You can almost guarantee that every year the media will be covering traditional calendar topics that they covered the year before. Editors, Journalists and Bloggers use the calendar to organize major events or themes for upcoming content.  For example; December’s health and wellness topics could be “How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain,” the “5 Tips to Lose Weight During the Holidays,” “Healthy Party Snack Swaps,” leading into January for all the “New Year, New You,” content you could ever imagine.

Uncover your greatest asset to creating content that the media will cover by utilizing the traditional American calendar and its many holidays, special days and more.

Three Cheers for New Cardio Trend?
Could the latest workout trend have you cheering for cardio?

In September we pitched the Doctors TV show.  Our angle included that September was National Cheerleading Month, and that “Cardio Cheer Sculpting” is one of the new hot workout trends featuring our client Lauren Boggi.  We shot the segment in October and the segment aired in late November.  Three cheers for the calendar and expert tie ins, they do really work.  Thank you Doctors TV for featuring our client and her amazing workout!