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Is Chocolate Really Good For You?

MyNetDiary Has the Inside Scoop on Chocolate!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s safe to say that chocolate consumption is about to go way up!

Chocolate Box with Triangular Shapes
There is some debate over whether or not chocolate is actually that good for you, so our clients at MyNetDiary decided to do their own research. Turns out, chocolate is actually good for you! But before you go reaching for a super-sized box of Valentine’s Day chocolate, you’ll want to understand where the benefits actually come from so you can choose your chocolate accordingly.

According to the article in MyNetDiary:

Chocolate’s Reputation Keeps Changing

“Chocolate enjoys just as healthy a reputation today as it did anciently. The Aztecs named their bitter chocolate beverage “food of the gods.” Europeans believed the treat was a general-purpose curative. Indeed, modern science has uncovered evidence for potential health benefits such as the following:

The article goes on to discuss flavanols and how much chocolate you might have to eat in order to receive the benefits from them, along with some facts about the different kinds of the confection contain the highest amounts. It compares plain, white, milk and dark. Everyone has a favorite and the choice of the sweet confectionary can often determine personality other traits. The White variety is easy to identify because of its cream of white  – sometimes ivory,  but some white does not contain any cocoa solids at all making it a distant cousin to its cocoa solid based relations.

The sweet confectionary has been a long time favorite and will continue to be so for many years to come
For more on this subject, read the article at

Find out How a Doctor with MS Restored Her Own Health Through Diet: Dr. Terry Wahls

Photo Courtesy: The Doctors TV Show

Dr. Terry Walhs, a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and clinical professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa, was wheelchair-bound due to her secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. But not just wheelchair bound – she was beholden to her tilt-recline wheelchair. Dr. Walhs used her knowledge of functional medicine to create a protocol for herself. The result?

She rides her bike to work now. Every day. That’s right – no more wheelchair. How? Through key diet and lifestyle changes. No magic pill. No drug trials. Just plain old fashioned diet and lifestyle. You may not believe it, but seeing Dr. Wahls walking without aid today paints quite a contrast from her days in her wheelchair, and seeing is believing.

Dr. Wahls has turned her life’s work into helping complete strangers living with MS do what she did: beat the disease. The Wahls Protocol is a diet and lifestyle program that has helped thousands of people to restore their health from MS. In her best selling books, she gets specific about the treatment and discusses how she identified 31 micronutrients that the mitochondria need to function. These foods provide key nutrients for her “9 Cups Daily” protocol:

3 cups of leafy greens3 cups of sulfur-rich vegetables (i.e cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, etc.) 3 cups colorful vegetables and fruits.

She’ll be talking all about it on The Doctors this coming Thursday, February 6th, so tune in! In the meantime, you can visit Dr. Wahls’ website to download her free diet cheat sheet to start implementing her advice today.

If you or someone you know suffers from MS, suffer no more. Get on The Wahls Protocol, and beat MS.

For more information, visit

The Accidental Paleo: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle!

Consider featuring pastry chef turned healthy chef Lauren Lobley and her new cookbook, “The Accidental Paleo” in your outlet.  Lauren’s got a great concept that you don’t want to miss.  What if you want to go Paleo but you don’t eat meat?  What if you want to go Paleo but you are a vegetarian?  Lauren’s got you covered!

Vegetarian. Vegan. Paleo. Can you be all three?

Lauren Lobley, former pastry chef turned healthy chef, thinks yes. 

Don’t miss her debut cookbook, The Accidental Paleo: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle! 

So, you want to change your diet for insert-reason-here. You’re vegetarian friend got great results from cutting out meat, and your vegan friend’s skin has never looked better. But your paleo friend is now lean and looking like a super athlete, and you’re left thinking: I want all of that! How is one to choose? What if you like the concept of eating like our ancestors but don’t really have a taste for meat most of the time? What if you don’t want to go completely vegetarian, but you like the idea of eating fewer animal products?

THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO (FEBRUARY 2, 2017, Primal Blueprint Publishing) is spearheading a new movement in the world of food. The foodie landscape in one where dietary groups have a cult-like following and affinity for their particular eating principles. But like life, diet isn’t always that cut and dry. We go through phases where sometimes, we crave meat and lots of it. Sometimes, we can’t stomach it. Sometimes, we just want to eat plants and lots of them.

How is one to choose? What if you like the concept of eating like our ancestors but don’t really have a taste for meat most of the time? What if you don’t want to go completely vegetarian, but you like the idea of eating fewer animal products?  Read how Lauren “accidentally,” wrote a cookbook to satisfy all those inbetweeners…


Making her debut on the cookbook scene, Lauren Lobley, former pastry chef and head baker to Food Network star, Duff Goldman, gave up her pastries for healthy food almost ten years ago. For the first 25 years of her life, she was a carnivore. But things changed, and at times she has been a vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo, pescatarian, paleo, and/or some combination of all of them. After years of testing, she has found her sweet spot:  Vegetarian Paleo.



  • Eating for health and longevity: there were almost 8 million vegetarians in the US in 2008, with another almost 23 million Americans following a vegetarian “inclined” diet.” And according to an article in Shape Magazine last year, if anyone was going to try a new diet, it was going to be the Paleo one.
  • But for those who are skating the line between paleo and vegetarian – and even vegan – there is good news:  You can have it all. And here’s a bonus: most experts agree that the single best thing you can do to ensure you live a longer, healthier life is to eat a more plant-based diet. We already spend about $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs to treat diseases that are mostly preventable through diet. Something has to give.

“You have a responsibility to try and be as healthy as possible. I decided to pick the diet (a plant-based diet) that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival. You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country.” – President Bill Clinton

In THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO, Lauren has compiled her favorite vegetarian paleo recipes into one user-friendly, something-for-everyone cookbook. Lauren takes a carnivore’s approach to plant-based eating. By being mindful of textures, layers of flavor, colors, and nutrition in every concoction, the recipes in this book are designed to satisfy every palate, whether they prefer their meals with or without meat.

The desserts are refined sugar free (and in most cases, naturally sweetened, like the almond butter banana cheesecake), the appetizers trick the palate with their clever use of nuts and plant-based milk to feign a creamy texture (like the warm spinach and artichoke dip – to die for), and the main meals carefully build upon an array of vegetables and sauces to leave everyone full and satiated (like the butternut squash lasagna).

THE ACCIDENTAL PALEO is culinary fun for the whole family, and a sure fire way to ensure the health and longevity of you and your loved ones. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds, get ready to fall in love with plant-based eating like you never imagined you would. And rejoice in the fabulous fact that when it comes to being vegetarian or paleo, you don’t to choose. You can have it both ways.

Featured Recipes:
Breakfast: Paleo Banana Walnut Blueberry Pancakes
Appetizers and Snacks: Grapefruit Strawberry Mango Guacamole
Dinner: Walnut Shiitake Mushroom Tacos
Spreads: Beet Sunflower Seed Pesto
Dessert: Salted Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Almond Bark

To request a PDF or a hard copy to feature or to have Lauren on your show, please call our office!

For more information about Lauren Lobley, visit

Lauren Lobley Bio:

Lauren Lobley is a Canadian born and raised former pastry chef turned healthy chef. Together with her husband, Ted, and 22-month-old daughter, Madison Grace, they run and operate a yoga studio in Malibu, California, where Lauren provides the freshly baked vegan gluten-free granola, and Ted teaches the best class on this side of Malibu.

After culinary school, she joined the ranks and worked her way up as head baker to celebrity chef and Food Network star, Duff Goldman, churning out thousands of cakes a week at his West Hollywood location. Realizing how terrible she felt by consuming so much gluten, dairy, and sugar, Lauren began recipe testing with one goal in mind: to make healthy food taste good. She blogged about her experience on her website, Delectable You, and began featuring her recipes both on that site and on her increasingly popular YouTube channel.

