Photo Credit: Kara Landau

If we had a nickel for the number of times we’ve heard that our gut is our second brain these days, we’d be rich! What are you doing to nourish that second brain of yours? Some have even argued that our second brain or “gut” is even more in charge than our actual brains when it comes to our mood, and thus our decision making processes. This is a big deal, ladies and gents!

You may already be eating probiotic rich foods to nourish your gut. If that’s you, congrats. But did you know that unless you have prebiotic rich foods before you have probiotic ones, you’re not actually making that much of a difference? That’s because probiotics need prebiotics as their energy source in order to thrive.

Kara Landau, registered NYC based dietician, has taken this research into her own hands. She has created a food company that makes feeding your gut not only convenient, but also utterly delicious. Uplift Food has been featured in such publications as Forbes, The Food Network and Women’s Health, and has recently launched on Amazon. In their own words:

Uplift Food is the world’s first functional food brand to focus exclusively on the Mood Supportive Benefits of PRE-biotic Gut Healthy Foods. We take complex science and translate it into practical solutions to help you feel Uplifted!…At Uplift Food HQ our focus is on helping you, our fellow Uplifter, easily get more beneficial PRE-biotics into your body.

At Uplift Food, their mission is “to make quality mood supportive gut healthy prebiotic foods and information accessible, understandable, and incorporated daily, by all.”

Don’t take our word for it: head on over to their website for a plethora of science and research and get educated on how much better you could be feeling if you focused on nourishing your gut through prebiotic rich foods! And while you’re there, be sure to check out their amazing staple product, the gut happy vanilla powder, which can easily be added to smoothies, pancakes, waffles, muffins and more! Check out their recipes for ideas on how to incorporate this life changing food into your daily diet. And get a sneak peek below!

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