Have You Become a Clean Freak During COVID?

Photo credit: Pexels/Burst

Naturopathic doctor and non-toxic living expert, Dr. Christian Gonzalez, joined KTLA 5 to discuss his advice on cleaners that are both effective and non-toxic.

You may have already been on the more non-toxic side before COVID, but perhaps you decided that bringing bleach and other traditional cleaners back into your life in this new era would be more prudent. That line of reasoning is definitely logical, but thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice your health, nor the health of the environment, in order to safely and effectively clean your hands and home! Phew!

As Dr. Gonzalez explains in his interview, remember, just because a cleaner is effective against the virus, doesn’t mean that it’s safe for you and your family. Take bleach, for example. It’s effective, but it’s toxic and can be corrosive to the skin, the eyes, the nose, the respiratory system. It irritates it and inflames those tissues. So you might want to use it sparingly, or find another option entirely.

If you want to avoid greenwashing, which is a concept that misleads a consumer in saying that a product is “green” when in fact, it’s not, Dr. Gonzalez recommends scanning your cleaning products through the EWG (Environmental Working Group) guide to healthy cleaning. This is a database that allows you to cross-reference your cleaner and get a letter grade to determine what level of “clean” it actually is. You can use that list to search for the A’s and B’s (the cleanest ratings) and purchase those cleaners.

Here are some of the top natural, non-toxic but effective cleaners Dr. Gonzalez recommends:

  • Thyme oil – this is actually on the EPA list as an approved agent against COVID-19. So you want that in all of your cleaning products.
  • Baking soda and cleaning vinegar – cleaning vinegar is a little more effective than just regular white vinegar.
  • Cleaning vinegar and lemon are especially great for dirt and grime.
  • Castille soap – For those among you who are dog owners, Castille soap is not just great to use in your home, but is also great for cleaning the paws of your dogs after going for a walk.
  • Borax – this one is great for places where there is water (so for mold and mildew).
  • Hydrogen peroxide – is great for bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

So as you can see, there are many alternatives that are both safe and effective in cleaning your homes! And as mentioned above, go to the EWG website to search for products that will be safest for you and your families.

For more information, check out Dr. Gonzalez’s podcast here.