Second Season of Fit to Fat to Fit premiere’s on Lifetime, January 8th
Drew Manning, host of Lifetime TV’s “Fit2Fat2Fit” on  Lifetime debuts January 8th!  If you don’t know Drew’s story; in 2011 he was in shape but then gained over 75 lbs. to see how he could help his clients lose weight and then lost it all to motivate those struggling clients…

There has been a lot mentioned about the ketogenic diet, this low carb and high-fat diet has professionals like Lebron James giving it a try. So what’s up with all the buzz? To break it down simply, it’s a diet that minimizes carbohydrate intake to the point where our bodies break down our own fat stores to make energy. It’s basically a way to trick your body into burning more fat. People have benefited from a myriad of benefits from this diet including an improvement in:

  • Energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Muscular performance

  • Digestion

If you would like to interview Drew Manning, our ketogenic diet expert, motivational speaker, and self-experimentation expert contact our offices!

If you are wondering what we mean exactly by defining Drew as a “self -experimentation” expert. We are referring to the fact that while he was studying to be a personal trainer, this guy gained 75 pounds on purpose, all for the insight of knowing what it’s like to live life overweight to better help his future clients. In just six months, with the help of the ketogenic diet, he was able to lose the weight he had gained through his experiment, truly going from fit to fat, then back to fit. Drew documented his journey back to fitness through his social media, Fit2Fat2Fit, where he gained thousands of followers admiring his courage, risk, and integrity. Plus, he also wrote a New York Times Bestseller about his journey titledFit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose.

Before and After Photos

Drew has his own podcast where he speaks of natural health, fitness nutrition, and biohacking called The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. Drew Manning has been featured on Good Morning America, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MSNBC, Yahoo!, The Dr. Oz Show, and CNN. The first season of his show Fit to Fat to Fit premiered on A&E where personal trainers mimic his self-experimentation and take on the Fit to Fat to Fit challenge themselves. The second season runs on Lifetime starting January 8th!

Awesome topics that Drew can speak to:

  • His Fit2Fat2Fit journey

  • The right way to do a keto diet,

  • Intermittent fasting,

  • Benefits of the keto diet,

  • Myths about keto.

  • How the keto diet can positively affect sex drive.

  • Keto recipes.

Lifetime Presents Marathon of Groundbreaking Docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, 1/8 (Broadway World)

The groundbreaking docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, moves to Lifetime with a six-hour marathon, on Monday, January 8, 2018, beginning at 6 pm PT. The series follows personal fitness trainers on the verge of undertaking the most extreme weight-loss experiment ever: by forcing themselves to gain a huge amount of weight, they aim to better understand the struggles of their obese friends and family as they lose the weight together.


About the show on Lifetime:
Led by professional fitness trainer Drew Manning, who in 2012 sought to bridge the gap between him and his overweight brother-in-law by purposely gaining 75 pounds to better understand the stigma and difficulties of weight loss, four new trainers embark on Drew’s same challenge. Spouses, friends, and sisters in California and Arizona partner up – one of them a personal trainer and one of them who wants to shed pounds – agree to a revolutionary journey of transformation.

Charting each pair’s journey, FIT TO FAT TO FIT follows the trainers as they gain weight under medical supervision, then rejoin their partner to begin their four-month transformation. At the end of the marathon, it will be revealed whether or not each pair reached their weight loss goals. This highly emotional and inspiring journey explores the highs and lows of a rigorous, painful process many Americans battle every day.

Fit to Fat to Fit is produced for Lifetime by Renegade 83 and Gaspin Media. Executive producers for Renegade 83 are Steve Rankin, Jay Renfroe, and David Garfinkle. Executive producer for Gaspin Media is Jeff Gaspin. Brad Abramson and Shelly Tatro are executive producers for A&E.