You may not know him by name, but if you’ve ever perused the covers of fitness magazines at the checkout counter, you’ve probably ogled over the perfection of fitness celebrity, Rusty Joiner. He has graced the covers of Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health over a dozen times, and with good reason.

But like most models, Rusty is more than just a pretty face and a solid set of abs. There is passion behind those muscles. A desire to help men live better, fitter, longer. Rusty has spent the majority of his adult life consumed with the fitness industry. After 20+ years of fitness discipline, knowledge and success, Rusty decided to create a program that would help men optimize their health at any age. As a Continuing Education Provider (CEP) for NASM, AFFA, and NFPT, Rusty’s program — Mastering Men’s Health at 40 & Beyond (MMH) —has become the training guide for many fitness professionals.

Infatuated with the why and how humans decide to get into shape, Rusty decided to become a Behavioral Change Specialist. As a specialist, Rusty pinpoints motivational triggers to help his clients overcome their fitness barriers.

Rusty recently released his first book, Cover Model Abs: Master Your Nutrition, which is designed to help men in their 40’s (and beyond) reach the best shape of their life. Cover Model Abs lays out the framework to help any individual master their personal nutrition and fitness goals. With tips from Rusty, any man can create lasting results—no matter his age!

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