What’s that in the ocean? Is it a whale? Is it a dolphin? Is it a plastic water bottle? Nooooo! It’s the ANTI bottle!

Ok, that’s cheesy, but we had to paint the picture for you. With talk of climate change infiltrating the air waves (finally!!!), it’s getting harder and harder as individuals to ignore our role in contributing to the destruction of our planet. No longer is it ok to reason, “Well how is one person such as myself going to be able to make a difference?”

Don’t hide behind your computer screen. We see you! And we see us too! We are just as guilty! Admit it: We can ALL be doing a better job of reducing our carbon footprint.

Plastic water bottles are a great place to start, considering so many of them end up in our oceans (and streets and water ways and, and, and…!), which is why we are thrilled to welcome our newest client here at Dunn Pellier Media, Vapur! Vapur is the ANTI-bottle. Their ANTI bottles are an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic water bottles currently gunking up our planet. Their mission? To make plastic water bottles obsolete.

It’s a noble mission, but we believe in them and we believe in their cause, if for no other reason than their cause is to literally save the planet on which all of us – you and me included – reside. Vapur ANTI-bottles are made with BPA-free polyethylene & nylon, and are manufactured in any given one of the manufacturing facilities, be it in the USA, Germany, or China. They all come with a 1 year warranty, and should last up to 3-4 years.

As if their company mission wasn’t enough to want to buy one, they have a philanthropic component to them as well. Vapur has created a community-giving program called, Drops of Hope. Partnering with likeminded companies and organizations, Vapur aims to make disposable bottles obsolete and clean water more accessible than ever. Through Drops of Hope, Vapur annually donates thousands of bottles to charitable groups all over the world.

And just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Vapur is launching a special pink version of their ANTI bottle.

There is no time like the present to give yourself – and the planet – the gift of a Vapur bottle.

To buy one, or to get more information, visit https://www.vapur.us/