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A Healthier Halloween

Recipes & Ideas From DPM Clients!

Are you concerned about the amount of sugar your child may be consuming this Halloween? The most important part of this holiday – the costumes!  Don’t forget about getting the front of your house decorated!

Stop buying those sugary treats to hand out to hopeful trick-or-treaters!  We have a few healthy suggestions for those neighborhood friends.

Look at this yummy Dark Chocolate Halloween Pudding from SideChef (pictured above), complete with ghosts and pumpkins!

How about these delicious Beet Marshmallows from The Chef’s Garden Cookbook, The Chef’s Garden?

If Halloween baking isn’t your thing, then you can try these 6 helpful tips from My Net Diary on how to avoid getting sucked into the Halloween candy calorie pit.

Dr. Mindy Pelz shares some fun recipes and ideas for healthier swaps this Halloween!

5 healthier alternatives to Halloween candy:

Organic LMNT Gummies

You can make LMNT flavored gummies using different silicon trays that are in the shapes of spiders and worms!

Instructions: Mix a packet of LMNT with 1/2 cup of water and 1.5 tablespoons of Gelatin. Mix together, bring to a boil, pour into trays, and let sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours!

Fruit Leather

You can find organic, natural, fruit leather that comes in a variety of flavors at your local health store or on Thrive Market!

Honey Sticks

The local farmer’s market almost always has the honey stand and they normally have honey sticks!  If you can find them local to your area, that would be best!

Chocolate Covered Dates

This is one of our all-time favorite snacks!  I like to take pitted dates, place them into a silicone ice cube tray, and cover them with melted Lily’s milk chocolate.  One tip when making – sprinkle sea salt on top, and then place the dates in the freezer for an hour.

Lily’s Peanut Butter Cups

Lily’s makes a delicious peanut butter cup that is organic and low sugar.  We like to order in bulk through Thrive Market for our office, and this is a great alternative to the Reese’s Peanut Buttercup.

Dr. Mindy has a ton of other recipes on her website that you can dig through to find some creative things to give to your kids this Halloween!

Happy National Coffee Day – September 29th!

Five Recipes to Celebrate That Cup of Joe!

If ever there was a day to get caffeinated, today is that day, September 29th, is National Coffee Day!   No matter how you drink your coffee, we have a recipe for you!

In honor of serving a brew to your liking, SideChef wants to help you get creative with five amazing coffee recipes. Founded in 2014, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform. The award-winning app provides over 18,000 interactive recipes with dynamic recipe guidance.

The history of coffee dates back to 850 AD.  The earliest credible evidence of coffee drinking as the modern beverage appears in modern-day Yemen from the middle of the 15th century in Sufi shrines.  Cut to today, and over 60% of American’s choose to drink coffee over tap water!

We suggest starting National Coffee Day off with some of these great recipes. Create a Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie and snack on Super Easy Coffee Muffins. Or sit down for supper with Coffee Crusted Ribeye Steak. Try indulging and make up some Hazelnut Caramel Coffee Macarons for dessert. And cap it all off with a Coffee Amazake cocktail and you are set.

Is there such a thing as too much coffee? We think not.

Enjoy your extra caffeinated day and check out SideChef for more amazing recipes you can use any day of the week.

Get Ready for National Guacamole Day!

Celebrate with These Out-of-the-Box Guac Recipes from SideChef ?

Shrimp Guacamole

You don’t need an excuse to eat guacamole all day!  Guacamole is not just a side dish anymore.  Did you know that National Guacamole Day is coming up on Thursday, September 16th?

The Haas Avocado was born in 1935, by a farmer in America, and it’s now the most popular avocado variety out in the marketplace.  The avocado is well known for its health benefits related to its high vitamin content and lots of cholesterol-lowering healthy fats. 

There are hundreds of ways to prepare guacamole! Some people like to spice up their guacamole and add things like onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, cilantro, and more.  

You can easily get into the celebratory spirit of National Guacamole Day by visiting our client SideChef’s website where they have several unique recipes including; Crab Guac (what???), Roasted Sesame Guac (yum), Skinny Guac (ok!), and Loaded Guacamole with Chili Shrimp and Roasted Plantains (excuse me? Yes, please). Check them out!

About SideChef:

Founded in 2014, SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform. The award-winning app provides over 18,000 interactive recipes with dynamic recipe guidance. Featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, built-in timers, and one-click shoppable recipes for a seamless home cooking experience.

For more information and recipes, visit SideChef today to get ready for National Guacamole Day!

Case Study: SideChef

Case Study: SideChef

About SideChef

SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform that provides over 18,000 interactive smart recipes with dynamic recipe guidance featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos, and built-in timers. SideChef offers in-app meal planning, grocery delivery, and smart kitchen connectivity. Panasonic partnered up with the culinary platform in May of 2020 with the aim to help families eat better, shop more easily, and make cooking more accessible and enjoyable.

