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Drew Manning’s Weight Loss and Fitness Journey

Losing Weight at 40 is Hard, But Not Impossible

You may recall Dunn Pellier Media’s fitness client, Drew Manning, from Fit2Fat2Forty. In anticipation of his 40th birthday, he set out to gain weight over 4 months to prove to himself and to his clients that you can get fit after 40!

Drew is well on his way to proving his point, bringing his fitness followers and followers on Instagram along for the ride. In the weight gain part of his plan, he showed four diets – vegan, paleo, keto, etc. – and demonstrated all of them in an unhealthy way.  He also dropped all of his fitness routines.  He wanted people to see how not to do these diets in order to gain weight.

In his “back to fit” portion of the plan, he is showing everyone these same four diets but this time following them the right way.  And he has added back his fitness routines and the motivational part to keep everyone moving!  He was able to demonstrate that when done correctly, you can get fit no matter your dietary preferences – with a few tweaks, of course.

Drew is presently 28 weeks into this 8-month journey. Let’s see how he’s doing!

Photo courtesy: Drew Manning’s Fitness Journey

9 Weeks into the Back2Fit Journey

And 9 more weeks to go to get his fitness back! Drew is currently down almost 39 lbs! 23ish more pounds to go!

Beginning Results (Aug 27, 2020):

– Weight = 181.6 lbs
– Waist = 33.5”
– Hips = 38”
– Body Fat % = 8.4%

Heaviest Results (Dec 27, 2020):

– Weight = 244 lbs
– Waist = 46”
– Hips = 47.5”
– Body Fat % = 26.2%

Current Results:

– Weight = 205.4 lbs
– Waist = 38”
– Hips = 41.75”
– Body Fat % = 15.4%

Physical/Emotional Changes – Get Your Fitness Back

Here are Drew’s Physical/Mental/Emotional Changes as he grows his fitness routine:

– This week I did Keto + IF
– Digestion was way better this week
– Not as hungry in between meals
– More mental clarity this week
– Sleep efficiency dropped this week but could be due to stress from preparing to move soon
– Still continuing to make my bed, take cold showers, meditate, gratitude journal, positive affirmations and walk every day

Are you interested in joining Drew on his fitness journey?  You can join the program at any time – even after he loses all the weight!

For more information, visit Drew at the Back2Fit program.

We are rooting for you (and Drew) here at Dunn Pellier Media!

A Free Calorie Counter & Diet Assistant

Meet MyNetDiary

Looking for a scientifically proven way to lose weight? Hailed by Women’s Health, USA Today, Shape, Wall Street Journal, Runner’s World, Consumer Reports, and more, MyNetDiary is the latest and greatest in weight loss apps that actually helps users track calories and lose weight.

This app allows you to:

  1. Set your targets and plan
  2. Log meals and exercise
  3. Stay on track
  4. Reach your goals

MyNetDiary food catalog is the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date nutrition database in the English-speaking world. They update approximately 900 foods every day by their special food team! They have a special interface for users where customers can send in their photos of new or incorrect food so that the food team can process the request and make the necessary additions or changes!

MyNetDiary boasts over 50,000 4.5-5 star reviews like this one:

“This is my favorite food diary app. I used six of the “top” apps in this category for several days so that I could compare them and select what worked best for me. MyNetDiary was the winner. Intuitive, simple layout, decent database, appealing graphic design, and no ads.”

And this one:

“I downloaded several food tracking apps to test them out and this one blew them all out of the water! It’s so easy to use. The food library is extensive and it’s simple to add your own on the rare occasion your search comes up empty. It tracks your calories and the percentages of carbs, protein, and fat of your allotted intake. You can add exercise and connect with your fitness watch. I have the FREE version and it gives me a daily analysis with tips! And it works! I saw major results within the first week that I hadn’t seen trying for a month and a half prior!”

It connects with all the major fitness devices like Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google fit, and more, so you really can’t go wrong.

They have a free version, which has many of their popular features. But there is also the option to do a Premium version, which takes the experience to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been struggling to find accountability and a proven method to help you stay on track and lose weight, try MyNetDiary today!

Effective Communication & PR

How to Create Winning Communication Strategies to get the Best Results from your PR Firm

You have an amazing product or brand,and you have gotten some initial PR for the brand and you have taken it as far as you can on your own. You have a PR budget, and you are finally going to let someone else take the reins: you are going to hire a PR firm. Congratulations!This can be a very exciting time, and it should remain that way for the duration of your experience as a client with any PR firm. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for a lot of clients that seek and enter into a PR relationship.  Good PR takes time. It takes time to lay the foundation, to build the brand for the client, to make connections and build relationships.

How does a client know what the PR firm is doing behind the scenes if they don’t see immediate results? If you don’t know what they are working on, you probably haven’t established a good way to communicate with each other as a team.   In my experience over the last ten years in PR, communication and relationship building is everything in this business.

