Do you ever spot a woman in the gym who is sporting the most ridiculous six pack you’ve ever seen? She wears it proudly below her super cool sports bra (thanks, Lululemon), not because she wants you to be jealous, but instead because it tells her story in one fell swoop: this woman is determined, she is dedicated, and gosh darn it, she is not to be messed with. You’ll have what she’s having, right?

When you find out she’s also the mother of two children, in a mere instant, she redefines what motherhood looks like. But only if you choose it.

That woman isn’t a figment of our imaginations. That woman is Danielle Natoni. For ten years, she was an elementary school teacher. And while her kids loved her (she rapped about math and science to help her students truly understand the concepts. Brilliant!), her paycheck was making her go prematurely gray. Drowning in debt, she was introduced to Beachbody (the company that made Tony Horton of P90X a household name), and her life was changed forever.

Fast forward to 2017, and you won’t find Danielle in the classroom anymore. You also won’t find her drowning in debt. She is soon to launch her own branded program called the “Fit & Funky Method” which combines not only workouts but includes the frame of mind to be proactive with your family and your finances.  So not only are you working on your brain and body but also your bank account too!

If you don’t know Danielle, she is certified as a Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer for INSANITY LIVE, CIZE LIVE, and Country Heat LIVE, and gives motivational talks all over the US. With her “Funky Method,” Danielle has helped people increase their incomes, get crazy fit, and get crazy happy. 

Fit and Funky is true freedom to the dreams that you never thought possible. 
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