For All the Ladies…

It’s not easy being a lady, that’s for sure! It’s all rainbows and unicorns until that dreaded day when our friend flo comes to town. For some of us, it’s a mere inconvenience. For others, we are plagued with conditions like endometriosis and period cramps that take us out for days. Then comes having babies, if you choose to or get to do so, and then what comes after that? Menopause. Barf.

But wait, ladies, menopause doesn’t have to suck! No, seriously! Our new client, Dr. Mindy Pelz, is a functional medicine practitioner commonly referred to as “The Reset Doc” because of her amazing abilities to help her patients reclaim their health – and thus, their lives! And that includes menopause! She has written a new book called The Menopause Reset that aims to normalize menopause and help women take better control of their bodies and their lives after 40. Can I get an amen?

Within the pages of this book, Dr. Pelz offers actionable lifestyle changes proven to lessen symptoms of menopause and perimenopause for women over 40. We’re talking fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, irritability, night sweats, cravings, depression, anxiety, reduced sex drive, hot flashes – the works. In her own words:

“Knowledge is power. The more you understand about what your body is going through, the more in control you will feel,” says Pelz. “Understanding hormones is complex. This book is designed to simplify that for you so that you can work with your hormones and not against them. You can stop your symptoms. You can thrive through menopause. You have more power than you’ve been taught. I am excited to give you that power back.”

The book pairs scientific research with Dr. Mindy’s actionable 5-Step lifestyle approach to teaching women how to support menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms naturally. It’s not too good to be true: it’s just good sense and good science.

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Life after 40 can be fabulous, ladies! All you have to do is choose for it to be, and let Dr. Mindy light the way for you.