG isn’t just another spin studio. It’s your home away from home. So the last thing to do now is to check it out and then ask yourself this one question: do you DIG it the most?
DIG the difference. DIG the freedom. DIG the results!

For more information, visit DIG.

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