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Outside of muscle building and diet, topics about men’s health aren’t always popular to talk about, especially when it comes to the penis (yes, we said penis). It makes sense. Erectile dysfunction is not easy to talk about, and the very term even gets flagged as spam mail in many inboxes because there are so many gimmicks out there that promise a result they cannot deliver (and also undoubtedly because so many men suffer of ED in silence).

Thankfully, we aren’t afraid of the subject, and neither are our friends at GAINSWave, a company that uses the power of sound waves to successfully treat ED. With Thanksgiving almost upon us, we here at Dunn Pellier Media are feeling pretty grateful that Men’s Journal did an article about GAINSWave and their remarkable success in helping to treat ED.

“Mark White, a longtime advocate and entrepreneur in the health, wellness, and alternative therapy space was looking for a better solution for ED than Viagra or testosterone supplements. That’s when he began looking into shockwave therapy, which has been popular in Europe for over a decade to treat everything from muscle pain and tendonitis to cellulite and ED. He started GAINSWave, which made shockwave therapy widely available in the US as a longer term solution for ED. “Viagra and testosterone help, but they don’t reverse the signs of aging in the penis,” Dr. Amy Killen, GAINSWave’s chief medical advisor and Salt Lake City provider, explains to Men’s Journal.”

Read the full article in Men’s Journal to find out how GAINSWave works, and how it is changing the men’s lives – and the health of their marriages!

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