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Book Launch Alert: Dr. Terry Wahls’ Revised Edition of The Wahls Protocol Hits Shelves March 17th!

If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from MS, diabetes, mental health issues, or ANY autoimmune disease, stop what you’re doing and keep reading. Because what we have to tell you could save yours and the lives of your loved ones.  Dr. Terry Wahls was previously a marathoner and mountain climber and found her health getting progressively worse and ended up in a wheelchair due to secondary progressive MS.

Frustrated with traditional treatment, she decided to take her health into her own hands by using her knowledge of functional medicine, ancestral health principles, and background as a medical researcher to create her own treatment protocol. In a mere nine months, she was back on her bike, riding eighteen miles in one day. The protocol grew into The Wahls™ Diet, a nutrition and lifestyle treatment plan that has been investigated in multiple clinical trials, including one funded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society(NMSS).

In 2019, the National MS Society provided a million-dollar grant to The University of Iowa’s and Dr. Wahls’s team to study The Wahls™ Diet.

In THE WAHLS PROTOCOL: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles (Avery; Updated and Revised Edition; March 2020), Dr. Wahls shares how those suffering from the autoimmune conditions, as well as chronic diseases like diabetes, and even mental health problems, can have more energy, less pain, more joy and steadily improve health. First published in 2014, the new edition has over 30% new material including the latest scientific findings on fasting, ketosis, neurorehabilitation, and behavior change science. The result can help people be even more successful as they adopt and sustain the recommended diet and lifestyle changes and transform their lives, improving their brain health, quality of life, and overall well being.

2020 revised and expanded edition material includes:

• Updated research from The Wahls Research lab showing meaningful improvement in motor function and energy levels, reduced fatigue, and improved mood and cognition.
• Guidance on how to use ketosis and fasting strategies to boost stem cells naturally.
• New research on the microbiome, and how the protocol impacts the microbiome to improve overall health.
• New recipes.
• Testimonials from people with health issues beyond autoimmune diseases such as obesity, mental health problems, and neurodegenerative diseases.
• Published peer-reviewed clinical trials from the Wahls Research Lab.

Don’t miss out on this life-altering, life-improving information. Get your copy when it hits shelves March 17th! For more information about Dr. Wahls, visit
Wishing you all the success in your health journey.

See Dr. Terry on a recent episode of the Doctors TV show that Dunn Pellier Media booked!

Find out How a Doctor with MS Restored Her Own Health Through Diet: Dr. Terry Wahls

Photo Courtesy: The Doctors TV Show

Dr. Terry Walhs, a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and clinical professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa, was wheelchair-bound due to her secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. But not just wheelchair bound – she was beholden to her tilt-recline wheelchair. Dr. Walhs used her knowledge of functional medicine to create a protocol for herself. The result?

She rides her bike to work now. Every day. That’s right – no more wheelchair. How? Through key diet and lifestyle changes. No magic pill. No drug trials. Just plain old fashioned diet and lifestyle. You may not believe it, but seeing Dr. Wahls walking without aid today paints quite a contrast from her days in her wheelchair, and seeing is believing.

Dr. Wahls has turned her life’s work into helping complete strangers living with MS do what she did: beat the disease. The Wahls Protocol is a diet and lifestyle program that has helped thousands of people to restore their health from MS. In her best selling books, she gets specific about the treatment and discusses how she identified 31 micronutrients that the mitochondria need to function. These foods provide key nutrients for her “9 Cups Daily” protocol:

3 cups of leafy greens3 cups of sulfur-rich vegetables (i.e cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, etc.) 3 cups colorful vegetables and fruits.

She’ll be talking all about it on The Doctors this coming Thursday, February 6th, so tune in! In the meantime, you can visit Dr. Wahls’ website to download her free diet cheat sheet to start implementing her advice today.

If you or someone you know suffers from MS, suffer no more. Get on The Wahls Protocol, and beat MS.

For more information, visit

Everclear’s Lead Singer Speaks Candidly About MS:

Dr. Terry Wahls’ Protocol is Key…
Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

To be the lead singer of a popular band is hard enough as it is. Tours, more days spent on the road than at home, late nights and long hours. But for Alex Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear, life got a little tougher when he was diagnosed with MS.

Billboard catches up with him in their March 2019 issue, and shares what it felt like to get the diagnosis:

“Well, it was a shock, but at the same time, it started to make sense. Because a lot of the things that I had noticed starting to happen to me, a lot of the symptoms, it was just like, “Oh, I thought it was just age or getting older or the results of a misspent youth.” I really didn’t know. And then when I started doing the research — my wife and I have done hundreds of hours of research about it — it really made sense. So yeah, I was surprised. I was flabbergasted because the word scared me. You know, multiple sclerosis is scary if you don’t know what it is. Most people don’t know what it is. I’ve had people tell me, “Oh, too bad you can’t be on the Jerry Lewis telethon.” I go, “Dude, that’s muscular dystrophy. It’s not the same thing.” [Laughs] You know, it just sounds bad. It initially scared me, but by the time I got home my wife had looked up all this stuff about it and was pretty confident and calmed me down and just inspired me to be the badass that she is.”

One of the more comforting things about getting diagnosed with what sounds like a scary, albeit fatal disease is that these days, the research has risen to soften the effects. Even getting diagnosed with HIV isn’t really considered to be a fatal disease anymore. It can be managed with medication, diet and exercise.

The same is true for MS. In fact, Alexakis himself did think that his diagnosis was a death sentence when he got it three years ago. But after much research, he has realized that isn’t true. He shares this with Billboard:

“None of it’s fatal. A large part of dealing with this has been just the mental: accepting it and being able to stay upbeat and positive, and for that I really have to give a lot of kudos to my family.”

Here at Dunn Pellier Media, we pride ourselves on taking on clients at our health and wellness PR firm who are making a difference in the world. One such client is MD and MS patient, Dr. Terry Wahls. And we are proud to report that she has been able to make a difference in Art Alexakis’ life. He mentions her in his interview with Billboard:

“There’s a book written by Dr. Terry Wahls that came out, and she’s got several different regimens for different types of MS, and she suffers from progressive MS. She was at a point where she couldn’t even get into a wheelchair she was in so much pain, but she was a nutritionist and she figured out that inflammatory diets, especially with a lot of sugar, gluten and dairy, is really not good for your nervous system — for anybody’s nervous system, especially someone who has an autoimmune disease.”

As with any other disease – or life in general – diet and exercise are key. We are thrilled to hear that Dr. Wahls’ book has made a difference not only in Art Alexakis’ life, but also in the life of so many others afflicted with MS.

To read the full article with Art Alexakis, visit

To read more about. Dr. Terry Wahls, visit

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