What do an ex Canadian Olympic gymnast (and medalist, we should add) and an ex Canadian musician (Avril Lavigne’s bassist, no big deal) and music exec have in common?

A love of each other (you probably already guessed that), yes. But also, a love of travel, a love of the world, a love of yoga, and a serious love of animals.

Together in 2014, they began to create yoga and pilates video content featuring the backgrounds of some of the epic places they were visiting. Why?

“We wanted to create video content that would contribute more positivity, love, health, and wellness into this world,” says the starry-eyed couple.

“Today we are so lucky and blessed to have Boho Beautiful inspire and impact the people who watch and participate in our videos. As a growing community for health and mindfulness, Boho Beautiful strives to bring and contribute more positivity to the world. We both continue to pour our hearts and souls into this project we created together which we built upon these ideas that we both truly believe in becoming your personal best, bringing more kindness into this world, peace, and equality for all beings, and the continued preservation of our planet so all can live happy, healthy, and free.”

Their message is spreading, and fast (568K subscribers on their YouTube channel fast). And in a world that seems to be more divided than ever these days, thank goodness for that. Juliana and Mark’s passion for animals has inspired them to combine that passion with yoga to bring you what they call the Positive Movement Tour! Their plan?

“This tour is for the community by the community. It aims to raise awareness and financial support through donation only Yoga Events for a selected local animal welfare organization in each city. Every dollar that comes in will go directly to the non-profit organization, and every person who attends will be helping support good people doing good things for the animals.”

From September 9th through to November 21st, they plan to stop in 39 cities across the USA and to do yoga at various animal shelters and sanctuaries in each of these cities.

And November 7th – they plan to be in Houston, TX at the Rescued Pets Movement. I think we can all agree that in Houston, our pets will need love now more than ever! So if you live there or know anyone who does, spread the word!

If you don’t live in Houston but are interested in attending one of these events, find your city on the tour here, and go out to support this amazing movement of two amazing people.

For more information, visit https://bohobeautiful.life/