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Dunn Pellier Media Wins Awards for ‘Cooking Made Easy’ Campaign

SideChef and Panasonic Designer Meals in the Microwave Made Easy…

Thank you to the Bulldog PR Awards and the Telly Awards!   Today as a team, we get a chance to celebrate our team wins within the Public Relations and Journalism field.

We are recognized and awarded both The Bulldog PR Awards and the Telly Awards for our social media campaign “Cooking Made Easy,” with SideChef and Panasonic!  These high-profile awards from leading industry trade media, demonstrate DPM’s Public Relations and Social Media innovation.

“SideChef and Panasonic are a highlight in my career path – this was a fun, challenging, and unique campaign. From the start, I was determined to create a great campaign and the results are a reflection of my strong capabilities. I became extremely invested and passionate about this project.  This award will now forever be a memory of that hard work,” said Social Team Coordinator for DPM, Sean Saavedra.

Thank you to both media organizations for recognizing Dunn Pellier Media, for its exceptional skill, agility & performance amid an uncertain start to the year worldwide.

Bulldog PR Award / Silver Award: for the “Best Use of Influencers”

Telly Awards: Silver Award for “Food & Beverage Social Video Series”

We are thrilled for our team and our client SideChef and Panasonic.  Dunn Pellier Media values the wellness brands/products we represent.  

Public Relations will take your wellness brand to a new level.  Email us today to set up a time to talk!, – Business Development for Dunn Pellier Media

How a Store Chain and a Pop Singer Drove Interest in a Wellness Festival

Kroger and Grammy nominee Jewel, co-founders of the Wellness Your Way Festival, joined forces to publicize the three-day event in Denver through focused promotions

Winner: Dunn Pellier Media

It’s important to see the big picture without forsaking the particulars.

Dunn Pellier Media was tasked with driving 1 billion impressions in total for the 2019 Wellness Your Way Festival (WYWF), a three-day health and wellness festival, co-founded by Kroger Co. and singer/songwriter Jewel.

The attention to both the forest and the trees helped Dunn Pellier Media take home top honors for “Best Event Promotion” in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

Because wellness is a universal concern, Dunn Pellier Media emphasized the festival’s accessibility, inclusivity and affordability. It also highlighted—with emphasis geared to the media outlet—Jewel’s commitment to mindfulness, as well as her celebrity status and musicianship.

Overall, Dunn Pellier Media solidified 200 pieces of coverage with 1.51 billion online readership, 5.39 million estimated views overall, and 4.21 million reach on Instagram stories. Top press hits include Yahoo, In Touch, Life & Style, Buzzfeed, Extra, and Fox 31 Denver. (The 2019 event was held in Denver.)

Digital Marketing and Social Media Awards Winner

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*Article credit PR Daily.

*Photo courtesy of Wellness Your Way Festival


Public Relations: Your Secret Weapon to Build Your Brand

Read on to Learn How Our Brands Increased Sales In Uncertain Times…

During the stay at home quarantine, our PR clients with wellness brands contributed to a great many media opportunities – from Forbes to Mashable to Fox and NBC. Clients have reported back to us, that the media attention has increased sign-ups for their fitness programs as well as record sales for health products. The clients who invested in having a PR team are benefiting now and so can you! There is a huge spike in media requests for anything immune-wellness related. We are currently doing “short push campaigns” with clients while everyone is adjusting to the “new normal.” With media attention, you and your product will be seen by more consumers reading articles and seeing product roundups than ever before. We are helping businesses just like yours, and we would love to help you gain more sales, signups, and increased recognition with valuable earned media placements!

Our brands used PR to gain brand recognition and increase sales during this global pandemic in a positive way. They took a risk and it paid off.  During this time you may have had to make choices about what you could and couldn’t do with your marketing efforts. We saw the media power that our brands were able to offer to readers and viewers to nurture people in the middle of a global pandemic.   With the restrictions loosening up you may be thinking about how to sharpen your lens and create new PR and marketing efforts to get more exposure for your brand.  We can assure you – through personal experience with our clients – this is one of the best times that you could help your health or wellness brands grow, gain credibility, and increase sales.

From the moment the stay-at-home orders were put in place, we pivoted immediately and went into high gear for our clients. Over the past 12 weeks, our clients with wellness brands contributed to a great many media opportunities – from Forbes to Mashable to Fox and NBC and more – some of them for the first time ever.

Take our client, Dr. Steven Quay. Dr. Quay came to us having invented seven FDA-approved drugs, and he invented his next treatment during COVID-19 that was showing promising results for easing the ventilator crisis. His combination of blood thinners and asthma drugs were presented to doctors to save coronavirus patients from needing intubation. Dr. Quay’s solution was to offer doctors patients more lung function and reduce the need for mechanical ventilation – exactly what the frontlines in NYC needed! With no television experience and a short session with famed media coach Suzanne Sena, he made his national tv debut on Fox News. His goal was to sign up to 100 doctors interested in participating in the clinical trial to get people off of ventilators. An overwhelming response with over 350 doctors signed up after the Fox segment aired!

In addition to Dr. Quay, clients have reported back to us that the media attention has increased sign-ups for their fitness programs as well as record sales for health products. Like Bulldog Yoga. When they originally came to us, one of their goals was to offer 30 days free on the online yoga platform to help people relieve stress through exercise with a workout class of yoga with fun music. On the back end, the virtual workout class program and platform were currently getting about 25 online sign-ups a week before our PR campaign. Within the first two weeks with our services – the number of sign-ups went to 125 a week for this fitness platform!