Bar none, when our firm takes on a new client who has left a PR firm, one of thebiggest complaints is that the client didn’t feel like they mattered to their previous firm. The firm was big, they felt like they got lost in the shuffle, and there was no communication. There were no bi-weekly calls, which effectively gave them no insight as to what progress was being made for the client.  Understandably, this created frustration for the client. Eventually, their frustration caused them to ultimately leave the firm.

When they come to our firm, they get open communication. We find the best methods that suit their team, so we can work fluidly for them. Some teams like email, others hate it, some like an update sheet – others prefer a phone call with you going through that sheet.  You get the idea. We explain to our clients how we work and what they can expect from our team.  We talk about how long they can realistically expect to wait before they get the big bookings.  We realistically talk about how long it takes to build credibility in the media world. We have set bi-weekly calls with clients to be able to share with them what we have done that week to get them seen, and what we are planning for the upcoming week. If they have any concerns, this is also an opportunity for them to voice those, and for us to address them. If they have any ideas or updates on their product, they can also share that on these calls as well. Additionally, we keep an open Google document that we update daily so that our clients can see in real time what we are working on.

Our job as their PR team is not simply to communicate openly and frequently with them, but it’s also to communicate the way that they prefer to be communicated with. So it’s important for you, as a client, to know what kind of communicator you are. Besides just the phone and emails, are you more visual or literal? How do you use communication as a tool in your life? According to this article from LifeHack, there are six main types of communicators:

1. Reflective – you use communication to bond with others.
2. Magistrate – you analyze, and are very direct and persuasive.
3. Noble – you are a practical type of communicator. You are focused and direct.
4. Candidate – you are diplomatic and easy to talk to.
5. Socratic – you are very detailed and are a good problem solver.
6. Senator – you are a strategist. You use communication to move your goals forward.

What type of communicator are you and what does this say about you or your team? Recently, we had an account that we realized was terrible at communicating, period.  And we couldn’t figure out just what type of communication really worked for their team.  We tried setting up standing calls, we emailed, we picked up the phone to try and get someone – anyone on the line…Well, as the Universe would have it – it delivered a big hit for a major morning show.  We let them know we needed an answer within 24 hours.  Again, we called, we emailed…  Two weeks went by and then – they emailed us to let us know that they had everything in place for the segment!  Guess what?  The big morning show opportunity came and went. Had the client just picked up the phone and let us know that they didn’t have the expert for the host and the location we could have communicated to our contact at the morning show as to not ruin the relationship we had worked so hard to build for them.  And just maybe we could have created another date or something for them down the line.

One of our biggest accounts has been one of the best working and communication experiences that we have had in the duration our firm has been a firm.  I personally feel that it’s partly due to their lifestyle (seeing that the company is in Hawaii) and the way their team communicates and vise versa. Always on time for our calls, responds to emails immediately, answers the phone with a smile, active listeners, they help get us things fast like content when we need it on the fly, brainstorm with us when we get a bite from media, discuss things that worked and didn’t, they get personal, they are open to feedback, they are specific, they ask for clarification when necessary, they love our ideas and we could go on and on. Folks, we have found a communication gem. Not to mention a stellar team all around from marketing to sales to production.

Whatever the case, it’s important for both PR firms and their clients to know their own communication styles so as to keep the relationship a working one, and so that the client never feels lost in the shuffle or second to a bigger paying account. When a client spends budgeted money with a PR firm, it is our job to help them reach all of their media goals and dreams.  Remember that a PR Firm can’t do that if your team can’t communicate and work together to find the best methods of communication.

So, if you’ve been working with a PR firm and not getting the results you want, the only question left to ask is this: Could your communication use a tune up?  We’d love to hear all about your communication strategies for your team.  Tell us what’s working for you!

Building Brand Love

building brand love

We Build Brand Love In Many Different Ways

Brand love is in our DNA at DPM. Our main focus is to build meaningful relationships and partnerships for our clients. But in order to successfully build brand love and loyalty, these relationships must not only be strategic, but also authentic. But how do we do that?

Just like you prefer to talk to a real, live person rather than a recording when you’re trying to resolve a technical problem, so too do your customers. Brands who nix the typical form of advertising and instead participate in live, in person events and social media campaigns are the ones who do the best at winning people over to create customers for life.

Do You Have To Be at Every Event?

It doesn’t mean you have to be at every event. But your product sure does. So when you’re not doing live, social media appearances, find events that are in line with your brand, and then, think swag. There is a reason why many companies have a guarantee their product: they know that if you try it, you’re almost certain to like it. And that creates a life long customer. The same principle holds true: try it for free once, and you just may buy it for life.