Tourette Syndrome: The Power of Diet and Fitness To Calm Kids

"The Doctors" TV Show Examines Controlling Tourette Syndrome Symptoms Through Diet and Exercise

Tourette Syndrome is debilitating nervous system disorder and Danielle Natoni has managed to successfully control her own daughters severe Tourette symptoms.

Watch the the Doctor’s TV Show to Hear Danielle Natoni’s Tourette Story! (Broadcast on Friday, November 3, 2017)

How Can Diet Change Tourette Syndrome Symptoms?

Many people know how food and fitness can dramatically improve the quality of life for a child who suffers from Tourette syndrome. Danielle Natoni, is a school teacher turned fitness influencer and is one of our clients.  Danielle has experienced this condition first hand with her own daughter. From the start, Danielle could tell Bianca was a unique kid. She marched to the beat of her own drum. However, as her daughter grew up, Danielle started to notice symptoms of Tourette’s appear in Bianca.

Tourette syndrome is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. Danielle started noticing rapid eye movements in Bianca she was about 7 years old. Things like blinking, which then turned into shoulder shrugs and other symptoms. Little did Danielle know that her fitness and health journey would end up helping her daughter too.

Danielle Natoni’s Story of Managing Her Daughters Tourette Condition

A friend of Danielle’s also happens to have Tourette syndrome. She helped Danielle come to the conclusion that her daughter had Tourette’s. They ironically met through fitness and it was through this environment that they developed an effective approach.  When Danielle would mention that Bianca was experiencing more tics than usual she asked Danielle, “did she have a lot of gluten today?” Danielle started to notice a direct response to her daughter eating foods with gluten, chemicals, sugars, and how often she had an episode.

Changes in Bianca’s nutrition and fitness regime ended up being the secret to managing her Tourette’s symptoms.

Currently, Tourette syndrome is impacting a large number of children and their parent’s. Caregivers often do not know how to help manage Tourette symptoms with their kids. In a 2002 study conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study found that 1 of every 360 children between the age of 6-17 in the United States has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

How Danielle Used Food and Fitness to Take Her Daughter from Funky to Fabulous

  • No Gluten. Gluten increased tics in Bianca. Living a gluten-free diet helped decrease her Tourette’s symptoms.  Danielle offers an array of vegetables instead.

  • Fitness and Exercise. Danielle noticed that during Bianca’s volleyball matches and games that she would not tic. The more her body moved, the less she seemed to tic. This physical activity also made her body so tired that she was able to sleep more. Danielle incorporated her fitness expertise as an influencer as motivation for her daughter.
  • Limited Sugars. Even limiting sugars that are natural. Danielle found out that a ketogenic approach to treatments stopped many people from having seizures. This is a neurological issue like Tourette syndrome. Therefore, Danielle decided to experiment with limiting her daughter’s sugar intake and noticed a drastic decrease in Bianca’s tics. Danielle began eliminating sodas and juices from Bianca’s diet to even limiting the amount of fruit Bianca eats.
  • Chewing Gum. Danielle added a quick fix into Bianca’s routine with chewing gum. Danielle gets the healthiest version of gum at the store and has found that giving gum after school helps to calm her down after a long day. It has also somehow calmed the tics.
  • Limit Screen Time. Danielle noticed a direct correlation to how long her daughter she was staring at the iPad or iPhone to how often she ticked.

How Important Is Food and Fitness For Managing Tourette’s?

Food and fitness are extremely important aspects of managing Tourette’s. Diet and exercise can also reduce the effects of other disorders/syndromes such as ADHD and Autism .Limiting computer screen and TV time, getting adequate sleep, removing gluten, sugars and focusing on a whole food-based diet and movement helps kids dealing with all different types of issues.

For the treatment of Tourette’s patients, and what is often not talked about enough, is diet and exercise solutions. The ‘Doctors TV show has also identified other valuable information pertaining to diet and one such approach is documented in reversing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Danielle Natoni can be found at Team Fit and Funky

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