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The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Five Tips to Maintain Your Sanity During the Holidays!

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Don’t let Thanksgiving Derail Your Health

Thanksgiving is practically here. And this year, we’re all planning on sitting around the table with our loved ones again. We can help you kick off the holidays and guide you to a healthier Thanksgiving! Meet some of our very own Dunn Pellier Media clients.

Get ready for game day: Eat a healthy breakfast.

Get ready to fast – intermittent fast to better health. Start “break-fast” with a tall glass of water, followed by some kind of herbal tea or hot water with lemon. If you can, follow that with green juice.

To have a healthy breakfast we recommend some kind of greens and eggs. We suggest some scrambled eggs and arugula with some extra virgin olive oil. What this does is hydrate and alkalize your body and begin to neutralize the acidic foods you’re about to ingest.

For amazing breakfast recipe ideas, check out Dr. Mindy Pelz. She’s also got some amazing holiday recipes as well, and be sure to check out her holiday gift guide complete with deep discounts so you can save on her healthy picks!

Stay hydrated. 

While you sleep you build up toxins.  We suggest that you begin your day with water and herbal teas to help flush out those toxins.  To stay hydrated throughout the day, keep water nearby. You might think you are hungry, but actually are dehydrated and need water. Drink plenty of water after breakfast and right up until you begin feasting on any holiday fare.

Amp up your digestion with Power Life. 

There is no way around it: if you’re going to indulge in all the treats this holiday has to offer, set yourself up for success.  You can arm your digestive system with some pre and probiotics from our client, Tony Horton, creator of Power Life. His favorite product, Foundation Four is a formula that combines the nutritional powerhouses of green vegetables, magnesium, and pre and probiotics into one convenient powder.

It contains 2 daily servings of organic vegetables.  One of them is acacia fiber that helps with gas and bloating.  Did you know that eating too much Thanksgiving food can cause gas and bloat?  You won’t eat as much by amping up your digestion beforehand by adding in Foundation Four.

Order the best most sustainable vegetables for your holiday meal. 

If you want some of the best-sourced vegetables in all of the USA that is ranked the highest in nutrients, meet Farmer Lee Jones.  All of the vegetables grown on his farm are free of pesticides and sustainably grown. Order your Farmer Jones Farm Thanksgiving box today with vegetables to serve 4-6 people.

Have a pre and post-workout game plan. 

The holidays would not be complete without a game plan to work off those extra holiday calories. Think about exercise first.

If you don’t already have a go-to workout or if you’re looking to try something new, try Les Mills, or Bulldog Yoga. These virtual fitness apps contain workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. 

There you have it, a simple game plan to help keep you healthy and on track during the holidays.  From our Thanksgiving table to yours, we wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

It’s World Mental Health Day – October 10th

Increase Your Fruits and Veggies For Positive Mental Health!

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. As mental health challenges become more prevalent, it’s important for us to recognize and place importance on our mental health.  A lot of work has been done in the past decade to de-stigmatize mental health issues, but we still have a long way to go.

A 2020 study shows that increased intake of fruits and veggies can actually increase feelings of optimism and reduce psychological distress.

Farmer Lee Jones is an Ohio family farmer at The Chef’s Garden who supplies sustainably grown veggies that are 200-500x more nutritious because of the way the veggies are grown. 

Some of the greatest chefs across the US rely heavily on Farmer Lee Jones veggies.  His farm also ships directly to you at home. His subscription-based veggie boxes also make great gifts or donate a box to someone in need today!

The Chef’s Garden not only supplies unique, quality veggies, but they also share storage tips and recipes so families can get the most out of their subscription boxes.

It couldn’t be easier, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with The Chef’s Garden.

For more information, visit

If you’ve been feeling down and you need help please reach out to a professional.  Follow Farmer Lee Jones for more nutritious insight on all things vegetables!

Sending you and yours much love through veggies!

In good health,
The team at Dunn Pellier Media

Kid & Mom Approved Back-to-School Snacks

Late August signals the end of summer and back-to-school season. Did you know that everyday nutrition plays a huge role in boosting children’s immune systems? The overconsumption of sugar is one of the biggest threats to our kids. See below tips and recipes to keep kids healthy from Dr. Michael Goran; Ph.D. and Dr. Emily Ventura; Ph.D., co-authors of Sugarproof: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar That Are Putting Your Child’s Health at Risk and What You Can Do.

DIY, Packable, Prep-Ahead Snacks and Lunches:

Actionable and Easy Pro-Tips:

For more information about Dr. Michael Goran; Ph.D. and Dr. Emily Ventura; Ph.D., visit Back-to-School, parents! Let’s do this!