Client Tropical Oasis reported that their sales increased 4x what it was before the homestay, and this boom in sales resulted in the company investing to buy another factory to help produce more products to help American’s boost their immune health with liquid vitamins!

It is clear that the clients who invested in having a PR team are benefiting now and so can you!

Because of the current landscape, there is a huge spike in media requests for anything immune to wellness related. As such, we are currently doing “short push campaigns” with clients while everyone is adjusting to the “new normal.”  With media attention, you and your product will be seen by more consumers reading articles and seeing product roundups than ever before.  We are helping businesses just like yours, and we would love to help you gain more sales, signups, and increased recognition with valuable earned media placements!

PR is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the rest of the world in normal times, but in these new times, where everything has gone online, its importance has increased beyond measure. Public relations is often the force behind brands that “suddenly” skyrocket into growth. It’s just like those “overnight successes” you may have seen. They may seem like an overnight success, but in truth, they have been working strategically to grow and build their products and brands so that when the time was right, they were the experts to call on. PR positioned them to be those experts. PR is about building that foundation, and we are proud to have helped so many people do that. It is paying off now during these times more than at any other time that we have seen.

But you can’t just pick any PR team. It’s crucial that you find a team that matches your brand and is a good working fit. That way, as a team, you can take a look at the media landscape in the US and the current changes taking place. Relationship building is the cornerstone of public relations. Like any great relationship, the foundation of success is trust.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of us being a good fit for you and your brand, please email our business development team and talk to Oumy Thiam to set up a call. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for a full list of the many features we have landed our clients! This is your time – we can help you shine!


PR Talk: How to Strike a Balance Between What’s Trending & Your Social Media Campaigns

If you’re an entrepreneur or if you have a public brand, it’s incredibly important to have your finger on the pulse of what is trending. The more current you are, the more you can target your brand messages – social media campaigns, ads and the like – and the more relevant and “on the pulse” you appear to your audience. And that translates into fierce loyalty among your supporters.

That said, it’s equally as important to be cautious about how you talk about what’s trending in your posts and campaigns, because sometimes, it can backfire. I’ve seen some big brands get huge backlash from some of their social media posts that – while on trend – carried a message that angered their supporters. 

When good campaigns go bad: When Prince passed away, Cheerios tweeted, “Rest In Peace” but they replaced the dot of the I with a Cheerio. While on point, people found it to be distasteful because they were trying to market their product when they should have been simply paying tribute to a musical legend. Cheerios took down the tweet.

Cheerios also got backlash when they featured an interracial couple in one of their cereal commercials. It produced so many hateful, racist comments in their Youtube comment section that they had to close it. Happily, Cheerios stood by their decision to feature this couple, and the commercial is still running.

People are going to judge and offer an opinion about what they feel is right or wrong in most situations (in the newspaper, online, on TV). But as a brand, you have to expect that if you are going to comment or take a stance on a current and relevant issue in your messaging, you must be prepared to either stick to your guns or else admit you were wrong, apologize (right away or not at all) and move forward. The internet has made it incredibly easy for everyone to have an opinion – with no exclusions. And opinions – true, false, right, wrong or otherwise – can spread like wildfire. Before you release any statement or message of any kind into the ethers, you must know what you stand for, you must know who your audience is, and you must know what your brand can withstand.

Know who is doing your social media so that you don’t have to apologize for the intern getting canned for the incident. After all this is your reputation. Companies need to have a conversation about what they want and what voice will be heard in social media. Whoever is responsible for hitting publish can confront the possibility of positive comments or a backlash. Be careful and avoid the obvious:

  • A hashtag that was meant to start a conversation that generates poor publicity for your company
  • A poorly timed post in the wake of a tragedy or other hot-button topic
  • Your social media manager doesn’t bother to research why a topic is trending

When good campaigns go well: In 2016, there were some pretty impressive social media campaigns such as one from the Superbowl that was considered one of the funniest and most recognizable ads from Doritos, which featured a woman getting an ultrasound and an apparently very hungry baby, went viral during and after the game. Since it aired the video on Youtube has received over 15,028,641 hits.

Another successful campaign came from Emirates’ marketing team. They feature a variety of brand components and video shorts of destinations, videos of their airplanes, also incorporating influencers to truly capture their buyer persona. By using Jennifer Aniston they show consumers and competitors that they are confident in all of its products, not just its premium cabins. In the ad Jennifer discovers the appeal of economy class on an Emirates A380 and opts to trade her first-class seat for a seat in the economy cabin. The video garnered 5,397,259 views. The best plug for Emirates on social media, is when they upgraded YouTuber Casey Neistat from Business Class to First Class on a flight from Dubai to New York. With 6,258,716 subscribers around a cumulative total of over a billion views for his videos and this video has received 32,576,547 views and counting. After watching him enjoy his flight, you’ll want this experience too (if you can afford it that is).

Know what kind of brand you are. Know what you stand for. Keep up to date with what’s trending and what’s hot. And by all means, target your messaging based on that. But be sure to strike a balance, and know that you can’t please everybody all the time. Pick your battles, and if you’d rather not fight, stay as neutral as Switzerland while also staying current. No one is saying it’s easy, but it sure can save a lot of headaches.

Go to our website and sign up for our newsletter for more great articles and features on some of our health and wellness clients! We are running a free webinar March 28, 2017 on how to build a TV pitch that gets you booked on TV without knowing a single TV producer! Come join the fun and learn how to stand out in the “sea of experts!”

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