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New Book: Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design

Not Getting Results From Your Weight Training?

Maybe It’s Time To Go Back To Basics With Nick Mitchell’s New Book

“Not another book on weight training!” “Who even reads books anymore?” “I’ve already been weight training for years, I know what works and what doesn’t.”

Truth is Nick Mitchell, CEO of Ultimate Performance (UP) Fitness personal training company doesn’t even want to read, let alone write, another book on weight training. In fact, he believes since the 80’s, nothing’s really changed. So why is he doing it?

A Book With A Purpose

“Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design.”

Mitchell noticed that pretty much all the fitness books out there are written as “how-to” manuals. There’s a 12-week plan that provides everything from what you should be eating to how many bench presses you should be doing, but most of these books lack one thing: the why. Understanding why you’re doing a particular exercise not only gives you insight into what’s going on in your body but also gives you room to personalize the program based on your individual needs. For those that want to really commit to real, sustainable results, a “how-to” book just isn’t enough.

Diving Deep is what the UP Encyclopedia Series Is All About

In this book, a massive amount of research, experience, and results accumulated from creating the world’s leading Personal Training business is available at your fingertips, literally. In this volume one, it’s all about going back to basics in order to provide the most pristine foundation for resistance training. This way, you’ll achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Why This Book Is Necessary Now More Than Ever

Mitchell says that “almost every gym in the world that I have ever visited, be it a commercial gym, a bodybuilding gym, or a personal training studio, have very few people including so-called professional personal trainers that have even the first clue about the key fundamentals of weight training.”

So, Mitchell knew he had to create something to fill this void. This book serves as a primer for anyone who lifts weights, no matter what their experience level may be. This book includes all the knowledge that’s responsible for transforming a ridiculous amount of so-called “regular people” into ripped superhumans. From covering the difference between “good” pain and “bad” pain, to explaining when and why the best time to train is, as well as detailing tons of expert exercises for your chest, back, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, arms and shoulder, and abs, this book is truly your one-stop shop for plunging into resistance training safely and smartly.

I’d love to discuss creating a pitch for Nick Mitchell’s book, “Principles Of Muscle Building Program Design.” If you’d like a copy of “Principles of Muscle Building Program Design” by Nick Mitchell, or if you would like more information about the book, please reach out to me.

About The Founder

Nick Mitchell, CEO of Ultimate Performance (UP), has spread UP across the globe with 11 locations in 8 different countries, with the newest location coming to Los Angeles, CA. Nick has even relocated his family to ensure the Los Angeles location genuinely represents UP’s global reputation as the world’s leading personal trainer gym.

“We’re not here to be your friend, if we become friends then that’s merely a bonus. We’re here to get you the result that your investment of time and money deserves.” – Nick Mitchell, CEO Ultimate Performance.

UP is the only genuinely international personal training company in the world. Tried and tested, UP is a stand-out compared to the typical compliant personal training industry. UP preserves their strict commitment to each client by following their dual mottos to the letter – “maximum results in minimum time” and “results not promises”

Mitchell wants to ensure the culture of UP – accountability, effective training, consistency, real results and value – is propelled around the world. Ultimate Performance is all about an honest message – no fads or crazes- simple stuff that works. No magic or secret. His new book Principals of Muscle Building – Program Design came out December 30, 2017 – and as of February 9th its SOLD OUT on Amazon.

Ketogenic Diet Self-Experimenter Goes Places No Man Has Gone – Lifetime TV Premiere

Second Season of Fit to Fat to Fit premiere’s on Lifetime, January 8th
Drew Manning, host of Lifetime TV’s “Fit2Fat2Fit” on  Lifetime debuts January 8th!  If you don’t know Drew’s story; in 2011 he was in shape but then gained over 75 lbs. to see how he could help his clients lose weight and then lost it all to motivate those struggling clients…

There has been a lot mentioned about the ketogenic diet, this low carb and high-fat diet has professionals like Lebron James giving it a try. So what’s up with all the buzz? To break it down simply, it’s a diet that minimizes carbohydrate intake to the point where our bodies break down our own fat stores to make energy. It’s basically a way to trick your body into burning more fat. People have benefited from a myriad of benefits from this diet including an improvement in:

  • Energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Muscular performance

  • Digestion

If you would like to interview Drew Manning, our ketogenic diet expert, motivational speaker, and self-experimentation expert contact our offices!