Make 2021 Your Comeback Year!

Tips to Rebuild, Refocus & Restart From Fitness Icon Tony Horton

Photo Courtesy: Tony Horton Instagram

Tony Horton’s life came to a screeching halt in 2017 when he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Disease, a form of shingles.  It was hard for him to envision the future living with this horrible disease. The once energetic, always on the go, always working out mega fitness star lived with vertigo, loss of hearing, and extreme fatigue. It was hard for him to see a path out of the darkness, but with the help of his wife Shawna, his close friends, his team of doctors, and his decades of health, wellness, mind, body spirit he was able to heal himself and well… pump himself up, again.

Now he is stronger and better than ever!  During his illness, he really focused on what supernutrition looked like and how it could help him heal.  He focused on creating and putting together his own nutritional product line that eventually helped him feel better.  The super nutrition line he created is called Power Life and it was precisely what powered him back to that active life.

Tony has shared his thoughts on why he thinks he was afflicted with Ramsey Hunt, and he mentions over and over: chronic stress. As the most popular well-known fitness personality in the world, Tony seemed like he had it made, but deep down inside, he suffered from the chronic stressors of everyday life.

Does that sound familiar? Most of us can’t say that 2020 has been free of stress, and between the elections and the pandemic, we have been living with a good degree of silent, chronic stress. But you don’t have to take that into 2021!

Here are Tony’s tips to help you stave off stress so you can rebuild, refocus and reset for 2021 – seriously, stop what you’re doing and incorporate one or two of the techniques below into your daily routine.

1. Breathe deeply.  I know, that’s not new or exciting, right? But it works! Why? Because deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.

2. Next try yoga oms, meditation, or prayer with gratitude. Whatever you choose, try to clear your mind of anything that causes anxiety – be in the moment and be grateful.

3. Try other practices that reduce stress and make them a regular part of your day or your week. Tony’s personal favorites are yoga, soaking in the tub, and deep breathing. Other stress management tools include “cutting the crap” out of your diet – yes that is right – time to eat clean and healthy meals, get enough sleep every night, and you guessed it, form some sort of routine of regular exercise.

4. A healthy diet.   Tony knows that eating right can help counter the impact of stress by boosting the immune system and lowering your blood pressure. Conversely, a poor diet full of sugar, salt, fat, and processed foods causes inflammation and deprives your body of necessary nutrients that help combat stress, creating a vicious cycle.

5. Get Enough Sleep! Sleep is crucial for your body to recover from stressful events, so don’t skimp on sleep!

6. Lastly, read Tony’s books, or follow him on social media – you’ll see why regular exercise is crucial to every function of your body, especially those feel-good chemicals produced in your brain when you do so.  Tony talks all about how dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and brain-derived neurotropic factors and how they matter!  These chemicals will help you feel happy, sleep better and protect against stress-induced neuronal damage. As Tony would say “BOOM! I think we just found the most important part of stress management. You’re welcome.”

So, how about it? Are you ready to open a new chapter in 2021? Tony made a comeback and so can you…

For more information about Tony, how he made a comeback, or about his supernutrition line called Power Life, visit and

Safe Meal Delivery in Trying Times Avoid Grocery Store Lines with Safe Home Meal Delivery With Z.E.N. Foods

Photo Credit: Z.E.N. Foods
Safe Food Prep and Delivered Straight To Your Door
Given the current state of affairs, do you find yourself thinking twice before ordering take out or meal delivery? You should, and you’re not alone. With information circulating about how long the virus – and other bacteria – can last on certain surfaces, you’re right to be concerned and to begin questioning your local take out spots and/or meal delivery services. How can you trust that these places are taking extra precautions to ensure you and your family’s safety?

If you’re tired of cooking your own food (or can’t find the ingredients you’re looking for on the bare shelves at the store) and are looking for a safe alternative, consider Z.E.N. Foods. This meal-delivery service has been providing delicious, zero effort nutrition (aka Z.E.N.) meal delivery for their clients for the last ten years, and they take their clients’ health seriously. Even before this outbreak, they adhered to the strictest food preparation safety standards, and now they are complying with all of the CDC’s and other healthcare professionals’ guidance on food safety. And not just the food, but also the containers they come in and the surfaces they are prepared on.

“Z.E.N. Foods has always maintained the strictest standards. Our vendors are local and we grade all of our ingredients for quality, freshness, and sustainability every delivery…Once our food is cooked, it is then blast chilled down to 34° within a 90-minute period. This is to not only prevent any foodborne illnesses but also ensures the freshness of the food. Then everything is plated in a cold room at 34°,” says the founder, Mariana Rossano.

