Let’s See How Drew Manning is Doing!

You may recall our friend and client, Drew Manning, from Fit2Fat2Forty. He decided that in anticipation of his 40th birthday, he was going to gain weight over the course of 4 months so that he could prove to himself and to his clients that you can get fit after 40!

He is well on his way to proving his point, bringing his followers and clients along for the ride. In his weight gain part of the plan, he showed everyone how you could do various diets – vegan, paleo, keto, etc. – in an unhealthy way in order to gain weight.

In his “back to fit” portion of the plan, he’s showing everyone how to do these same diets the right way, demonstrating that when done correctly, you can get fit no matter your dietary preferences – with a few tweaks, of course.

Drew is presently 28 weeks into this 8-month journey. Let’s see how he’s doing!

Photo courtesy: Drew Manning

9 weeks into my back2fit journey and 9 more to go! Currently down almost 39 lbs! 23ish more pounds to go!

Beginning Results (Aug 27, 2020):

– Weight = 181.6 lbs
– Waist = 33.5”
– Hips = 38”
– Body Fat % = 8.4%

Heaviest Results (Dec 27, 2020):

– Weight = 244 lbs
– Waist = 46”
– Hips = 47.5”
– Body Fat % = 26.2%

Current Results:

– Weight = 205.4 lbs
– Waist = 38”
– Hips = 41.75”
– Body Fat % = 15.4%

Physical/Mental/Emotional Changes:

– This week I did Keto + IF
– Digestion was way better this week
– Not as hungry in between meals
– More mental clarity this week
– Sleep efficiency dropped this week but could be due to stress from preparing to move soon
– Still continuing to make my bed, take cold showers, meditate, gratitude journal, positive affirmations and walk every day

If you’re interested in joining Drew on his journey to get fit again, you can join the program and jump in!

For more information, visit https://fit2fat2fit.com/back2fit/

Keep up the great work, Drew!