If you are wondering what we mean exactly by defining Drew as a “self -experimentation” expert. We are referring to the fact that while he was studying to be a personal trainer, this guy gained 75 pounds on purpose, all for the insight of knowing what it’s like to live life overweight to better help his future clients. In just six months, with the help of the ketogenic diet, he was able to lose the weight he had gained through his experiment, truly going from fit to fat, then back to fit. Drew documented his journey back to fitness through his social media, Fit2Fat2Fit, where he gained thousands of followers admiring his courage, risk, and integrity. Plus, he also wrote a New York Times Bestseller about his journey titledFit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose.

Before and After Photos

Drew has his own podcast where he speaks of natural health, fitness nutrition, and biohacking called The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience. Drew Manning has been featured on Good Morning America, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MSNBC, Yahoo!, The Dr. Oz Show, and CNN. The first season of his show Fit to Fat to Fit premiered on A&E where personal trainers mimic his self-experimentation and take on the Fit to Fat to Fit challenge themselves. The second season runs on Lifetime starting January 8th!

Awesome topics that Drew can speak to:

  • His Fit2Fat2Fit journey

  • The right way to do a keto diet,

  • Intermittent fasting,

  • Benefits of the keto diet,

  • Myths about keto.

  • How the keto diet can positively affect sex drive.

  • Keto recipes.

Lifetime Presents Marathon of Groundbreaking Docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, 1/8 (Broadway World)

The groundbreaking docuseries FIT TO FAT TO FIT, moves to Lifetime with a six-hour marathon, on Monday, January 8, 2018, beginning at 6 pm PT. The series follows personal fitness trainers on the verge of undertaking the most extreme weight-loss experiment ever: by forcing themselves to gain a huge amount of weight, they aim to better understand the struggles of their obese friends and family as they lose the weight together.


About the show on Lifetime:
Led by professional fitness trainer Drew Manning, who in 2012 sought to bridge the gap between him and his overweight brother-in-law by purposely gaining 75 pounds to better understand the stigma and difficulties of weight loss, four new trainers embark on Drew’s same challenge. Spouses, friends, and sisters in California and Arizona partner up – one of them a personal trainer and one of them who wants to shed pounds – agree to a revolutionary journey of transformation.

Charting each pair’s journey, FIT TO FAT TO FIT follows the trainers as they gain weight under medical supervision, then rejoin their partner to begin their four-month transformation. At the end of the marathon, it will be revealed whether or not each pair reached their weight loss goals. This highly emotional and inspiring journey explores the highs and lows of a rigorous, painful process many Americans battle every day.

Fit to Fat to Fit is produced for Lifetime by Renegade 83 and Gaspin Media. Executive producers for Renegade 83 are Steve Rankin, Jay Renfroe, and David Garfinkle. Executive producer for Gaspin Media is Jeff Gaspin. Brad Abramson and Shelly Tatro are executive producers for A&E.

Tourette Syndrome: The Power of Diet and Fitness To Calm Kids

"The Doctors" TV Show Examines Controlling Tourette Syndrome Symptoms Through Diet and Exercise

Tourette Syndrome is debilitating nervous system disorder and Danielle Natoni has managed to successfully control her own daughters severe Tourette symptoms.

Watch the the Doctor’s TV Show to Hear Danielle Natoni’s Tourette Story! (Broadcast on Friday, November 3, 2017)

How Can Diet Change Tourette Syndrome Symptoms?

Many people know how food and fitness can dramatically improve the quality of life for a child who suffers from Tourette syndrome. Danielle Natoni, is a school teacher turned fitness influencer and is one of our clients.  Danielle has experienced this condition first hand with her own daughter. From the start, Danielle could tell Bianca was a unique kid. She marched to the beat of her own drum. However, as her daughter grew up, Danielle started to notice symptoms of Tourette’s appear in Bianca.

Tourette syndrome is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. Danielle started noticing rapid eye movements in Bianca she was about 7 years old. Things like blinking, which then turned into shoulder shrugs and other symptoms. Little did Danielle know that her fitness and health journey would end up helping her daughter too.

