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Les Mills On Demand Fitness Presents: Born to Move

Get Your Kids Moving!

Things have looked drastically different in many ways for us all during the course of this pandemic. As we have navigated our way through the changes, our children have to follow suit. Now more than ever their mental health is more important than ever.  Our children have sacrificed so much on account of the pandemic.  Number one, the lack of social interaction, and number 2 their physical health.

Are you interested in a way to get your children involved in physical movement?  Les Mills created a program to change that, with their online workout for kids called, BORN TO MOVE!

If you are looking to get your child moving and instill a life-long love of physical activity – this may be for your family.  BORN TO MOVE™ will help children experience the joy and vitality of moving to music.  Each session feeds the young person’s natural appetite for action, movement, and play.  They will instantly have more energy, confidence, good health, and increased ability. The biggest bonus to the program BORN TO MOVE is that it helps with core developmental stages, and features programming for children aged 2-5 and for those aged 6-16.

“The early and school years of life are a critical window to form positive habits. That’s why we’ve developed BORN TO MOVE. We want to instill a love of being active in children so they can grow into active, healthy, and happy adults.” – Dr. Jackie Mills, MD, Less Mills Chief Creative Officer

For more information and to check out Les Mills’ 5 pillars of child development (which explains why BORN TO MOVE works so well), visit

Here’s to breaking a sweat and having fun while doing it!

MELT Performance: Launching September 15th

A simple self-care technique for weekend warriors and serious athletes.

If you’re an athlete – weekend warrior, avid or even pro – you have undoubtedly encountered a setback in your ability to engage in your chosen athletic endeavors. A torn Achilles. ACL tear or just general knee pain. Achy joints. Back pain. Neck pain. And that word: chronic. The list of injuries and aches is endless, and it seems to get worse and worse as we get older and older. What’s more is that these ailments present differently for everyone based on the unique ways in which they hold their form, hold their tension, and use their bodies throughout the day (i.e. sitting at a desk, driving a lot, running after a small human, standing up all day, etc.).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to heal yourself from all of this chronic pain without having to turn to expensive physical therapy, chiropractic care, and doctor’s visits?

Well, turns out, there is. A few years ago, Sue Hitzmann shook up the self-care industry with THE MELT Method, a self-treatment technique that helps people get out of and stay out of chronic pain. It’s not another exercise program. It’s an exercise enhancer. The MELT Method targets the connective tissue (aka fascia, aka the cellophane-like stuff that virtually holds all of your organs, muscles and fibers together) to reactivate, rejuvenate, and re-hydrate it back into shape AT ANY AGE! This is a simple, easy, self-treatment technique that uses a specialized roller along with hand and foot balls. And bonus: the effects are immediate: you will feel better right away!

The MELT Method has recently expanded and developed MELT Performance, a program specifically designed for athletes – weekend warriors and pros alike – who want to carry out and even improve their athletic performance without being held back by injuries, aches, and pains! MELT Performance builds upon the MELT Method with two new goals: Reintegration and Repatterning. These techniques will allow you to improve control, stability, agility, power, and speed – with no downside. It eliminates unnecessary muscle compensation, saves your joints, and unleashes your body’s peak performance.

There is so much more to say, but not enough page space in which to say it. So do yourself a favor: if you’re a human – athlete or otherwise – who wants to live a long, healthy, pain-free life, check out the MELT Method at and give your spry, 80-year-old self a fighting chance!

You’re welcome.

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