Did you grow up in the Northeast? How about the Midwest? If you answered yes, listen up: according to research compiled by the Boston Globe, approximately 96% of all Lyme disease cases in the USA were contracted in 14 states within those regions. Never heard of Lyme? It’s a silent terrorizer. All you’ve ever needed was the bite of one infected tick, and – if undetected – your life likely changed forever. You just didn’t know it. It could have happened when you were seven years old at summer camp, on a walk through the woods, in the grass in your own backyard. A bug bite. Business as usual for being in nature, right? Unfortunately, no. And now too many of us are paying the price.

Imagine suffering from random symptoms like stomach pain, paralysis, joint stiffness, and so many other symptoms that it has become entirely too difficult to lay them all out. This disease seems to have a mind of its own, and it seems to affect everybody differently. Good thing it all has one thing in common: DNA. 

Dr. Crozier is a nationally recognized physician and pioneer in genetics-based medicine. A survivor of Lyme disease himself, he has dedicated his practice to using integrative medicine to use genetic testing to develop a unique treatment plan for every one of his patients with this debilitating disease. Dr. Crozier then uses genetic information to recommend a combination of IV therapies, supplements, nutrition, and other natural therapies. Dr. Crozier has successfully treated a wide array of conditions and diseases, including chronic fatigue, tick-borne disease, parasitic infection, and mold (and other) toxicity. He has even been enormously successful in reducing the symptoms of autism and ADD/ADHD in children. His underlying philosophy is to “optimize the body.”

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