Our Public Relations Challenge

Under Panasonic’s sponsorship, SideChef commissioned DPM during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Looking to aid and support the general public quarantined at home, SideChef approached our team to generate awareness around their service and help bring simplified cooking to people all over the world. With consumers around the world stuck at home having no choice but to learn how to cook their own food, the timing couldn’t have been better for this campaign. SideChef came to us with four goals in mind:

  • Increase engagement with their consumer and culinary community
  • Build brand awareness for the SideChef Premium and Panasonic Collaboration
  • Bring awareness to Panasonic’s business transformation to a lifestyle brand
  • Increase conversion of SideChef Premium subscriptions

Our Public Relations Strategy

As our world was shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders were put into effect, food convenience services became increasingly popular and vital. We were able to utilize the impact that social distancing and the stay-at-home protocols had on society as inspiration for conceptualizing our campaigns and virtual launch event. Consumers began depending on new ways to feed themselves and their families, particularly through food and grocery delivery services. More than half of shoppers (55%) said they are eating at home more often since the pandemic began, according to an Acosta report released in September of 2020. As more people were forced to eat at home, even trends of cooking and new recipe creations began to spike on applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. We utilized all three platforms to position SideChef Premium into these trends to target key demographics and showcase the various features and benefits of both SideChef Premium and the Panasonic Multiovens. This resulted in about 263,000 official views across all 4 social media platforms, 240,000 estimated coverage views from media placements in major media outlets such as MindBodyGreen and Insider, and 116 new conversions in SideChef Premium subscriptions from our 3 campaigns.

Utilizing Social Media Influencers

With food influencers leading the new cooking trends, we contracted 8 to help mobilize and amplify the SideChef Premium and Panasonic partnership into the desired consumer market. To boost visibility and conversion, we did a combination of branded recipe walkthrough videos, product placement recipe shots, branded stories, a Panasonic Multi oven giveaway contest, and a virtual cook-along launch event.

Bull Dog PR Awards - best use of influencersDunn Pellier Media is the Silver Winner in the “Best Use of Influencers” Category for its “SideChefxPanasonic: Cooking made Easy” Campaign.
The telly AwardsDunn Pellier Media is the Telly Awards Silver Winner for “Social Video”. The award was presented for the SideChefxPanasonic video “Cooking made Easy”

Working with the DPM has been a really positive experience. Working across global locations and timezones can be tricky, but the DPM team never made it feel inconvenient or hard to discuss any level of issue or project deliverable. The team felt like an extension of our brand team, always collaborative, transparent, and real. Expectations were expertly managed and the delivery of campaigns and projects was smooth. Loved working with the team and will look for ways to do so more in the future! —Carey Pearson, VP Marketing & Key Accounts at SideChef



Not a Chef? Not a Problem

Make the Best Thanksgiving Meal & Sides with SideChef!

Photo Credit: SideChef Instagram

Well, friends, we have an interesting challenge coming up as we look toward Thanksgiving this year: Thanksgiving without those we are most grateful for, namely, our families. These are strange times, to say the least, and 2020 continues to ask us to dig deep into our hearts and souls to find the lessons, and to take them with us into 2021.

We may not be able to be with our families this year, but since Thanksgiving is about gratitude, let us try to be grateful for our health.

And just because we can’t be with our families doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the delicious eats that this holiday always has to offer! If you find yourself challenged in the kitchen and wondering how to make a gourmet Thanksgiving meal, we have got a solution for you!

SideChef is a cooking app for the modern chef, the chef who can follow a recipe but who doesn’t necessarily know what the heck it means to “blanch” the asparagus or “mince” the garlic (and the chef who knows those terms too). The app was created by a guy named Kevin. Standing in front of his girlfriend, wanting to make dinner for her…but not knowing how to! That was 4 years ago, and SideChef was born.

Today, SideChef features over 16,000 recipes with robust search filtering, meal planning, ingredient delivery, step-by-step guidance with photos, instructional videos, voice command, in-app timers, and smart appliance control. SideChef has simplified the process of making delicious meals and has proven that anyone can cook (we’re happy to report that the founder’s girlfriend eats quite well these days!).

Want to know what else SideChef offers? Virtual cooking classes! They have partnered with Panasonic to bring you, virtual cooking classes! The first featured Belqui from @belquistwist where she taught everyone how to cook two recipes with a microwave oven – yes, a microwave!

Whether you join them virtually or just head over to their site for some recipes (like this Thanksgiving roasted chicken, or this apple turkey melt for day-after-Thanksgiving leftovers), SideChef has got your covered this year.

Check them out at and get cooking today!

Make Cooking A Cinch

With the New York Times “Favorite Cooking App” SideChef!

A funny thing is happening during COVID: home chefs are coming out of the woodwork! People who swore they didn’t have a culinary bone in their body and barely knew how to boil water have brushed their excuses aside and become masters in the kitchen! Ok, maybe not masters. But close to it!

If you’re one of those people who have discovered a love for cooking (and finally, a use for your pots and pan!) but could still use some help – great! Meet SideChef, a cooking app described by USA TODAY as being the “best app” and by the New York Times“favorite cooking app.”

Over 2.5 million meals cooked using SideChef’s dynamic step-by-step recipes. Home cooks of all levels now have the power to flawlessly create a delicious meal every time. SideChef unlocks your ability to cook at home, empowering you to eat healthier, save money, and impress your friends and family. Not sure if there is something for your palate and level of skill? They’ve got recipes for every allergy, every preference, every diet. Their library of 18,000+ recipes should be more than enough to meet your needs.

If you’re still intimidated, fear not. Their step-by-step recipe format provides an image or video for every cooking step so you know exactly what to do. They even have built-in timers so you never overcook or burn anything! How-to videos teach you valuable culinary skills from how to properly dice an onion, to how to press tofu. You can even rate recipes and share your photos to join in on the SideChef home cooking community, and exchange tips and share cooking fails and successes. How cool is that?

As if it could get any cooler, their meal planning tool allows you to select your recipes for the week, or save appealing recipes to your cookbook. You can then add recipes to your shopping list for a simplified grocery store experience, OR purchase your ingredients directly in the app, and they’ll be delivered through AmazonFresh. WHAT???

These guys really have thought of everything. So what are you waiting for? Try SideChef today and get cooking!

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