Meet Somavedic!

Photo Credit: Somavedic

Have you ever wondered what happens to those waves that transmit data from your phone to someone far away? what about the cellular effects of mobile and other wireless radiation? Ever wonder how to counteract those effects that we cannot see?

The creators at Somavedic have made it their mission to actually solve the problem. Are you worried about EMFs or cellular damage being caused by our ever-expanding technological advances?  You are not alone. Somavedic’s products can counteract the damage done by these invisible frequencies.

These products have been shown to:

  1. Have positive effects on cardiovascular health
  2. Have positive effects on the nervous system
  3. Help improve length and quality of sleep
  4. Improve heart rate variability, circulation, and internal balance

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Somavedic’s most popular entry-level model is the VEDIC.  It can mitigate the effects of 3G, 4G, 5G, free radicals, and geopathic zones. Simply set up the device anywhere in your home and enjoy the protection it emits.

The company has recently improved this basic model. It now has an updated core with a new composition of minerals. Inside the Somavedic it’s all silver-plated.  Now it’s 50% stronger than their previous model. It’s suitable for larger properties, households, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, hotels, and more.

If you’d like to protect your family and would like to know more about how Somavedic works, visit for the low down on all the science behind this technology.