Gift Bags Can Result in Customers

I can’t tell you how many times I have personally received a gift bag at an event and become a customer of those products as a result. I remember getting samples at a beauty event thrown by our community friends at Wanderlust of toxin free cosmetics called “W3LL People,” and instantly I fell in love. Their story was compelling (it involved a treehugger and a makeup artist, come on!), and they cleverly had a company spokesperson at the event to speak about the product. I was so intrigued between the story and actually trying their product that I still buy and follow the brand.

I heard recently that Target picked up their line. Surely it wasn’t all because of free swag, but I’m willing to bet that it had a lot to do with it. It’s grassroots advocacy at its best: bring together like-minded people at a live event and give them products that are in line with their tastes. Tell them a story that inspires them, and you’ve got a great recipe for brand loyalty.

Clients Where We Delivered Relationships and Brand Lover Came

At DPM, we have created relationships with Reebok Hub, Bloomingdale’s, Well + Good, Create & Cultivate, Foundermade, LA Fit Expo, Santa Monica Pier Group, Health-Ade Kombucha, Under Armour, Bulletproof, Wanderlust, Garden of Life, LA Times, Livestrong, Bandier, MOBOT, Vital Choice, Vega, Quest bars and KIND (to name a few, haha). This kind of grassroots connecting gives the brands we work with the opportunity to tell their story in a natural way within a community that is already on the lookout for what our brands have to offer.

So, how can you create a brand that people will fall in love with? Consider the following:

1. What story does your brand tell?

It’s hard to sell anything if you’re not clear on why you’re doing it in the first place. People can feel your authenticity (and lack thereof). So get clear on your story. Why are you doing this? What inspired the brand?

2. Have smart goals about brand love

There is a reason this acronym comes back time and time again: it works. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. I would also add strategic. If you’re selling health food bars, don’t go to a motorcycle convention to build brand awareness! Stick to marathons, health fairs and the like.

3. Create a strategy with a PR Firm

It takes a lot to build brand awareness, and no doubt, you can do it on your own. By why do the legwork when you can work with a PR Firm that has worked for so long to create relationships with partners who will benefit your brand? Let your PR firm do the heavy lifting.

4. Have great key messaging

This is where your story comes back in. Get clear on your story, and your message will follow. Then, make decisions for your brand based on that message.

5. Reward supporters so they amplify your message

Pay attention to your fans. Give them a pleasant surprise (maybe a shout out on social media, a free sticker, one of your products, etc.), and you will instantly turn them into super fans. They won’t be able to stop talking about how awesome you are, and their captive audience will undoubtedly soon become fans too which turns into buyers.

Develop Brand Love

This is how you create a brand that you – and your fans – will love. So, what are you waiting for?

The Great American PR Debate: Finding Hope for a New Beginning on Inauguration Day

January 20th is fast approaching. And it seems like half the country is looking hopefully toward it, while the other half seems to be scrambling to find a way to turn back time. From what we read about in the press the American people are excited but anxious at the same time.

We here at Dunn Pellier Media choose to be positive and hopeful about creating our next chapter. We accept what is, and pledge allegiance to our country no matter its leader, no matter our political biases. Because like all inaugurations that came before this one, it marks the start of a new beginning.

No matter the leader, as citizens of this country, and us specifically as the keepers of news and media, we have a responsibility to use our voices to lift others up, no matter how different ours and their views may be. And indeed, every time we use our voices, we are engaging in Public Relations. So it’s very important for your message to be on point.

You may have caught the highly publicized and controversial speech delivered Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes earlier this month. Some viewed it as an attack on our new president, and others agreed with her. Whether or not you agree with Meryl Streep, it spread like fire through television, social media, and the internet.

How amazing that we have a PR battle of good and evil happening right before our very eyes! And the great thing about it is that you get to decide which is which. Who is the evil party? Who is the do-gooder? How interesting that it’s completely dependent on your values and perception to decide which is which.

We here at Dunn Pellier Media want you to get off to a great start in 2017. An Inauguration is really just that: a new start, a new beginning. It’s one of the things we admire so much about this country. No matter how bad things get, we always come out better than before.

So how can you look at your own life, at your own PR needs, and use this inauguration not to tear others down, but rather, to lift others – and yourself and your business – up?

We have seen the power of PR help to elect arguably the most controversial president in our history. So how can you harness its power to help you achieve your own goals?

Public relations can assist in expanding your message and expertise. It raises awareness for brands, and it builds relationships that run deep.

Our approach with our clients is to target the audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image and create a strong relationship with the audience. We understand that Public Relations will help you to maintain a positive public image for your brand which in turn will help create a strong relationship with new and existing customers. You aren’t building sales campaigns, you are building relationships.

So how can you harness the power of PR for good this year? How will you build positive relationships with the public? How will your new start incorporate the good and the great of public relations to build the brand you’ve always wanted to build?

If you need help answering those questions, we are here. We will always be here. And we will always have your best interests and long term vision as our top priority.

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