The best part of Z.E.N. Foods (besides them being free of contamination and the possible spread of COVID-19 to you and your family)? It’s price-conscious AND healthy, with dinners starting as low as $9.95/meal! You really can’t go wrong!

USE OUR DISCOUNT CODE: ZEN10 for 10% off your order!

For more information and to place your first order, visit

See Z.E.N. Foods on KTLA discussing food safety for meal delivery and a great way to feed the senior in your life (Mom, Dad, Grandma!!)

Do Nutrition Right with Gauge Girl Training: Get the Diet Plan that is Guaranteed to Work for You!

Photo Credit: Christine Hronec

When it comes to nutrition and diet, this much we know is true: one size does not fit all. So unfortunately, your friend Sally who went on the Keto diet and lost a million pounds might try to get you to go on it. And you might do it, only to find that it doesn’t work for you at all. Or your friend Harry might be a staunch vegan and swear that it will improve your life, so you try that, and end up gaining weight and feeling like crap.

So what is a person to do?

Well, the first step is to stop denying what you know is true. There is no magic pill, no single diet that is perfect for every single person. Unfortunately, we are all just too different for that. There are some blanket rules, of course (eat lots of veggies, stay away from processed foods and oils, stay away from fake ingredients), but honing in on what’s right for you takes a bit more work than eating according to what’s trending. It takes a macro plan tailored specifically to you.

Enter chemical engineer, food scientist, and founder of Gauge Girl Training, Christine Hronec. Christine and her team have been featured in Forbes, Fox, OK!, CBS, The Huffington Post, and even The Knot, and they are the #1 Selling Meal Plans and Custom Meal Plans on the market:

“We create Custom Meal Plans, DIY Meal Plans and Body Type Training Plans. Each of our meal plans come with macros calculated menus, grocery lists, menu notes, whole foods lists, recipes broken down by macros, your macros overview, progress tracking, a meal planning calendar, and much more! Dietary restrictions? No problem!”

Head on over to Gauge Girl Training and take their quiz to get you on the right meal plan today. You have nothing to lose but the weight. Oh, and maybe also the frustration of not feeling good in your body and clothes. There is that too…

Uplift Your Food, Uplift Your Mood: Improving Mental Health Starts in Your Gut!

Photo Credit: Kara Landau

If we had a nickel for the number of times we’ve heard that our gut is our second brain these days, we’d be rich! What are you doing to nourish that second brain of yours? Some have even argued that our second brain or “gut” is even more in charge than our actual brains when it comes to our mood, and thus our decision making processes. This is a big deal, ladies and gents!

You may already be eating probiotic rich foods to nourish your gut. If that’s you, congrats. But did you know that unless you have prebiotic rich foods before you have probiotic ones, you’re not actually making that much of a difference? That’s because probiotics need prebiotics as their energy source in order to thrive.

Kara Landau, registered NYC based dietician, has taken this research into her own hands. She has created a food company that makes feeding your gut not only convenient, but also utterly delicious. Uplift Food has been featured in such publications as Forbes, The Food Network and Women’s Health, and has recently launched on Amazon. In their own words:

Uplift Food is the world’s first functional food brand to focus exclusively on the Mood Supportive Benefits of PRE-biotic Gut Healthy Foods. We take complex science and translate it into practical solutions to help you feel Uplifted!…At Uplift Food HQ our focus is on helping you, our fellow Uplifter, easily get more beneficial PRE-biotics into your body.

At Uplift Food, their mission is “to make quality mood supportive gut healthy prebiotic foods and information accessible, understandable, and incorporated daily, by all.”

Don’t take our word for it: head on over to their website for a plethora of science and research and get educated on how much better you could be feeling if you focused on nourishing your gut through prebiotic rich foods! And while you’re there, be sure to check out their amazing staple product, the gut happy vanilla powder, which can easily be added to smoothies, pancakes, waffles, muffins and more! Check out their recipes for ideas on how to incorporate this life changing food into your daily diet. And get a sneak peek below!

Show your gut you care! Visit today!

The Affordable Health Festival Everyone is Talking About

Wellness Your Way Festival – October 4-7

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of reporting about a wellness festival hosted by singer/songwriter, Jewel, and Kroger (yes, the grocery company) called Wellness Your Way. It takes place October 4-7 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and of the many amazing things about this festival, perhaps the best of all is the price:

A day pass will be a mere $15. That is a far cry from the $500+ one might spend at your typical wellness festival.

Why so cheap?

Because Jewel may be a superstar now, but that wasn’t always her fate. She was homeless by the age of 18 and suffered from debilitating panic attacks. She found writing and meditation before she even knew how to define them in those words, and it transformed her life. She asserts that she was able to quell panic attacks, get healthy, and live the life she has now by changing one thought at a time.