Danielle Natoni’s Story of Managing Her Daughters Tourette Condition

A friend of Danielle’s also happens to have Tourette syndrome. She helped Danielle come to the conclusion that her daughter had Tourette’s. They ironically met through fitness and it was through this environment that they developed an effective approach.  When Danielle would mention that Bianca was experiencing more tics than usual she asked Danielle, “did she have a lot of gluten today?” Danielle started to notice a direct response to her daughter eating foods with gluten, chemicals, sugars, and how often she had an episode.

Changes in Bianca’s nutrition and fitness regime ended up being the secret to managing her Tourette’s symptoms.

Currently, Tourette syndrome is impacting a large number of children and their parent’s. Caregivers often do not know how to help manage Tourette symptoms with their kids. In a 2002 study conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study found that 1 of every 360 children between the age of 6-17 in the United States has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

How Danielle Used Food and Fitness to Take Her Daughter from Funky to Fabulous

  • No Gluten. Gluten increased tics in Bianca. Living a gluten-free diet helped decrease her Tourette’s symptoms.  Danielle offers an array of vegetables instead.

  • Fitness and Exercise. Danielle noticed that during Bianca’s volleyball matches and games that she would not tic. The more her body moved, the less she seemed to tic. This physical activity also made her body so tired that she was able to sleep more. Danielle incorporated her fitness expertise as an influencer as motivation for her daughter.
  • Limited Sugars. Even limiting sugars that are natural. Danielle found out that a ketogenic approach to treatments stopped many people from having seizures. This is a neurological issue like Tourette syndrome. Therefore, Danielle decided to experiment with limiting her daughter’s sugar intake and noticed a drastic decrease in Bianca’s tics. Danielle began eliminating sodas and juices from Bianca’s diet to even limiting the amount of fruit Bianca eats.
  • Chewing Gum. Danielle added a quick fix into Bianca’s routine with chewing gum. Danielle gets the healthiest version of gum at the store and has found that giving gum after school helps to calm her down after a long day. It has also somehow calmed the tics.
  • Limit Screen Time. Danielle noticed a direct correlation to how long her daughter she was staring at the iPad or iPhone to how often she ticked.

How Important Is Food and Fitness For Managing Tourette’s?

Food and fitness are extremely important aspects of managing Tourette’s. Diet and exercise can also reduce the effects of other disorders/syndromes such as ADHD and Autism .Limiting computer screen and TV time, getting adequate sleep, removing gluten, sugars and focusing on a whole food-based diet and movement helps kids dealing with all different types of issues.

For the treatment of Tourette’s patients, and what is often not talked about enough, is diet and exercise solutions. The ‘Doctors TV show has also identified other valuable information pertaining to diet and one such approach is documented in reversing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Danielle Natoni can be found at Team Fit and Funky

Paradise with a Purpose

LuxeFit Brings Together Luxury & Fitness in a 5 day long retreat!

You know that feeling when you get back from a vacation and you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Too much booze, too much food, too little sleep, sooooo much fun. Yes, you had a blast, but you came back a little bit overweight, a lot tired, and not as rejuvenated as you would have hoped.

LuxeFit Brings Together Luxury & Fitness in a 5 day long retreat!

Have you ever thought about doing it differently next time? Maybe you’ve thought about doing some kind of yoga retreat, but weren’t sure you wanted an entire week’s worth of omming and downdogs. We hear you, and incidentally, so did the founders of LuxeFit, Loren Mayo and Holly Morris! One is a journalist with a background in marketing, the other is a human resources manager with a first career in hospitality management. So basically, the perfect duo.

This dynamic duo had the good sense to recruit Orangetheory fitness instructor, Mia Duval, as their head trainer, and together they came up with a masterpiece:

Week-long luxury fitness retreats to exotic destinations, arranging workout sessions and activities, nutritious cuisine prepared by a private chef and opportunities for socializing and fun – all in a luxurious private beachfront estate setting. Retreats are all-inclusive — all but airfare is included. Guests enjoy five-nights in either a 5-Star villa or luxury condo, freshly prepared meals with an emphasis on local cuisine, fitness and yoga sessions, the ability to work out with a first-rate fitness instructor and round-trip transportation to group activities.

As we said earlier, it’s paradise with a purpose. The next time you’re ready for your next vacation, make it a LuxeFit retreat. To learn more, visit

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