We run a public relations firm focused on brands and experts in health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle space. But we cannot talk the talk unless we walk the walk.

This week, each of us is getting personal and sharing the rituals that keep us feeling well. This inevitably trickles down to our clients, because when we are feeling centered, we are free to be the best versions of ourselves, which ultimately benefits our amazing clients. It’s the circle of life, and we are so proud to be on this ride together!

Tanya Khani


Tanya: I love to wake up and instantly jump into my 20 minute Ziva meditation practice. This is a time for me to be completely passive and not try to do anything. This is the time where control and “doing” has no place in my practice. The practice is simple. I just sit there in no particular position with my back supported. Ever so slightly, I repeat my personal mantra. The twenty minutes always feels like five minutes, and once I’m done, I feel way more rested than when I woke up after a full night’s sleep!

After my meditation, I jot down any thoughts or visions that may have come up in my meditation. But rather than try to figure out what it all means, I give myself some time to sit with it and just observe. This helps me to gather all my jumbled up thoughts into one. Sometimes the most creative thoughts come through in my meditation, or right after. 

My trending nutritional ingredient of the month is Spirulina. I love putting it in my smoothies or my protein drinks to help boost my energy and immunity.

Shea Gorden

Shea: I enjoy waking up, turning off my alarm, opening the shades to my window and letting the natural sunlight flood in. I don’t like to rush out of my bed, so I spend a few minutes looking out my window or catching up on news through apps like the Skimm. I sometimes tell my bed how much I appreciate it because it is truly a slice of heaven to me (haha!). I then muster up the courage to leave said slice of heaven and immediately head to my coffee maker, the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans wakes me up and encourages me to begin my day (I am not a morning person, so this is necessary for my routine).

My trending nutritional ingredient is Chia Seeds and Cinnamon: I like to use Chia seeds and a dash of cinnamon in my breakfast smoothie. Chia seeds are filled with tons of fiber, which sometimes I don’t get enough of. The cinnamon is more for taste but it is also well known to carry antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, immunity-boosting and potential cancer and heart disease-protecting abilities.

Nicole Dunn Garay

Nicole: I wake up and get out of bed. The first thing I do is open my curtains to the mountainside. Then I make my bed. I wash my face and put my moisturizers on and brush my teeth. Then I head downstairs to let my dog out and make my earl grey tea. I sit with my husband for 20 minutes and talk. Then I head upstairs to meditate for 20 minutes. I do a good stretch and then get dressed for the day! I then head down to take my dog out for a walk in Topanga Canyon. Even if its only 15 minutes, he and I can stretch our legs and get fresh air in our lungs first thing!

My trending nutritional ingredient: I take a myriad of supplements each day. The three that get through my day is my Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin (Astaxanthin) and my Garden of Life Women’s Daily Probiotic (endorsed by our favorite client, Dr. David Perlmutter) and my Young Living NingXia Red pick me up around 3 pm! (ask me how you can try some!).

Lauren Lobley

Lauren: I don’t really have what one might call a “typical” morning routine anymore, not since becoming a mother. Nothing beyond rolling out of bed at the sound of my 2-year-old daughter, Madison’s, knock on her door to let me know she’s awake. I spend the next hour getting bossed around (Up! Up! This This! Eat eat! Down Down! – you get the picture), try to shove some food in my mouth somewhere in there, and then put her down for a nap 5 1/2 hours later! I used to have the luxury of meditating each morning, but now that blissful experience is reserved for nap time. Once my little firecracker is asleep, I try to force myself to take 5-10 minutes to meditate, or at least sit quietly, before getting up and desperately trying to get as much as I can do during nap time. The meditation really helps set up this time for me.

My trending nutritional ingredient is Spinach: I’ve been on a Plant Paradox kick lately (by Steven R. Gundry, MD) and I’ve been absolutely LOVING starting my day (or afternoon, sometimes, by the time I get my first sip) with his green smoothie: Romaine lettuce, spinach, avocado, lemon juice, mint, stevia, water, and ice. Soooooo refreshing and oh so good for my body! Oh, hang on a minute…I hear a knock….#momlife

What’s your morning ritual?  We’d love to hear from you!