The media is buzzing about this event. People Magazine, OK Magazine, US Magazine, and even Forbes are all raving about and anticipating this event, which features people like celebrity fitness trainer and creator of P90X, Tony Horton, celebrity chef Michael Symon, The Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, and a host of other amazing people, including, of course, a performance each night by Jewel herself.

We hope that this is the beginning of many affordable wellness festivals around the US and beyond. Because when it comes to wellness, it shouldn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account. As long as we have breath in our lungs, access to information about living healthy should always be readily available.

For more information about the festival, visit

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Tourette Syndrome: The Power of Diet and Fitness To Calm Kids

"The Doctors" TV Show Examines Controlling Tourette Syndrome Symptoms Through Diet and Exercise

Tourette Syndrome is debilitating nervous system disorder and Danielle Natoni has managed to successfully control her own daughters severe Tourette symptoms.

Watch the the Doctor’s TV Show to Hear Danielle Natoni’s Tourette Story! (Broadcast on Friday, November 3, 2017)

How Can Diet Change Tourette Syndrome Symptoms?

Many people know how food and fitness can dramatically improve the quality of life for a child who suffers from Tourette syndrome. Danielle Natoni, is a school teacher turned fitness influencer and is one of our clients.  Danielle has experienced this condition first hand with her own daughter. From the start, Danielle could tell Bianca was a unique kid. She marched to the beat of her own drum. However, as her daughter grew up, Danielle started to notice symptoms of Tourette’s appear in Bianca.

Tourette syndrome is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. Danielle started noticing rapid eye movements in Bianca she was about 7 years old. Things like blinking, which then turned into shoulder shrugs and other symptoms. Little did Danielle know that her fitness and health journey would end up helping her daughter too.

Danielle Natoni’s Story of Managing Her Daughters Tourette Condition

A friend of Danielle’s also happens to have Tourette syndrome. She helped Danielle come to the conclusion that her daughter had Tourette’s. They ironically met through fitness and it was through this environment that they developed an effective approach.  When Danielle would mention that Bianca was experiencing more tics than usual she asked Danielle, “did she have a lot of gluten today?” Danielle started to notice a direct response to her daughter eating foods with gluten, chemicals, sugars, and how often she had an episode.

Changes in Bianca’s nutrition and fitness regime ended up being the secret to managing her Tourette’s symptoms.

Currently, Tourette syndrome is impacting a large number of children and their parent’s. Caregivers often do not know how to help manage Tourette symptoms with their kids. In a 2002 study conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study found that 1 of every 360 children between the age of 6-17 in the United States has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

How Danielle Used Food and Fitness to Take Her Daughter from Funky to Fabulous

  • No Gluten. Gluten increased tics in Bianca. Living a gluten-free diet helped decrease her Tourette’s symptoms.  Danielle offers an array of vegetables instead.

  • Fitness and Exercise. Danielle noticed that during Bianca’s volleyball matches and games that she would not tic. The more her body moved, the less she seemed to tic. This physical activity also made her body so tired that she was able to sleep more. Danielle incorporated her fitness expertise as an influencer as motivation for her daughter.
  • Limited Sugars. Even limiting sugars that are natural. Danielle found out that a ketogenic approach to treatments stopped many people from having seizures. This is a neurological issue like Tourette syndrome. Therefore, Danielle decided to experiment with limiting her daughter’s sugar intake and noticed a drastic decrease in Bianca’s tics. Danielle began eliminating sodas and juices from Bianca’s diet to even limiting the amount of fruit Bianca eats.
  • Chewing Gum. Danielle added a quick fix into Bianca’s routine with chewing gum. Danielle gets the healthiest version of gum at the store and has found that giving gum after school helps to calm her down after a long day. It has also somehow calmed the tics.
  • Limit Screen Time. Danielle noticed a direct correlation to how long her daughter she was staring at the iPad or iPhone to how often she ticked.

How Important Is Food and Fitness For Managing Tourette’s?

Food and fitness are extremely important aspects of managing Tourette’s. Diet and exercise can also reduce the effects of other disorders/syndromes such as ADHD and Autism .Limiting computer screen and TV time, getting adequate sleep, removing gluten, sugars and focusing on a whole food-based diet and movement helps kids dealing with all different types of issues.

For the treatment of Tourette’s patients, and what is often not talked about enough, is diet and exercise solutions. The ‘Doctors TV show has also identified other valuable information pertaining to diet and one such approach is documented in reversing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Danielle Natoni can be found at Team Fit and Funky

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